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How to set a Motorcycle Points Ignition, Statically

How to statically set ignition points on a motorcycle. Get your bike to run! Step by step instructions on how to do it. Works on all models motorcycles and mopeds with points. Set your ignition with out guessing. Tune your ignition to get maximum performance out of motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters and mopeds.

In this video i’m going to show you how to set the points on old honda xl 250 let’s get started these are the tools i’ll need for this project we take remove remove the spark plug cap and remove the spark plug this helps you to turn the engine over when you’re setting the ignition you’ll need to remove these two covers the points are behind here and the flywheel

Is behind here place your screws in the cover now that we have the covers removed feed off small breaker bar and wait turn the flywheel rotate the engine around a couple times counterclockwise because that’s the way the motor runs and find the timing marks rotate it around till it’s at top dead center with the points open that would be the position in which you

Want to set the gap of the points right here according to the book the points gap needs to be between 12 and 16 thousands we’re going to pick the mean brittney’s 14,000 s and set the gap here loosen the screws a little bit that hold the points check the gap and if they’re tight open the gap and that looks pretty good snug the points type check them again and

Make sure they didn’t move this feels pretty good now that you have the dwell set for the points timing is set by moving this outer plate loosen these screws up and the place you want to start is where the little marks line up right there so slightly tap it over there once you’re in that position snug these up a little bit you want to disconnect this wire this

Is a wire that goes to the points turn on your vom and set it to the x1 range test the meter zero it out take your negative tesla and connect it to the engine somewhere weird you get a good ground and take your positive and hook it to the end of the wire that comes from the points if your points are open the meter won’t read anything you can test it by shorting

It out making sure that the meter reads where you know that duck correctly rotate the engine around counterclockwise what you’re looking for is the fire mark down here and it’ll be a line on the flywheel with an f by it or when that points open is when it’s parked and you’ll know that by watching the vom so rotate it around you can physically watch the points to

To know when you’re in the right spot they’ll close the vom will go that way and the spot you’re looking for is when they open back up now if this mark doesn’t line up with that fire mark when the meter moves to the top so to adjust when it fires i’m moving this plate back and forth until the mark lines up and the meter moves so let’s do that send up the screws

Set the flywheel on the fire mark and now we’re just going to tap this around watch the mirror this round really close snug up the screws then i’m gonna check it i’m going to back it up watch watch the voltmeter in the mark at the same time as i come up there boom fire mark lines up meter drops i’ll do it a couple times if it isn’t a good clean drop means the

Points are dirty if you can’t get it adjusted in this range it means that your points are worn out and you need to be replaced the other thing you want to check is this little felt wiper you’ll see under the sinks and what you do is you rotate this thing and you watch the high spot of the cam is where this white we’re supposed to hit it keeps the the timing camp

Clean and oil and if it’s not hitting it you don’t want to put a lot of drag on this cam because this is your advance and you can check it but turning it it moves as the engine speed goes are in advances spark plug back in make sure the ignition is turned on contingent over and a nice blue spark so we’re know it will run its spark plug back in the bike get up

There place the spark plug cap that’s how you set the points put the covers on and part of this thing up with my test tank sir writers write up smokey man alright now that we got our wires hooked back up the covers put back on the gas tank installed it’s time to field test our work who should be big thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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How to set a Motorcycle Points Ignition, Statically By A Motorcycle Nut