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How To Pick Up A Motorcycle

This video was produced by my original channel name XXXDEADHEAD. Want to hold me to the thoughts and opinions reflected? I am sure you do, but those thoughts and opinions have adapted to the present day – constant evolution as I refuse to stop learning and adapting to the world around me. The following video was made when I called myself XXXDEADHEAD. This was a persona character that allowed me to voice thoughts from a perspective unique to the name. All thoughts and considerations in this video are simply reflections in the rear view mirror, faded to obscurity by the distance of time. Thoughts change, so tune into my recent videos to see where I am at today! The Adventures of X 2020

Pick up the outer side for ladies the muscle if i might speak up the site don’t matter what you ride you can pick up the altar class that uses technique source of all bikes i have to took the ultra marvin once use this technique so i can tell you firsthand it does work with always few reasons why we don’t want you to pick up a motorcycle if you have a bad back or

Bad knees don’t flip call roadside assistance if the bike is weak any fluids or reside in cardiff or any rollaway field call rosetta scissors so the first thing you learn use beattitudes for the engine off you see empty power outlet anyone on the back of the bike this year we wanted you nears when you’re lifting it’s not gonna roll away for you as soon as light

As mounting ears hopeful though on the shift lever bring it to here now it’s locked it’s not gonna roll in do not need to grab the brake and then next have a very very important step one of the most important steps sighs what happened if that’s death very very common what usually happens a gentleman will drop their bike there in a hurry to pick up the violin or

Ferris very very important let’s grab one of those rocks let’s bring away the grand will lose military especially weird spires museums life the front of the bike to make sure it’s great boy growl alright feet are going to be and i actually sit up on the motorcycle i’m up on the seat i’m not sound against the speech i’m up on the scene it’s all personal preference

But i find it a lot easier to beat up on seat and down low where you are go very far yeah okay you have campus like a little box with a bike that is very easy and graphics liquor my bright man is just going to roast on the feather and move around not reasoning right now that we have someone empire lee that crosses her arms because unless with no arm tell me

Show you it’s all again small buys something i’m gonna rock the fight back 45 degrees easy anybody see me tuesday on the seat not your body if you have an altar cloth cigar larger this is the love that fight when it goes down the key with the altar up and they keep with this bike when it’s up to 25 degrees is to drop down load now you can use those leg muscles

Get a fan of grip with your right hand to take small baby steps push you back your legs thighs pushing back motion when you get up to the sides and the stand is gonna hold la people think they’re gonna flip over it’s not gonna hold now if you go on the other side or you forget the sides you’re gonna do the same thing bring that bike up to the 45 degrees or so as

We have a break up pull the pipe up with your weight turn grab of cambrics and bring the side stand down or i prefer same thing break the bank up to their 45 degrees grab all the hand grips and now you can i bring as i stand out really that easy

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How To Pick Up A Motorcycle By The Adventures of X