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How To Get Replacement Champions Weapons – Zelda BOTW

how to get replacement champions weapons in zelda breath of the wild.

How’s it going guys it’s me simon in this video i’m going to show you how to get replacements of your champion’s weapons in zelda breath of world they’re some of the most durable in the game and for this we’re going to need some diamonds so i’m going to show you how to get some diamonds towards the end of the video so let’s begin so first up we have the great

Eagles bow so teleport yourself to rito village cross the bridge from the shrine and in the second hut you’ll find half on the table you find a swallow bow pick that up and then talk to half he’s gonna make us the great eagles bow but he requires a few items so he requires a swallow bow five bunches of wood and also a diamond so hand over the items and here give

You the great eagle bow another place where you can get a swallow bow is on the flight range in the hut head up the stairs and there’s another one laying around to get your replacement boulder breaker head to goron city in the top right corner you’ll find there’s a house and outside there’s a cobbler crusher pick that up that’s gonna be one of our essential items

And then we’re gonna fly across the map so i’ll decide where there is a target flag and that’s where the blacksmith rohan lives here carve you a boulder breaker if you give him the cobbler crusher five pieces of flint and diamond so hand those over and there you go the ball the breaker is yours again to get a boasted smiter of the seven and also the daybreaker

Shield we’re going to need to head to grado stables from grado stables we’re going to take the route towards caracara’s bazaar on our way here to the left there’s a ditch inside that ditch we’ll be able to get the grado schmider and the grado shield take out any young clan members along the way so in this stitch here get a bomb ready we’re going to drop it in

There’s also an electric choo choo there’s sulphurs and a bokoblin so we need to take out the sulfus because he’s got the shield and the schmidter that we want so take him out there’s the shield pick up the grado shield and the schmitter oh that bokoblin took a swing at me take him out as well and there you go the grader schweiter head to grado town talk to

Ballaria once you talk to her hand her one diamond five pieces of flint and the shield and she’ll make you the daybreaker sure hand over a diamond five pieces of flint and the schmider and she make you the smite of the seven to get mifa’s light scale trident we need to head just outside luto’s crossing there’s a bend in the road if we fly up and climb onto the

Mountains so we can get a better view and look down we can find a luzofis who is hiding and guarding some weapons and he’s opposite this blue wall with the hieroglyphics all writings he’s just hiding over here take him out and then pick up the saurus spear once you’ve got it we’re going to head back to zora’s domain so in zoro’s domain we’re going to look for

Dento and we’re going to hand him over the saurus beer five pieces of flint and a diamond and he make us the light skill trident you can also get the ceremonial trident from him as well so you may have noticed we need plenty of diamonds to get these weapons so if you talk to ledo in zora’s domain you find him hammering on the pillars he’s a green zora give him

10 lumens stones and he’ll give you a diamond so now we need luminous stones a good place to get them is on dracoza lake on the left hand side if you climb up the mountain there’s plenty of rocks that you can blow up and get yourself luminous stones so guys if you enjoyed this video check out some more of my other videos help support my channel i’m siren from log

Level one gamer until next time peace out

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How To Get Replacement Champions Weapons – Zelda BOTW By Lvl One Gamer