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How To Replace Sparkplugs On GSXR600 Motorcycle

Here I replaced my spark plugs on my 2004 gsxr600 motorcycle

So today i’m going to show you how to replace your spark plugs on your suzuki sport bike so what we want to do first is you wanna we’re gonna take the seat off there is two allen key screws located right here in the opposite direction on your seat i’m going to take those out after you move your screws you looked up your seat your next step is located right in front

Of your gas tank you could see two allen screws it’s the same size as the screws that we’re holding this key make sure you move both of these so after you removed the screws and look the gas tank all the way up and you could check underneath your rear seat suzuki does give a specific tool to rod and it goes right into here but i do not have that and i’m gonna be

Using this metal rod now we’re gonna remove the air box cover so using a philips so you’re gonna have numerous screws around your air box and one in the middle and you got to use a phillips screwdriver and once you remove all the screws you can lift the air box wiggle it back and forth so it comes out and you will be left with your air filter your air filter you

Could do is remove it just pull it up might be a bit sticky in there but it’s a good idea to clean your air filter or you could also replace it with the new one so now we’re gonna be removing this air box cover in below where the throttle body is there is clamps that are holding it down you could see this screw right here for four there is four of these clamps for

Each throttle body so you can see i’m moving we want to loosen all you want to loosen them up you don’t have to remove them completely so now after you loosen up the clamps on the throttle bodies now we’re going to loosen up some connectors first we can loosen this one up this won’t come just like that you just have to press on here you might want to use something

To press it down to break it loose just mine was on there really good and this one same thing right here we just press it down with something or your finger and after that one we have back here small hose i’m gonna twist it then pull it down and then i’m back here we have a big hose as you can see you want to pull that down and then look hit it right here it’s

Another big hose just pull that down and we have a ten millimeter bolt that you need to remove so we can lift up this airbox up so after you disconnected everything and i think it’s bolt off i’m gonna gently lift up the whole top your air box will come off and now you can see your four zone there’s one two three and four and now we’re gonna start taking these off

So now it’s pretty simple you just press on these connectors sent pull press down pull push down pull push down and pull and now you’re gonna wiggle this back and forth now come out and you want to keep these in order just like you removed it so that one’s gonna be the first song there don’t sneer second this one’s gonna be your third this one’s gonna be 1/4 so

Now we’re going to be removing the spark plugs and you need a 5/8 socket to do this so after removing the spark plugs here is the new versus the old which means there i had a misfire in my engine and the guy never replaced the spark plugs so before you install your new spark plugs you want to put never cease at the end of the plug so in the future when you replace

Them again it doesn’t get seized up in your cylinder and if you’re wondering the plug number the standard plug number is c r9e for standard plugs and you could also get iridium plugs which you have to look online for those these are just for the non iridium plugs so in installing them is the same thing as you remove them we’re just gonna put them in and then we’re

Gonna tighten it down and if you want to use a torque wrench you could do that you could look in the suzuki handbook to see what it says we torque that specifically so after installing your plugs we’re gonna install these back on make sure you put the coils back where they came from it’s better if you don’t mix them and now you want to snap these clips back in

Your coils so now we’re gonna reinstall the air box and bring the first piece of the air box make sure you line up these correctly with these tubes up here and then i’m gonna press down puppy a little hard this is the hardest part putting this back on alright so now we’ve got everything on and we’re gonna install this ten millimeter nut right now so our next step

Is to tighten up the the clamps with the philips screwdriver and make sure you do all four of them don’t forget so your next step is to reconnect these connectors in these tubes so we have this big tube right next to this green connector we’re gonna hook up the green connector next once you hear the snap noise that means it’s in next we have this blue looking one

Right here and then we had this little tiny looks like a vacuum tube and then we have one big one all the way in the back then after you install that we’re gonna install the air filter back on and top the air box and we’re gonna finish it up so now we’re reinstalling our air air filter hold on just like that and now we’re going to install the other half of the air

Box now i can use your flip screwdriver to tighten all these screws up okay so after reinstalling the top your air box now remove your rod or whatever you place there drop your tank and install the two screws that go right here with the flat with the washroom so your next step is reinstalling your seat and you’re gonna have these two allen key screws screw them in

Yeah one then we got one more left to screw in and that was it and now we’re gonna start the bike up just make sure everything is running correctly like it should so now we’re gonna fire the bike up to see how well it runs that’s really good

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How To Replace Sparkplugs On GSXR600 Motorcycle By ThatBoatGuy