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how to cut down a windshield

Here’s how to cut down a windshield. Step by step. If you have a better way, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe, click the little bell so you can be notified when I post every video.

Hey motivate here i’m going to cut down the windshield on my route king right now it’s 22 inches tall that’s measuring from the bottom of the windshield cut out right here all the way up to the top and that’s fine if you’re six foot five i guess or six foot four but i’m barely six foot so it is a little high that combined with the street glide seat that i’ve got

On here which is pretty low i’m looking almost halfway through the windshield i know from experience because i’ve cut down probably four or five of these before on road change that about 17 or 18 inches is ideal that means if it starts to rain i could duck down slightly or i could look over the windshield in normal riding position so to get the bike ready first

Thing i’m going to do is put some towers of blankets over because i don’t want when i cut the windshield i’m gonna have all little pieces of plastic all over the place it’s much easier to get them off the the towels of the blankets rather than the paint on the motorcycle so that’s the first thing cover the bike then i’ll cover the windshield with masking tape

And then i’ll show you how i get the the proper radius the top of this windshield that the stock windshield it’s it’s kind of i don’t know it’s a little bit too much so i’m gonna make it a little bit straighter across i’ll still have a good curve in it but not nearly as severe is what the stock shield has so i’m gonna go step by step that’s pretty easy i’m gonna

Be using a jigsaw and i found that that’s the best way to cut it that combined with a little polishing afterwards and you could barely tell that it’s been cut in fact you can’t tell now that i’ve got it taped off what i need to do is i’m going to use this as a template this is the top of a windshield i cut out previously now it would be nice if i could just be

Able to put it over here and get the exact same radius that was on the stop one but that doesn’t work because the windshield gets wider so what i’m doing is put it up here because i wanted about the same height was about 18 inches and then i simply mark it across here and if this is slightly off that’s not a big deal because it’s easily filed or sanded off next

Step of course is to cut it so measure twice cut once back measure three four times and cut once right now that this is cut there are some little dips in here and of course it’s kind of rough but that’s not a problem because but some oh i don’t know about 200 grit i’ll start with sandpaper on a block and i’ll get this as smooth as possible so it gets to where it

Almost looks factory once i’ve got it sanded really good then i put some polish on it back and forth you know it’s gonna take about good 20-30 minutes to get it perfect and you won’t be able to even tell it was cut by the way the reason they say to put the masking tape on both sides is because when you go to sand it you don’t want to be scratching the hell out of

The inside of the windshield so that’s why you want to mask both sides of the windshield and that’ll help you out get keep looking any kind of damage to absolute minimum fact if you mask it really good shouldn’t be any sanding problems or a sanding marks on the windshield at all got a pretty good you can feel where there’s a little bumps or anything with a jigsaw

Blade wasn’t perfect on there but spend a little time on it next i’ll go down to probably about 1500 and maybe even 2000 so i go down a 2,000 it should be the top of this should be just as smooth as a factory one so so far so good and the windshield is finished looks pretty good there’s a couple of high spots some places i can make it a bit smoother right over here

But i do that with a file and i know how it got a file someplace in the garage i just can’t find it now so i probably have to go out and buy one and of course as soon as i do i’ll find the one that i’ve had for years but yeah you know half our job works pretty good if you’re not sure what the height should be you know i always give yourself a little bit more you

Could always cut more off you can’t add anything to it so that’s it how to properly cut down your windshield you can see the top of it looks pretty good i could use probably a little bit more polishing over here and it would be completely black there on top but that’s the basic job almost as good as the factory this it is a couple of little spots on it i could file

Down but that’s about it so maybe five or ten minutes work to make it absolutely perfect until next time

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how to cut down a windshield By Ride Like a Pro Jerry Palladino