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How to Ride a Motorcycle – Types of Motorcycles – Standard, Sport and Supersport

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Firstly but dumb music dual purpose bikes cbr500r cd fun thanks oh cool i thought at first glance i thought these were like 700 no there’s a 700 which is almost identical to this one this has the same engine and c inches line yeah this is the exact same engine same frame just adjusted main difference is the body right right okay it’s also got a longer travel versus

Function yep so this is more posture done right yep and my arms extended a little bit downwards but fairly straight i’d say your feet are sort of in line with your body so it’s it’s got the same sport bike feeling downwards but upwards yeah and there’s handlebars a sort of tilted towards you as well they’re not like right here handlebar support there’s also clip ons

Right the cpr 500 you don’t say you don’t say that’s it’s the best bike out here but you’ll notice my body’s moving towards very slightly on this bike specifically yep i would call this a sport bike or you can call it a standard bike but it’s for parents and your feet are a bit further back maybe i’m imagining those but a little bit hello but let us a little bit

Yeah because that’s what gives you that exactly and they handle almost the same this is more for tory so longer riding infinity there’s more attachments to this one where you can put bags if you put a top box this one limits it this does look like an adventure bike to me exactly what i do like about both of these obviously is the engine the engine is just amazing

Yeah i’ve been it’s very smooth and even with the loud as exhaust that i have on mine it’s still very smooth and just amazing and there’s also the f which is the street fighter edition of it like the naked yeah yeah and these are the two fifties really nice soft starter bikes one i would also be a sport extended but yeah i can attempt to that i have had one for

Two years and served me really well except you know i you grow out of every bike i guess at some point in your life so what i’m trying to say is start small and when you yeah and i think the point well at least my two cents you should start thinking about a new bike when you can push your bike to the limits safely yeah right and pushing a bike to the limits is not

Going as best as you can in a straight line exactly i’m not talking about straight lines you’re talking about this is what they call a super sports the cbr the epley 13 cbr 600 double are definitely a nice looking sexy bike do you want us tell the cruiser always more like this with my back to being back a little bit yep on these sportsmen or the so this is where

People the theory of the is that on your back however from experience i’ve found more back pain riding a cruiser the reason is my theory is when your legs are extended in your sitting like this even sluggish because all the weight is more near than pelvis and s4 s5 which is a certain part of your spine yep as soon as we compress on your back but nowhere to exit

On a sport bike if you ride it properly in lengthening it shouldn’t hurt your back at all because what’s supposed to happen is your advisors will see griffin tank your arms loose so my back is technically straight all the pressures going down my back my advice to my feet which are pressing is the foot base and your now your back is serving as a sort of an another

Another shock absorber essentially that’s what a lot of people like this siwon’s hell your legs are loose and they’re long yep that does it you’re gonna have to let the bike do the work for you and not the other way around but uh yeah i one more point i just want to make this bike is a is will give you more workout and more bucket bay for the buck for your money

Reason why because you actually if you ride it to work like i do well i’m not writing this one but my position is fairly sporty in the morning there’s an hour you know back home in another hour and i feel my legs are really working out because i’m holding my legs and abs in their back and that says they’re slouching like this and i had i don’t have any wrist pain

And my handlebars are just a tad higher but literally just the time and this is what a clip-on is corrected handlebar is pretty much it’s metal pieces directly attached to the fourth which is this tube right here with jack’s as your front suspension yep then a handlebar there will be a clamp here that clamps onto like one solid metal piece right that’ll be what

They call a handlebar that you’ll see their plates talking about dirt bike and we walk you past those scooters for those of you who are into your scooters and maybe you’re into lawnmowers you can you can also write those if you’re very skillful it’s almost like a doing sports bike more bumps and any more designs controlling a spin-out compare it on the street

You’re trying to maintain traction and so the fires are obviously made for zombies exactly those are my smoked ribs instead of special it’s a bikie you could repair on a daily basis that have your health often you’re right alright so this this was awesome thank you so much for i’ll get me out thing all right you

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How to Ride a Motorcycle – Types of Motorcycles – Standard, Sport and Supersport By Awesome Possum