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How To Install Motorcycle Grips DRIVEN

Hope this was helpful for people who are unsure on how to install grips. Let me know what you think and yes i know the gold and white is ugly but i’m impatient and black rubbers are on the way!

Now this is actually either 250 i’m waiting to get the replacement handle barbara for the meantime i might as well throw on the grip and the grip on that side because i don’t prefer the white but this works but the barnett’s exceeds this throw to just to make sure everything’s gonna work out but i’m gonna try that we need 40 get inside threads and hopefully victory

Is just just horrible look at the tool i had to make i was the drill wasn’t cutting it but we got it off so the grips are going on yes i’m gonna show you how to put on some driven grips we got the grip off we got the bar hand off yourself a little soapy water you want to get them both wet so you gotta love about driven okay there we go i was like what five seconds

I put these groups on almost all my bikes and they can use some grip boof you want to i never have i’ve never had any problems so so you’d be the judge of that oh fun all right guys so this was what came off the bike it’s all corroded stupid flathead absolutely ridiculous and here’s the new one factory kawasaki and my most favorite upgrade and that’s one that’s

Once you can do for your bike guys is put allen’s on absolutely everything because they don’t fit as easily and they’re just more friendly obviously there’s there’s a way better board for this just hold your bar and there we go no it’s go away so with the grips that we just put on the 250 it’s not it’s got a lot of purple on it this was a yellow and purple model

From 2002 so i mean i’ve already painted it gray and i’m waiting to get a seat and the handlebar and a couple other small bits here and there i’ve been kind of piecing together over the past like three months i think i got over just two frames just to frame him so it’s looking good but yeah the wheels i already painted silver because they were purple but honestly

I think we think we could do something better this is one of my favorite it’s chemical-resistant which is what you want because you know if you’re doing wheels it’s around it’s around fluid brake fluid so this is you know classic i’m just doing this great don’t get me wrong yeah let’s paint some stuff gold now purple is cool don’t get me wrong he’s a great but

We’re going go it’ll appeal more to me plus i want to buy the wheels of his i know this trick get piece of ord pop some holes in it have the threads broke out and you only paint the head so i see i could have used some pro bolt either in the exact gold but these are expensive and i don’t want to use aluminum to hold on handlebars such as titanium one time pointing

To that you get titanium ones so oh we got some gold early with bolts you can’t be horrible you can overload with paint because it’s a bolt but uh yeah and see whenever we pull the bolt out clean the threads are we bet to try and pop those back in all the hand worse so that’s how you install grips i did all my 251 of them at least and so that’s how you do it i’m

Not gonna put a bar right now i’m because that’s not the actual handlebar for this bike this is off by other 250 one for some reason didn’t have one so trying to order one but yeah that’s how you do it that’s how you install hardens and leave it down in the comments below if this helped you make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you are know how to remove grips

You just use a box cutter honestly or go check out my video a link down in the description and i hope you guys have an awesome day and yeah

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How To Install Motorcycle Grips (DRIVEN) By BecauseHeritage