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How to install Hand Grips on a Motorcycle

Hey guys just posting a simple vid of how I install hand grips on my CBR 600F4i. I simply use a air compressor to remove and replace them its easy and makes no mess.

The window coming hey guys this is r.j. stealth i’ma do another quick little video here about uh changing out your grips in your levers or sorry on our handlebars mine since i was tiny triggering my bike a lot my soft eyes wind up kind of warping my grips and it’s a wine obstruction amount all faded tearing on the left side it’s kind of falling apart so here’s where

I get a new one so i went and did a little bit more red why bike why not you know another thing you’re gonna want to use this works really well i’ve used it before i’m actually using it a lot household iying household things and um say right now it works as well real quick go for times sake i went ahead and pre loosened all my bolts you know yourself whatever you

Need hex key island key screwdriver fly head whatever it is using your bolts you know wow totally just drop mine on camera good job put whatever side it is on a side of your bike now here’s the cool thing guys i feel like i’ll cut it off and shave your you know shaver you know faulty whatever this works we’re gonna open it up stick it boom off no cutting no nothing

And guess what my all tube is solid so i’m going to shave it down at all save it you can track yep see it starting to like really rip it then start a tear so we’ll put that to the side now little quicker y’all something i’ve never seen this there’s different sizes guys all right now well alright they’re the same size but the insides are different obviously the

Bigger ones getting for your throttle tube the smaller ones going to be for the one that doesn’t need throttle so your clutch side grab the appropriate sized one okay you’re taking this pro taper here careful this stuff drives quicksand you only have a limited amount of time doing it some people ego put it on you know to me put it on you know the throttle tube put

It inside the thing i just go a little bit on the inside around here so i’m gonna do that real fast oh hey the thing is you’re going to be sliding it there’s no need to go all crazy with it it okay the cab ran off without money problems with that sticking to something now i’m gonna take it and you start slider on grab your press air goes on drive all the noise

I’m talking during this but not really probably not useful just ease it on take a bit of time about too much time because that’s up those dry you obviously have a certain level where you want to get it to you so if you get your grip to that level but you don’t want to go in too high because then they’re going to have a problem take it all tube sticking and you

Don’t want that so get it pretty good up on there take your bar end yeah just it to where it needs to go start tightening grack hit rebar in down one last time justin to where you need to be and guess what guys boom new grips no cutting of nothing and it’s not sticking at all hey no problem boom they take a little bit from happy little time work it alright now

I’m going to my second one but i really don’t feel this need to do on camera some way and do it if it’s on this clip i went through this it’s not it it goes so smooth but yeah i have to cut it off he will use a razor blade cut down the center peel it off and they kind of shave off some the excess glue if you do it the way i just did it this is my third set never

Had a problem in this stuff hold this glue hold so never had a problem with it but that’s what this happens wawa new grips both sides and i was done fairly quickly as well so real fast or a quick little major adjustment boom air hose works out great new grips on there alright guys thanks for watching okay i hope you’ve enjoyed this real quick i wanna say a house

You tuerto tour toriel tutorial wow but a little helpful hint i feel guys bozos don’t like stay what ten minutes not even so our guys enjoy thanks again it’s dried click like whatever stitch fancy have a nice day

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How to install Hand Grips on a Motorcycle By RJayStealth