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How to Install the Front Fender on your Venom Mini Chopper 50cc

This video shows you how to properly install the front fender on your 50cc Mini Chopper from Venom Motorsports. For more help or for questions, please contact us at [email protected] or at 1-855-984-1612]

I know i’m getting a lot of questions on these fenders on how they go on and uh people are telling me it’s real pain but well you’re absolutely right it is it’s it’s not fun but it’s easier than it looks so we’re gonna get our uh our allen key set here and we’re gonna take out these bolts here so there’s uh one here one here and the same on both this side so

I think if i’m not mistaken there are five come out a real one okay you’ll see also on this fender here it came factory you’ll see with a little scratch on it that is not worth replacing a whole fender for uh a paint pen is a lot easier to just go ahead and give it a little touch-up it’s not something that’s going to be super noticeable once it’s on the

Motorcycle so uh like i said just a little touch up of red painter and that would be just perfect now for these these actually slide up like this and out of the way uh and then they come back down over the top of this fender after you’re done putting it installing it and i know this is the painful part is right here everything to kind of slide into everybody

Tries to do this and try to get it that doesn’t so what you have to do is kind of slide these on and it is kind of a pain in the butt to do this and i know it doesn’t seem like it comes in but if you notice the fender will come in from the back and it’ll pop right into place like that so then what you want to do is you want to bring these down and line them

Up with the holes at the bottom there’s one down here again same thing sometimes it’s a little tight tap it down a bit tight enough on that side find our hole there it is don’t over tighten that just tighten it up so you can get to your other hole and get it started there we go there’s the rubber grommet missing off that okay left side okay on this side

There we go i’m just going to make sure our holes are lined up the same okay all right so again when you’re putting these on you just want to tighten them snug so everything kind of stays tight you don’t want to over tighten anything because it’s just not plastic so there we go okay perfect come to this side tighten okay perfect now that we got that out of the way

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How to Install the Front Fender on your Venom Mini Chopper 50cc By Venom Motorsports Canada/USA TM