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How to Paint a Bike with POSCA Pens [SATISFYING Custom DIY Video]

Below is a list of everything I used in the video. This was by far my longest YouTube project so far (about 200+ hours), so let me know if it was helpful or entertaining!

Okay let’s paint a bike first we start with the sketch for best results throw your pencil in the air in slow motion so i’m pretty good at drawing okay so maybe i need to work on my drawing thank you youtube we have happy accidents okay now we’re back on track sorry for the detour i’m drawing doodles into a template that i created from my bike frame when

You’re not sure what to draw draw snacks we’ve got an apple holding a spoon the arc de triumph and the character with two mouths don’t forget your bite helmet oh man i still haven’t found that pen cap i don’t need to add color to the sketch but it’s a test for the final have painting the donuts in the world time to break down the bike wear gloves or have

Grease hands for three days i’m keeping the old chain to resize the new one pro tip when taking apart a bike keep everything and don’t lose the bolts we’re going to use the old cable housing to resize the replacement cables it’s like we’re a tiny bug flying through the frame i’m going to sand all the paint layers off the frame but not so deep that i hit the

Carbon this is going to take forever i’ll need some help we’re using three types of sandpaper the details are in the description below feels like i forgot something done with sanding time for primer i’m gonna have a snack while this thing gets sprayed the snack for today is a blue flying peanut butter m m it’s coming along i cut the template into sections

So i can stick it onto the bike frame we’re going to transfer the sketch to the frame with carbon transfer paper and voila it’s time to paint and we’re using posca paint pens let’s make a mess i love me a good shake montage so here we go how do we get up here this is going to take a while let’s skip ahead ah we’ve got to do the other side too i could

Really go for a pink frosted donut right now for some reason this is getting a little boring so i’ve invited dancing bears to entertain you enjoy the first take didn’t go smoothly it’s okay the bear is fine he’s still fine don’t worry adding lines is the best part don’t worry that was a soft landing please consider subscribing to the channel and if you

Enjoy the video let the youtube algorithm know by liking it commenting below and sharing it with a friend i’m going to post a longer video about tips and mistakes so keep an eye out for that and there are links below to all the materials they used the back half of the frame is going to be all white something special for the bike has arrived youtube bottle

Cage installation coming up enjoy the reveal and thanks for watching on the right is a french fry pirate this carrot makes you more aerodynamic see the bear is doing all right cheers thanks for watching this i really like the original paint job too so let me know in the comments below whether i should paint it back all right that’s it for today i’ll see you on the road

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How to Paint a Bike with POSCA Pens [SATISFYING Custom DIY Video] By Bikes \u0026 Snacks