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How to install a USB port to your MT07 FZ07

Hi guys, i’m going to show you how to install a usb connector to your MT07 without a direct connection to the battery. Hope you don’t find my voice to boring!

Hello everyone i’m going to show you how to install your usb to your mco 7 and what you need is one of these little auxilary cables adapters that you get from ebay it’s a point that’s yamaha specific i’ll attach a few links in the description and a 12-volt to 5 volts usb converter and that’s just about your positive and negative lines on it all you need to always

To install the usb to the mtr 7 here’s an allen key see ya let’s go crap alright first off you want to take the seat off once the seats off you want to start taking these bearing bolts off to start with that won’t doing it and this one yeah okay then you want to take the center piece off okay just gently and clip it okay then you’ve got three bolts that you wanna

Take off then you have one net then you’ve got a black one just under there now there’s a little push fastener just under there but if you can see it so all you need is really small iron key find the center push it that should free it up to drop out that’s what it looks like just reset that i’ve so now you have some friction fasteners just over there so what you

Want to do is gently pry it off start with back first yeah there’s that one and then you have a clip up here two clips there just be really gentle you might need a screwdriver in order to spread off okay now the sides off what you’re looking for is a white connector which is in here somewhere so a lot of fish around fred that’s it need a little screwdriver in order

To unclip a little white aux cable which is down there so that’s what you need a little white connector now find the black and the red cables and make sure your align your new connector with it okay so these little connectors just make sure you put them in the right place so i check mine out all you need to do push them through no soldering needed okay so

Let’s shut the end that’s sealed now the pins are in place all you need to just plug it into the bike okay so what you need to do now is just connect it and you should have a working usb and so just clip it in if you guys can see this another lights pretty good craft be honest boss i’ll try my best all right nice and snug okay now moment of truth okay guys so

I plug my phone into usb cable and if i turn the ignition on it should charge there yup charging so yeah it’s not running from the battery it’s running straight from this auxiliary cable all you need to do now is thread the usb connector through to wherever you want it i personally just leave that connected in with like a blanking plate on it and then this goes

In under the seat so if i need to use me usb i’ll just connect this up but people would rather preferred permanently so you can i mean you can strap it on to your frame there’s a nice little slot in there that you can put it at wall through to your handlebars some people run it through to the back it’s completely up to you and but it works and that’s that’s how

You do it okay guys once it’s all installed and put it back together so just be careful not to break anything so just line it up with those push fasteners make sure should just call it it’s right in thank you i never tighten them all up until i’ve aligned it properly just put them in finger tight for now get this little push rivets make sure you don’t forget

It i have a few times you find the hole just then just put it in and you’ll hear a click when you push it on the center right top bones

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How to install a USB port to your MT07 FZ07 By Janis Strelkovs