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How To Measure Your Foot For Motorcycle Boots: A Sizing Guide From Jafrum com

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Hey everybody its louie at jeff home of the motorcycle gear experts today we’re taking a closer look at the proper way to establish your motorcycle riding boot size to make it easy to select your next pair of boots from javon calm it’s important to first note that your size may vary from brand to brand and style to style getting the wrong size doesn’t happen very

Often especially with the amount of research that goes into making a size chart but it does happen that’s why we have a free return policy for fitment all you have to do is ship the item back and we’ll ship you the proper size free of charge the easiest and most accurate way to get a shoe or boot fitment is to go to a shoe store and get measured using a brand

Device like this one but that isn’t a convenient option for everyone the next easiest way is to download the printable measuring device on our website this device is very easy to use but there are a couple of nuances you should be aware of first make sure that you select the proper device there are separate links for men’s and women’s sizes so make sure you select

The proper link also make sure that you print the measuring device properly make sure that the image size is correct if you select fit image instead of 100% during the print preview the image will be printed in the incorrect size and the measuring device will not be accurate the measuring device should print on two separate sheets of eight-and-a-half by eleven

Paper and once you have the pages printed you’ll have to fasten them together this is also an important step and making sure the device is accurate so take care to make sure that the pages are lined up properly once the pages are fastened together you can measure your feet remember to measure your feet without shoes on but while wearing whatever socks you’re gonna

Be wearing while you ride also measure the larger of your two feet to make sure the boots the order don’t arrive too small for your larger foot if you don’t know which one your feet is larger measure them both then use the larger measurement for the most accurate measurement measuring your feet at the end of the day when they’re the largest if you don’t have the

Ability to print you’re going to need to take actual measurements of your foot and convert them to a boot size using our conversion chart you’re going to need a piece of paper larger than your foot a credit card a pencil and a measuring tape a ruler use the credit card to mark an outline of your foot at its longest and widest places making sure to keep the credit

Card as close to vertical as possible use the pencil to darken the lines the reason we use a credit card first is that the width of the pencil can make your marks inaccurate the distance between the two farthest points lengthwise and the two farthest points with wise are your basic foot measurements there are of course other measurements like in step for example

But they’re not typically used in writing boot sizing now once you have your measurements you can refer to the size chart on a given listing to determine your size some like these alpinestars rohn waterproof boots use european sizing not to worry though there’s a conversion chart on our website now once you’ve established your us size we just convert it to european

Another element of sizing to consider is with many motorcycle boot manufacturers like speed and strength for example offer only one with option brands with only one boot width available are usually manufactured with a standard or d width that some european models though especially models designed for competitive use like road race style boots or motocross boots can

Run pretty narrow the width measurement increases in dimension the larger the boot size some boots are available in wide widths e w tripoli etc models like these milwaukee accelerated boots are available in d or standard width then they jump e and go to ee and triple e widths you’re prompted to select your width when you select your size from the drop-down other

Brands like tourmaster offer boots like these waterproof solution 2.0 s and regular and wide versions to select a standard d width select a size from the drop-down with a number only if you have a wide foot select a size with a number followed by a w4 wide these boots will accommodate feet with widths up to a double e there is of course a chart for this as well

Find your length size on the chart and scan to the right until you find your width measurement at the top of the chart will give you your width size finally before making your final selection check out the customer reviews for a given item they can be very useful in discovering models with unusual sizing if numerous reviews for the same item all indicate a fitment

Similarity that difference from its size chart chances are pretty good that the reviews are correct no size chart is 100% accurate and boots are manufactured all over the world on different lasts so you can never have too much input from riders who already own the boots you’re looking a bot thanks for joining me for this video on how to establish your motorcycle

Boot size of course there’s a ton of information on this subject and we only touched on just the key points in this video if you have questions concerning any motorcycle gear fitment give our gear experts a call one eight seven seven go helmet or click the chat icon on our website to see other helpful videos on motorcycle gear fitment subscribe to this youtube

Channel draft from videos or click the link below to go to our website like us on facebook for daily deals and rider news and remember when it comes to our customers or ride the extra mile i’m louie and you’ll see me next time you

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