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How to register and put a Category N and S car back on the road

In this video, I show you the process on how to register a category N and S

In today’s video we’re going to talk about how to put a categorize car back on the road hey everyone and welcome to the channel and if this is the first time you’ve seen here don’t forget to subscribe below and give us a thumbs up because we do this every single week so i often get asked a question how do i get a registered car or a categorize car back on the road

What forms will have to fill in or do i have to get the car tested well actually it’s a greatly simplified process since 2017 november 2017 but before we talk about the process let’s go back and take a look at some history as to how we’ve got to where we are now now industry went through a massive shake-up in the early 2000s to really combat the issue with cut

And shot cars that’s two cars bolted together and also fraud where people were stealing cars and then taking the vin off and rebadging it as a new car so there were four new categories added so it was your a b c and d in the past you can go to a salvage yard or breakers yard and then buy a whole car and then put it back on the road that was stops you can no longer

Do that you can only buy parts from cars and then in category a and b were introduced category a cars or cars that are so bad that they cannot be put on the road you can’t use any parts of them the car is only to be destroyed category b is so you can use bits of the car for parts and components and then they can be used on other vehicles now category b is changed

Again that you have to be a registered recycler to be able to buy category b’s and recently compart have allowed you to use a broker who will then you still buy the car but you can’t physically take that car this you’re a licensed recycler hey but you can buy the car and licensed recycler will hold a vehicle and take a parcel for you or you can take a part of it

And then that vehicle will be destroyed now this change stopped cutting the shots all cars that one fit for a road being allowed back on the road reducing greatly the issue that we see with cutting the shut vehicles so that left category sees and category d now a category c car is a heavily damaged car so it’s equivalent to a category s today and a category d was

A lightly damaged car now with the c’s and ds if you had a category c car you had to get a vic test which is a vehicle identity check and how point of that was that it was tested to see that the car hadn’t been ring two days they’d be identity hadn’t been changed etc and that the car was safe to go back on the road there has now changed so in 2017 the regulations

Were relaxed and there were an actual number of reasons because the car industry had taken a massive step up in terms of security on the vehicles so with a modern-day car now not only do you have the vin number place in a number of places around the body so on a chassis in a couple of places in the windscreen as well but also the ecu on the vehicle carries the vin

Number and all the information that a manufacturer or insurance company needs to know about the car so mileage etc etc so the car themselves are a walking database of information which meant that the victim was no longer required because for a crinimal to want to try and hide the identity of a vehicle he would have to go to great expense to be able to get an ecu

And then recoding etc so it it just wasn’t worth doing that always certainly has deterred a number of the crinimal fraternity from doing that sorry 2017 as we said in november the categorizations were change so season d still exists if you see a c or d categorized car that means it’s on the old system have been around for some time the new system is n and s and n

And s were chosen because the easy identify so s stands for structural and non-structural so your end cards are going to be easier to repair because they are going to be non structural cars and your at categories well they’re gonna be a bit more tougher to repair like the seat leon was an s car now doesn’t mean that if you have a structural car that the chassis is

Twisted etc not necessarily because the structure of the car comes in covers a couple of things so it covers the legs sort of straight legs in the front of the vehicle that you often see normally there is a crash bar in front of that and that crash bar absorbs all the impact now often on a heavily impacted or side impacted vehicle what’s asylum talked about a front

Corner those legs one of the legs will collapse which will then trigger the airbags and those cars are more difficult to repair and but those are regarded as structures that’s the first part of a structure the second part is the subframe as often if you get undercarriage damaged the subframe could be damaged and that would also classify as a structural damage now

A lot of manufacturers they fit sub friends at the front and the back of the car and these can be unbolted and it replaced with a straight unit all the swing arms will take the impact soft and if you see like a will boom push back that may necessarily not be that they chassis is twisted it means that the swing arm astiz is um damaged which is what happened in the

Case of the c lay on so that’s the kind of damage and that’s how cars are categorized and that’s how they end up in salvage yard so here’s a big question how do i get an n or s car back on the road well soon as the change in 2017 you no longer are required to get a vic what you do need to do though is you need to re-register the car so if you buy a salvage car

What you’ll find is that you will not be supplied v5 document the insurance company will take them and the reason why that happens is that’s one of the processes that have been put into place to make sure that a car gets categorized so if you buy a cat end car or cat s we have to do is you have to go to the dvla website and download a v62 form now the v60 to

Form asks you a number of questions included the vehicle identification number or vin registration number when you obtain the car etc etc etc you will see up on the screen now and then once you’ve completed that you then have to post that off to dvla now if you have a category end car the you have to pay 25 pound for the v5 if you have a category s car the v5 is

Free of charge but when you get the v5 back you will notice something now on the category end car the v file on the front will have no information but if we do a hitch we i check the car will be registered on a category s car the v5 will have the following information as you can see up on the screen now so it will state that a car has been subject to a write-off so

The new owner knows that that’s the case so once you send off for the v5 it will take around six weeks to arrive you may get a phone call from dvla because often what they want you to do is to tax the vehicle but of course if you don’t have any more t then you won’t have to do that so they will send you the v5 and then you have to declare the car is sworn someone

Off the road or get a more teed within a reasonable time if it doesn’t have one and then that’s it pretty much it you now have a car you own it you have a title you have the v5 and you can get the car repaired and get it back on the road so obviously if you have a vehicle that is salvaged you need to keep it off the road if it’s not taxed because you will get a

Fine if the mobile units come and check fortunately for me i have a garage and parking space so i can keep the off the road and that tends to work pretty well for for me and that’s about it you don’t have a car and that’s all you have to do says no her documentation that you need other than to get an mrt and to get the car tax and then you can use a car put it

Back onto the road and really when you think about this new scheme it it pretty much works because the cars are coming back are repairable obviously it’s in your interest to get a car repaired properly if it doesn’t it gets picked up in the mot and i would always recommend using a mechanic if you don’t feel that you are competent enough to do those repairs then

Of course there’s the small matter of category u and x now these are the best category cars to sell why because they’re not recorded or on any databases and on hp i registered dvla do not register them as a damaged car which means you can legitimately sell them as a decent car with no incidents now of course there is a bit of a moral dilemma there because if you

Have a category urx car that really should be a category s but our recorders u and x would you sell the car as undamaged personnel wouldn’t i’ll leave the rest to you but in terms of opportunities they’re probably the best cars to buy and in fact those are the cars that i am going to concentrate on going forward so what is he you and a cat in a category x well the

U stands for unrecorded exactly is the name states these cars are unrecorded normally these will be for party insurance only or owned by um hire companies and they just don’t go through the normal insurance ready step so therefore they don’t get that marking by a dvla and that means that can be put on the road and there’s no further history on or anything so we

March against that vehicle category x these are normally stolen recovery cars so they were reported stolen have been recovered given to the insurance company and the insurance company just sells them as a complete loss they’re not recorded on any database in any so they could be damaged as a category s as i’ve seen some category x cars if they’ve been installed in

And they’ve been crashed because of you know police pursuit if they’re safe to go back in a rope they would normally get a category s marker but because they’ve been stolen it’s a little bit of a gray area so they get put back on an auction and then sold as a category x as i’m recording which meant that means that you could repair those vehicles put him on the

Road and no one will be the wiser like i said there was a moral dilemma dev and as for you to resolve in your own self but for me i wouldn’t do that and i would always be obligated to tell the person that this car has been in a crash even though it’s not recorded okay so that’s it for this week so if you’re seeing this for the first time once again don’t forget

To subscribe below and give us a thumbs up and share if you can and i will see you next monday where we’re going to be looking at sorting out the garage my garage needs to be sorted out and now that we’re in between cars have a perfect opportunity to do so so we’ll see you next monday have a good week

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How to register and put a Category N and S car back on the road By Cars For Paul