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How To Sell Your Road Bike For More Money

Are you looking to buy a better road bike? Perhaps take your cycling to the next level? This often means selling an old bike to help pay for a new steed – but how can you get the most cash for your old bike? In this video, Conor outlines a few steps to take that might help you get a little more cash for your sale!

Everyone loves a shiny new bike but unfortunately sometimes before you get your new one you have to focus on selling your old one first and it can be a bit stressful when you go through a sale of your bike especially if you’ve grown quite attached to it but in this video we’re going to share with you some top tips on how to get the most cash for the sale of your

Old bike you have your eyes set on that shiny new bike and so do any prospective buyers you don’t want to see any dirt or grime from the past months riding nor do you wanna see that horrid buildup of sweat from your turbo sessions you want to give your bike a proper clean and i’m talking cosette like you’re taking the cassette off give that a real clean crankset

Outside and inside any little bits of dirt or dust that you might have overlooked on a quick clean that’s all coming off it’s a big clean folks even if you’ve run your bike for a couple of days in a dry and it doesn’t look like it needs a clean no you’re still giving it a clean because any prospective buyer is really gonna pay attention to a bike and examine it in

Detail so you don’t want to put anyone off by them seeing in any kind of bits a dirt that might be hidden here behind the brakes or that kind of those few stains just by the bottom bracket it’s gonna need a deep clean so basically the main aim of the game is just to make your bike as presentable as possible as shiny as possible and obviously one tip to do that is

To use a bike polish on your frame after you’ve given it a clean just to give it that last little bit of spit and spang so it really pops in the photos and shows your bike off in the best light ultimately that’s what you want you want to show your bike in the best possible way to any prospective buyer ok next folks we’re talking about pictures and well a blurry

Photo which is focusing on your left shoe isn’t going to do anyone any favors you want to approach this picture as if you’re submitting your bike to the bike fault as if you’re uploading on the gcn app ok so that means all the rules and for those of you who may not know the rules i’m going to run through them quickly ok so you want your valves at six o’clock crank

On three o’clock biggie smalls so chain on the big ring and littering at the back i think that goes without saying not up for debate also you want a quite a clean background so i’ve chosen this nice brick wall here you don’t want anything too busy like a big landscape shot with your bike sort of in the distance barely visible you want people to focus on your bike

That’s what you are selling after all and also you don’t just want one photo you want an array of photos focus on the best part of your bike the upgrades that you might have carried out such as the mavic wheel set which would be going with this bike for selling it but i’m not selling it just to get that one clarified in advance but also you want to be honest with

Any potential buyers you want to focus on damage as well and be upfront about that i think honesty is the best policy when it comes to selling your bike you don’t want to mislead anyone at all i can’t hear a few examples for you look how i’ve taken the handlebars a bit askew within this one i mean it’s a good photo but doesn’t quite look correct does it but now

Look at this one handlebars properly lined up you can see the valves are in the correct position crank arm at 3 o’clock biggie smalls everything is just looking perfect in this one so use this as your kind of stock photo to go off and then get your other smaller photos of the bits of detail that you don’t want to miss however okay folks next up now bar tape and how

Can i put this well you wouldn’t want to share your sweaty towel down at the gym with someone else would you want to share anyone elses sweaty towel for that matter and well the same goes for bar tape you wouldn’t want to use someone sweaty all bar tape but they’ve been using on their indoor trainer for the past year would you i mean this a bit grim the thought of

It so do your bike a favor and change your bar tape before you sell it if you’re selling your bike with any warm parts that’s not a problem but just remember to highlight this in the advert you don’t want to mislead people and if the parts are warm beyond belief that’s going to affect the usability of the bike then i definitely recommend replacing them if you can

Things such as lost cable ends or a new chain replace the bearings tighten the headset you could do a new gear cable and brake cable refitting of the bike all the things that are going to keep your bike in good working order okay let those eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed i’ve got quite a lot of stack on my steerer tube here with quite a few spaces above

My stem and i did talk earlier about the bike fault and uploading a photo which would be approved by the bike fault but i’ve left these spaces on for a reason and that’s because i want to highlight that when you’re selling your bike onto a new owner you don’t want to kind of highlight the fact your bike’s in a super aggressive position or in a really strict rigid

Position you want to show that the position can be changed because the perspective by it’s gonna be the exact same height as you so i’ve left these spaces on just in case someone wants to change their position or raise their stem and their handlebars for instance i don’t want to chop all that off just for the sale of the bike because that’s limiting the position

That anyone else can use and equally don’t advertise your bike with the saddle flying up in the air or your handlebar light drop down getting quite a neutral position i think and that’ll show to people that the bike can be ridden in a few different positions and it’s not stuck in the one position which may not fit them so just my advice i know who when i made the

Bike fault button it might help sell your bike a bit better be upfront about your bikes history be honest people and also share any contacts you might have that regard the bike it’s a major selling point to any new owner of a bike if it comes with a warranty and it’s a definite bonus they’ll help you sell your bike you could sell your bike with any spare parts

That you might have accumulated with it things such as a different seat post which would allow a different setback you’re not gonna need it on your new bike because most parts like this are designed for a specific bike so if you don’t need it then you may as well sell it on with the bike that you’re passing on to someone new the same goes for any small parts that

Might go with the bike for instance if you have an older model tt bike that you’re selling those small parts while it can be really hard to soar sometimes for anyone who’s looking to tweak their position in the future spaces or risers for your pads on the tt bars they’re really valuable so make sure that you haven’t thrown it away keep them in a safe place so if

You’re thinking about maybe selling your bike in the future you’ll have them with you so it can all be as one package if you do have any cracks in the frame don’t give up hope don’t fear there are many companies these days that can fix a carbon frame and recarpet just look with a quick search online and you’ll find plenty of companies that will offer this service

But be upfront if you have fixed the frame in the past you don’t want to mislead people and you don’t want to allow them to think that it’s a perfectly blemish free bike point out any sort of carbon fixes that have been done to the frame on your advert and be honest with people just remember you don’t have to sell your bike as a complete bike if you have a really

Good set of wheels that you love and you don’t want to get rid of but you’re looking to sell your frame and the components on it don’t forget you could sell it separately okay you just said it as a frame set with the components and you can keep your wheels for another time offer your new bike also if your wheels are so old that they’re just going to drag the price

Of your bike down or they’re just gonna maybe put some people off the sale it could be worth it’s not including them in the sale in the first place and just certain your bike as is thanks for watching everyone i hope that’s helped you in your second hand bike sale i think it’s great to sell bikes and to keep the bike loved going in the community to keep everyone

On two wheels especially you can get some great bargains out there on some top-quality bikes that are a bit cheaper than if you have bought them straight away brand new but let me know in the comments section below what is your favorite secondhand bike that you ever managed to buy or you might even ever seen online i’ll be really insured to hear from you in the

Comment section thanks a lot everyone and see you all soon and look pinarello i promise i was just using you as a prop i’m not really gonna sell you i’ll just just as an explainer to people i know yeah well i’m going to again i’m sorry i do i owe you we’re together now together i won’t get rid of you

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How To Sell Your Road Bike For More Money By GCN Tech