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How to get your motorcycle on and off the centre stand – Tips for Beginners – Ep5 – CBR1100XX

Episode 5 of tips for beginners – this time I will cover how to put your motorcycle on and off the centre stand the easy way! Demonstrating with my 560lb/250kg Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX

Hello everyone welcome to the channel today i’m going to be talking about how to get your bike on off the center stand if you’re new here my name’s sarah i post my cycle related content on youtube every friday if you like what you see don’t forget to give it a thumbs up hit the subscribe button down below putting bikes on and off the center stand as many bikers

Nemesis as both seasoned bikers and new riders i’m going to be demonstrating using my honda black bed this bike weighs 250 kilos around 560 pounds so it’s not a light bike but hopefully this demonstration will give you an indication that getting a bike on an office understand isn’t too difficult if you’ve got the right technique if this is something you’re

Struggling with i do suggest uh watch this video to start with and then go out and practice with your own bike and if you’ve got someone who can stand with you maybe stand on the other side of the bike just in case you have a bit of a wobble i just so you don’t drop your bike so yeah just be careful if you are going to go out and practice after watching this

Video so i’m going to do lots of different camera angles for this hopefully that will help you see how i do it um this is actually the way i was taught to put a bike on a center stand when i was taught to ride and i haven’t really changed the technique very much it just works i think when many people come unstuck is they try to lift the bike onto the center

Stand and that’s not what you’re trying to do you’re actually trying to roll it backwards onto the stand if you try and lift it you’re not going to and this bike is 250 kilos it’s a heavy bike there’s no way i’m lifting this bike straight up onto the stand so i’m going to do this from lots of different camera angles hopefully that will give you an idea of my body

Position and what i’m doing and how i’m doing it and give you some ideas to try on your own bike so i’m going to have my handlebars straight bikes currently on its side stand i’m going to just pick the bike up my hand on one hand on the handlebars one hand on the back seat i’m just going to lean it against my leg and then under the back of the bike there’s a

Little handle most bikes have something if not you can use a pillion grab rail i’m going to present the stand down with my foot make sure both prongs are on the floor the bike is not on the center stand at the moment but it’s holding itself there because my foot is on the it’s in the stand and then what i’m going to do is push directly down on the center stand

Peg with my weight while i roll the bike backwards just like that so i didn’t lift the bike at all i just pushed down with my foot and let it roll backwards to get the bike off the center stand have a side stand down both hands on the handlebars cover the front brake and push as the bike rolls off the off the center stand pull the front brake on which will stop

It and lean it over onto the side stand so once more from this angle i’m going to pick it up make sure the bars are straight push down the center stand make sure both feet of the center stand are on the ground just push directly down on the center stand and allow the bike to roll back take it off cover the front brake nice push pull the front brake on and back

Down onto the side stand there you go i’ve just taken bike on and off the center stand for about 10 times recording different angles and stuff and it’s not getting any more difficult for me it’s not putting any strain on my body at all i’m not lifting anything like i said if this is something you struggle with go out and practice on your own bike remember it’s

Not a lift if you lift you’re just fighting yourself so if you if you’re trying to lift all you’re doing is actually fighting it making it more difficult what you want to do is just allow the bike to roll backwards keeping the bars straight a lot of this manual handling of bikes just becomes second nature after you’ve been riding for a little while i appreciate

That it’s difficult for new riders best thing you can do is practice if you do struggle with this the same when you’re pushing your bike around i’ll do some other videos on manual handling a bike soon um again using the blackbirds i’ll be doing it with a heavy bike hopefully you found this useful if you did give it a thumbs up hit the subscribe button down below

Don’t forget to check back next friday for more new content if you’re out riding this time of year take care roads can be a bit treacherous at times ride safe and i’ll see you again next friday

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How to get your motorcycle on and off the centre stand – Tips for Beginners – Ep5 – CBR1100XX By MotoSera