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How to Ride in a Motorcycle Pack

How to Ride in a Motorcycle Pack

Howdy this is let me revzilla here to talk to you today about riding in a pack so let’s face one of those harsh realities of motorcycling you will probably be caught riding with other motorcyclists unless you are the most antisocial human being on the face of the planet so if you have to ride with a pack whether you like it or you don’t like it at least do me a

Favor and try and be good at it here’s a couple tips that i’ve developed over the years that i’ve picked up from others and that i’ve sort of figured out myself they might help you as well now remember this list i’m gonna give you is not exhaustive this is not comprehensive these are just a few of the big things i see people biff up and make their rides bad and

Make the rides of other people bet first tip prep your motorcycle you need to make sure you have a motorcycle that is in good working order the first and most important things make sure you have a taillight and a brake light that function correctly if for some reason you break this rule and you show up to ride without a functioning brake light or tail light expect

To be stuffed in the middle of the pack and the reason is you will not be hassled by law enforcement if you are surrounded by motorcycles that all appear to be legal another thing it’s important to mention too is that you probably need to take care of repair on the road but not maintenance if you happen to have a flat and you have to stop and the whole group waits

For you to repair your flat they should be cool with that that’s just part of life on the road however if you’re kind of breaking down and you realize all the sudden that maybe your points were missing just adore you had to adjust your push rods or maybe you needed a fresh set of spark plugs that’s not cool because you could have done that stuff before you left

Home maybe the night before your ride you need to obviously respect your own time do you respect the time of the people around you making sure that your bike is in top tune is a good part of that the next item is roll at the right speed you need to be moving correctly not everybody wants to ride at the same speed different people have different opinions different

Bikes and different riders have different abilities so your best bet right off the bat is to try and hook up with some people who want to ride a similar ride to what you’re accustomed to so if you’re a faster rider do me a favor slow down wait for some of the slower riders don’t pressure them into riding fast wait for them it turns to make sure they can stay with

The group there’s no first place podium at the end of it keep that in mind if you’re a slow rider do me a favor do not wreck that is your primary rule if you want to slow everybody down big time try and ride just a little bit too fast and then smear your bike and yourself all over the pavement and wait for the ambulance tour ride as fast as you responsibly can

However don’t ride above your abilities now kind of related to this topic is being consistent you need to be a consistent rider you need to do stuff in a way that makes sense don’t get throttle happy don’t jam on the brakes don’t be the rubberband rider who keeps causing big rifts in the pack that’s terrible nobody wants to ride near that rider if people refer to

You as hot dog often you’re probably the guy i’m talking about right now remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast if you want to see a good example of this go check out your local hog ride they may not be the fastest people out there but they’re usually very regimented and they’re also usually taking their time to do things they may also be riding in the left

Lane 10-under but we’ll talk about that in another video okay the next tip is a fairly straight forward one be cognizant of the smallest tank and the slowest bike look people drop off of groups for all sorts of silly reasons but some of the not so silly reasons if they ran out of fuel or they simply can’t keep up now when i say this of course i mean if somebody ran

Out of gas that’s obviously problematic if you’re in a group and you know that somebody has a small tank make sure that your group is stopping appropriately for fuel for that rider now in a related note here you also want to pay attention to the person on the slowest bike doesn’t matter what your rider skill and ability is they’re sometimes too when your bike just

Isn’t capable of keeping up with the others i’m thinking specifically of the times i’ve seen folks on say leader bikes run around with somebody might be new maybe they’re on a 250 class bike and they’re just not going to be able to keep up having patient riders who actually stop really helps and lets that slower rider feel a little bit less stressed when they’re

On the road another thing you want to do when you’re riding in a pack is gas up the bikes together now depending on how flush yard how large your group is you can be that terrible awful group that comes in and every single person swipes one credit card at a pump ties up an entire gas station for every single car there simply because everybody’s got to go buy $7

Worth of fuel or you can do things the intelligent way hook up to four or five folks and agree to treat this like you were at the bar where everybody buys a round the other thing you can do too if you’re feeling particularly flush or you don’t have a huge group is one person can actually post up at the pump and gas all of the bikes with the understanding later

That you guys will square up financially down the road another thing you can do too when you’re riding in a pack is to not ride in a pack you can actually split off and make your i do this fairly frequently i don’t like riding in a big pack i’ve ridden with thousands of other bikes but i don’t like it i don’t know who any of these people are i can’t recognize

Most them and i have no idea if they’re a decent rider or not so what i usually do is split off with a much much smaller group of my own with riders who like to ride the same way i knew it makes a lot of sense to sort of pair people up this way it also allows you to if you’re new and you’re just sort of trying out pack riding to find other people who are riding

Similarly to you and sort of round yourselves up into a group that makes a little bit of sense now if you’re a large pack i would also recommend having a buddy this is a pretty important tip it seems to me psychologically the larger of pack gets the more comfortable people are with seeing people drop off and the more comfortable people get with not counting and

Making sure everybody is still with them so when a pack gets a certain size or even if they don’t it can make a lot of sense if you have one person where you have a mutual agreement that no matter what happens you’re not gonna continue forward without seeing your buddy i think makes people feel a little bit safer knowing that if they get lost or running a gas or

Perhaps they come off their bike there’s at least one person that they know though matter what has got their back so that’s gonna do it i think for tips as far as how to have a good ride when you’re riding with lots of other motorcyclists there’s a jillion other things you can do to make your ride awesome when you’re in a big pack feel free to dump a couple in the

Comments any stuff that’s worked for you i think people will appreciate it as always i’m lem i’m out of here

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How to Ride in a Motorcycle Pack By RevZilla