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How To Install Inline Cable Barrel Adjusters

I show how to install an inline barrel cable adjuster. The adjuster I am using is made by Origin8, but there are similar types adjust made by other companies such as Jagwire, Shimano and SRAM. I install the adjust to fine tune the shift cable on my front derailleur. This is part of my DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike project.

Hey viewers today i’m going to show you how to install an inline cable barrel adjuster these are kind of useful little devices that allow you to uh adjust the cable tension when you don’t have another barrel adjuster like on road bikes you generally have a barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur so you can adjust that pretty easily but there’s no barrel adjuster

On the front derailleur and road bike shifters don’t have barrel adjusters on mountain bike shifters a lot of times will but the road bike shifters generally don’t now some bikes will have barrel adjusters down on the cable uh cable stops on the frame but then some don’t so on this particular bike that i’m building my uh home built uh cyclocross bike here um i

Have a barrel adjuster for the rear on the derailleur but i don’t have one on the front so i’m going to install one and uh it just kind of goes right in the middle of the cable housing here i got one made by origin eight and there’s other companies that make these uh jaguar i’ve seen uh some by uh shimano and saram uh but the one i got here is from origin eight

That’s just what the local store had so that’s what i’m gonna go ahead and install now you got to figure out where you want to install the barrel adjuster uh you want to install it someplace where there’s not a major bend in the cable so sometimes you might want to install it up here or down here i’ve seen a lot of i’ve seen this from production bikes where they

Installed it down here so that’s where i’m going to install mine and you want to install it in such a place that it’s not going to be hitting the frame so i’m going to install it just kind of up in here i’m going to cut the cable because i’m going to be replacing it anyway and i need to pull it out of the cable housing and then pull this out of here and pull

The the cable out of here and free up this little piece of cable housing here now i’m going to mount the barrel adjuster like right here so what i want to do is cut out a small segment of the housing right here about uh probably about uh two centimeters long right there and uh because this is going to uh take the place of that two centimeters there i got my

Cable housing cutters here um i’ll cut right just a spot right here and then i’m going to cut another little segment like right off of here like that so i got my little piece out of there now now the kit came with a variety of little parts here here’s the little adjusters part itself it came with a bunch of ferrules and it came with some of these little things

And i think you can either do it like with this little part here so this would fit on the end of the cable housing sort of like a ferrule and you can adjust it like that and so this has got like kind of a little grip on it like that and then you would use a ferrule in the other end but i’ve also seen installations where they just had a uh ferrule installed in

The other end like that and i think that’s actually like a little bit of a cleaner look and so you would just adjust it by kind of turning it like this and this little uh part here kind of comes out and so you can just kind of adjust it like that and so i think i’m going to go uh with just the ferrules though i think they probably intended for this part to go in

There but i just think it’s going to look a little cleaner with the ferrule so that’s what i’m going to do so what i want to do is put a ferrule onto the end of each of the cable housings that i cut and make sure that they’re nice and tight on there i’ll insert the uh the new cable in through the shifter here and i’ll go into the cable housing then when it comes

Out through the other end of the cable housing here i’m going to slide the uh barrel adjuster on there and get it up in there and then get the other end of the little part of cable here and slide this on and then fit this down into the cable stop down here and then i can pull the cable all the way through like this until it’s fully seated so now i would just

Hook up the shift cable to the front derailleur like normal and i’m not going to go into that in this video but right here here’s my new barrel adjuster so after i get the front derailleur hooked up i can adjust the tension on the cable just by rotating this so i can turn it this way if i want to uh increase the tension on the cable or turn it this way if i want

To loosen the tension on the cable anyway hooking up a inline barrel adjuster like that is very easy and anyway i hope you found this video useful or interesting if you did please click like on the video i always appreciate getting likes on my videos and if you’re not subscribed my channel click the subscribe button and you’ll see new videos as they come out and

I’m also over on facebook rj the bike guy you can go over there like my page and i post a lot of stuff over there anyway thank you very much for watching

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How To Install Inline Cable Barrel Adjusters By RJ The Bike Guy