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How to Fix Leaking or Blown Airbag Quick Fix

In this video I had to find a way to stop air from leaking out of a blown airbag. Showing you the steps to take to isolate the problem and a quick remedy to stop air from leaking. I legit used gum and a potato chip bag wrapper to stop the air.

Youtubers what’s up with your boy hamlet this video is gonna be about fixing on the road and trying to get it to your destination alright legally and safely right so what we got here is a blown air bag i noticed this while getting loaded i had some air coming out of the i heard some air coming out you guys haven’t no be quiet probably hear it but upon some further

Investigation i found out that it was the airbag that blown out you guys fire years right there turn the camera on and show you but alrighty guys so this is the airbag is leaked and you can kind of see that this is the air bag that’s leaked and you can see the tear right there and what’s happening is that this hole is too big to even inflate any of this truck

So you can see this thing is literally sitting on the bump stop and that’s an indesign and what’s that causing is that it’s having a bad ride like the drive shaft is having a hell of a time to move the truck because the drive angles all messed up because the bags are deflated and you know if you ride on this kind of problem you could potentially you know mess up

Your drive shop it might pop off the u-joint vice versa right it might not it all depends how strong it is how new it is how old vice versa how rusty it is so i can’t stand driving like this i mean i literally drove for about five minutes and it’s literally just been giving me a lot of bumpy feeling i just don’t like the way it feels so right now we’re going to

Show you guys we’re gonna plug it up i’m going to show you guys what you would do to just get yourself you know down to a local repair shop or dealer or what whatever have you right if you want to make this repair on your own but we need a quick temporary fix so that we don’t have right spend etc so first things first we’re going to look at the airlines and look at

Where the airlines are going to and where we can either make a plug or a coupling right so this right here is on an eight bag setup right eight airbags there’s power in this thing right here eight airbags all right typically you’re just gonna have four airbags but on your can works and peterbilts and meet maybe a freightliner you’re gonna have these eight bag eight

Bag setups so there’s gonna be a lot more airlines to deal with and kind of figure out how to plug up this line alright so let’s get to alright guys so since this is the air bag that has a problem we notice that this is this has a team and right here i notice this is the last air bag i don’t know if you guys can see flashlight but this little there ago already see

That that’s not a t that’s an actual elbow so that’s the actual last airbag in the system so i was kind of hoping for that but we we didn’t have that so what we have here is a team where we’re going to go ahead and do is disconnect it from the stem it’s always good to have couplings and cops of every type of size airline in the truck for moments like this where you

Can easily plug something up so you’re not losing any hair okay well now we’re gonna do is we have this bolt here and we’re going to try to make this work then we can close this up and get the proper connector once we get to a repair shop because we’re literally here in long island and right here we’re on the li e so yeah alright guys so if you don’t have these

Blinds or plugs couplers in your truck its hidden to go ahead and do is remove the cops off either this line that goes to your fifth wheel slider it’s going to be the same size line or you can use the air sprayer that you have hooked up to your your seat it has the same the same fitting okay should have about the same fitting right there and there okay so if you

Don’t have that that you don’t have that same setup on your truck more likely you’re gonna have that line alright then you gotta get creative with it i got a little potato chip bag a little plastic thing and what we’re gonna do is just kind of push this in to seal this hole right here and put some gum and that’s going to be able to seal our line off alright another

Songs redneck and but it’s going to work trust me alright we push that in now i’ve been doing some bubble gum then i’ll go ahead and stop the gum in there all right all right you see i’m gonna use the whole gum all right we’re going to go ahead and walk back and put this on there and it goes right here okay all right so we got a flashlight here you see what i

Did there all right you can see that that potato chip plastic piece kind of poking out we’re going to go ahead and turn the truck on let the system air up and see how we’re doing all right let’s since i got a flashlight out i’m going to show you guys just tear that we got going on here you see there ain’t just blew up all right you can notice that orange line is

Actually the suspension air which is the secondary that grima is a break that’s why you notice there’s a big difference between the two that’s how one of the ways i was able to catch that i had a problem with my suspension because the secondary line was all the way down and primary was you know was holding air pressure so let’s go outside the truck designs are

Gonna 111 office let me know all right we’re gonna check to make sure this is not leaking we set the truck off so you guys in here you guys can see that obviously this has went up all the way and this airbag will no longer be really affecting us too much and we’re off with a grant we’re off of the bump stops alright so we’re gonna have a much smoother ride

A much safer ride knowing that this drive shot ain’t gonna just rip off on us alright this line is not leaking whatsoever so i would say this was a nice and completed repair ok for now obviously and one thing you’re gonna want to check is your i forgot what you call it this damn thing this is doing key thing or you right levelling valve sorry right leveling bow

Sometimes these things tend to break off which will cause the you know the airbags to just drop down and you’ll be sitting on your you know and your bump stops so one thing to definitely check is your leveling valve some trucks have two of them one on each axle but this is what it looks like okay it’s one little thing mounted up to the frame and typically mounted

Up right to the axle and it’s a little rod that sticks there what if that does is senses the the position of the ox loop is going up and down and it’s going to send the right air pressure to your airbags okay so we check that our and our repair is holding air and we’re good to go alright guys hope you guys enjoyed watching that quick video i definitely enjoyed it

And let’s get back to it alright so if you new to this channel don’t forget my set like by mices subscribe button drop a comment down below let us know what you think of this video and if this video was helpful to you or just giving you some valuable insight so next time you have something like this happen to you you know what you could possibly do just to get up

On our farms way and get to a repair shop or if you’re going to do it yourself whatever alright so as always choice tip at the end day folks get busy living or get busy dying it’s your boy hamlet played

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How to Fix Leaking or Blown Airbag Quick Fix By Hamlet Dubois