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How to update and pair the Sena 20s

For more detailed operating instructions, view or download the 20s PDF content manual.

Going rider a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who is fearless a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause in the world of reckless and automobile what’s up youtube this is your boy chris and today in this video i will be showing you how to pair to sina bluetooth communication devices and for this demonstration i will be using the sina 20s before

You pair the sina 20s it is recommended to do a current update and i will be showing you guys how to update the cena 20s as well as any sina device that you may have the procedures are basically the same first thing that i need to do is download the device manager on cena’s website okay this is cena’s website just read the direction step one says the download to

Update and to pair so let’s go ahead and download seen those 3.1 device manager for my system i will be using the windows 64-bit i want to save the file okay this would be the 3.1 set up next i’m going to install it it says seen a bluetooth device okay next always trust from senior technologies i’m going to install it finish so i’m going to run cena’s bluetooth

Device manager 3.1 okay now this is the sina device manager as you can see in the top right corner it says no device recognized it says welcome it says press next to proceed we’re going to go next it says power off your seen a product and connect connected to your pc using the usb cable the scene is powered off and i have it connected to the usb singer cable i’m

Going to press next as you can see the current version of my cena is the 1.6 but if you notice it says the new version is 1.6 – it says the new firmware is now available would you like to download it from the server and update it on to the current version or the new version so i’m going to go with the new version yes i’m gonna save it and we’ll just let that load

Up as you can see in the right corner 1.62 is the version and the latest version is 1.6 – so my sina device is now paired i’m going to also check my second singer 20s to make sure that it also has the current version it says press next to proceed and i’m just going to do the same process again it says 20s leave it powered off next okay as you can see in the top

Right corner i’m using version 1.6 and a new version will be one point six two so i’m going to go ahead and download version 1.6 – yes save all signal devices are basically the same all you have to do is just download the scene the device manager some devices require the device to be on when you’re updating other’s devices like the singer 20s requires it to be off

So we’ll give it a minute and we’ll let it update the top right corner shows your current version and the center here will tell you what version you are downloading and we want both versions to match ok with 100% it says firmware updated successfully there is the latest version 1.6.2 and it shows that my scene of 20s has 1.6.2 it also has some different tabs over

Here you can go in here to firmware every store you can roll it back to your earlier version you got device settings here it’ll just give you your basic audio multitasking intercom out of your overlay navigation app audio booth smart volume control it just gives you a lot of different settings and you can set it up according to your specs we have both seen us update

It to the latest version so let’s just go ahead and get them paired together okay i have both units ready to be paired up the first thing that i want to do is turn the units on you turn it on by pressing the jog dial and holding the phone button at the same time until your red led light comes on okay that unit is on we’re going to do the same for the second senior

20s okay now i want to put the units into intercom pairing mode you’re going to hold the jog dial okay you will hear a voice prompt ss inter comparing the led light will flash red you want to do the same to the second unit you want to hold down the jog dial okay now both sina are in pairing mode now here’s the next critical step you have to press one other jog

Dials it doesn’t matter which one you need to press one so i’m going to press this unit okay there we have it both units are now paired together in a thing i like about this scene of 20s is that it’ll pair with any non senior products as well as other senior products for example i’m going to pair my unit to a smh10 okay for this demonstration i’m going to pair a

Smh10 to my sina 20s want to put it inside of the helmet i’m going to turn it on by holding the jog dial and the phone button at the same time okay i’m going to put my smh10 into pairing mode i’m going to hold down a job out until the red led flashes okay i’m going to take my 20s and hold down the jog dial put it into intercom pairing mode okay now all i need to

Do is press either jog dial i’m going to press the 20s jog dial and both units should pair together okay all the units are paired up that’s the thing i like about the senior products is that in a pair with non senior products as well as senior products all of the units are paired up they’re updated and ready to go well i hope you enjoyed this little video of showing

You how to update the scene of 20s and pair them together but anyway this is your boy chris and i will talk to you guys later see you

Transcribed from video
How to update and pair the Sena 20s By Chris Caliente