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How to Install Bar End Mirrors on Motorcycle Vulcan 650 Best Bar End Mirrors Fenrir Aftermarket

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How’s it going everybody it’s cam dorian welcome back to the channel thanks for clicking on this video i appreciate you please subscribe help the channel hit the goal of 400 subscribers and many more videos to come in today’s video we are going to be taking out these ginormous bulky mirrors for the vulcan 650 these are the stock mirrors they basically bolt into

Two places on the handlebars they do provide good visibility in the rear but they’re just too big they’re too much in front and i just don’t really like the way they look so we’re going to be replacing them with these aftermarket friend rear bar end mirrors got these from amazon so they’re kind of like diamond shaped they look pretty nice kind of like a diamond

Shaped teardrop good reflection they look like they’re pretty good quality they’re heavy comes with all the brackets the screws everything in the box here and you get tons of different screws for different handlebars these are universal so they should work they’re supposed to work for the vulcan 650 but we’ll see how it goes these are just the washers that go in

Between the bracket and your bars looks like we got more different washers here and we got these uh if we can get it out these kind of feel like weights with some kind of uh um i don’t know cylinder on them so not really sure which ones we’re gonna use yet it comes with this instruction manual so we’re gonna take a quick look at that and figure it out obviously

The first step well not really the first step but what i’m going to do is just remove these first and they’re just simple you just kind of rotate them here and they come loose and you take them off and that’s it so the first step is obviously going to be removing the current bar ends so that is just an allen key so let’s get started all right so this is a number

17 wrench here already loosened the top bolt so the mirror just kind of spins and comes out oops and yeah don’t drop it gotta get that torque get that bolt off all right so we got both sides bolts off already looks way better without any mirrors next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna remove the bolt that’s inside there it’s a number six allen wrench all right

Now we’re gonna remove the bar end weights from both sides whatever i’m doing on the right side is the same thing you’re doing the left side i said this is a six millimeter hex wrench all right and that was pretty easy i’ve heard these are loctited on but i guess mine isn’t or maybe somebody the previous owner already messed with it loosened it i don’t know

But it was pretty easy to get off yeah there’s definitely some yellow loctite or something in there but it’s probably old and easy to get off now all right so now we have the hole this is where we have to determine what items that came with the kit we have to use all right so now you’re gonna go to your kit and you’re gonna find this piece so it comes screwed

In already with this bolt it has these um adapters in the middle there’s two of them here and it has this um has this thing at the end which kind of holds the screw in so you can just unscrew that and you don’t need any of this other stuff you just need to get that out get the screw out there’s also a washer in here take that out all you really need from here

Is this plastic piece right here okay so you’re gonna put all these other parts that came with it to the side all right so what you essentially need now is that that piece so this is the screw on the right that came with that assembly and this is this another screw that it came with so you can tell the one on the left is thicker this threading on the handlebars

Requires a thicker screw so put the other screw away other thing you’re going to need to find is this disc thing or i guess it’s a cylinder the kit comes with three different sizes this is the medium size the middle one you don’t want the smallest one you don’t want the thickest one you want the one in the middle and what you’re gonna do is take your plastic

Component and you’re gonna slide that thing around there like that okay so now it’s a nice tight snug fit next thing you’re gonna do is take the bracket that comes with the kit okay you’re gonna unscrew this bolt right here to loosen it up so this opening gets a little bit bigger and then you’re going to grab your two-piece unit here and if this is going to go

In like this you just want to make sure that the bigger hole is pointing the front of the bike and the smaller hole is pointing the back of the bike bigger hole front of the bike smaller hole back of the bike so essentially you’re gonna put this bracket around this so just squeeze it on there like that and now it’s a nice snug tight fit it’s not rotating it’s

Not moving that’s what you want now you’re just gonna basically stick this on here and you’re gonna screw it in and remember you want to use that thicker bolt so we’re not using the bar and weights that came with the bike so i am hoping the weight of this assembly along with the bracket and the mirror is about the same as that bar and weight all right so that

Is now in it’s loose because there’s one bolt right here which we have to tighten which is going to secure it around that washer thing so make sure this is as tight as it can be all right and that’s pretty good and obviously this is loose because you wanna you can adjust the you know the angle of this thing how how much you want it to be rotated so the last step

Is actually tightening this bolt right here yeah so obviously you want to grab your mirror i’m going to grab this little bolt with the washer and the hex key and it is time to now attach it so i think i’m going to go you can go both ways you can go the pointy end sticking out so the mirror is kind of more to the outside all right now the mirror is on so last

Thing to do is just tighten this little bolt right here all right both bar and mirrors are done here’s a final look it looks very nice very clean so it’s like a whole new beast so now i just gotta sit on the bike take it for a ride and make sure i adjust the mirrors so that i can actually see behind me the right one is just is adjusted pretty well and i can see

Right behind me easily so that’s good the left one just needs a little bit more adjustment so yeah i really like how this turned out also got the blacked out clutch lever and the blacked out brake lever so everything is pretty much done the black beast is complete so that’s it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to hit that like button give it

A nice thumbs up also please subscribe help my channel grow we’re almost at 400 subscribers and i’ll catch you all in the next video peace

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How to Install Bar End Mirrors on Motorcycle Vulcan 650 Best Bar End Mirrors Fenrir Aftermarket By Kamdorian