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How To WHEELIE Motorcycle WHEELIES 101 Clutch Up Balance Point Pop A WHEELIE Beginner Tutorial Video


Mic check mic check all right in my name is b for a viper black stars and in this video i’m going to teach you how to ride wheelies so if you want to make wheelies there’s three main ingredients clutch throttle brake clutch throttle brake those are the ingredients to make in sick wheelies so basically what i’m gonna do in this video is start off by showing you

Some clips of how a good wheelie should look and this is a clip of me just having some fun riding a wheelie showing off a little bit i’m gonna show you what a good wheelie should look like in these first few clips then i’m gonna show you what not to do when learning how to ride release and then i’m going to show you actually step by step how to learn how to

Live you so what i did is i put a couple different gopros all over my bike so i could get some really interesting different camera angles so you could really get a good idea exactly what i’m doing when i’m riding wheelies in order to ride wheelies so hopefully this video will help you out i want to do a lot more videos like this in the future and kind of pass

Along some of my knowledge to new riders who are just getting in to stunt riding this video will help out anyone that wants to learn how to wheelie something that has a motor and two wheels so basically if it’s a dirt bike street bike anything with two wheels on a motor this is basically how you’re gonna want to learn how to wheelie it and this is how i mounted

The gopros on my bike and i got quite a few different cool angles and some really good shots here i am again is kind of showing off another thing i want to talk about is bike setup bike setup really important the best bike to learn how to set right on if we’re talking street bike is the honda f4i down no other bite is even close they’re really reasonably priced

They are freaking bulletproof which is really important when you’re talking about a stunt bike because you want something that he’s going to hold your bike he’s broken not really gonna be progressing very fast guys you’re not going to be able to arrive because shitbox pipe is broken you wanted to have anywhere between like 15 and 20 pounds of psi and your tire

This is going to make the bike not want to go side to side as much and just really handle a lot better and this is for someone who’s just learning how to wheelie you know if you’re already you know an advanced rider you probably have your preference on that already some people like when a lot some people like running a little i’m kind of in the middle i’m like

In the 25 to 30 psi range in my rear tire but 15 to 20 is gonna be your best bet you can see me do on a 12 o’clock spray just kind of clowning and another thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to top off your oil to the top of the window or the glass you definitely don’t want to overfill it but definitely you want to fill it all the way to the top

Also get a crash cage tactical chad will hook you up he’s a good dude and they got him from a bunch of different companies stunts parts is also an awesome place to get some parts from but they make them for a limited number of bikes so they might not make it from their bike but if you type in block stars the yellow x and you never ever want to do this

We always want to cover the rear brake always always always your foot you be on the rear brake because this is how you move out wheelies and wreck if someone he’s not covering the rear brake you know they’re square so here i’m just basically showing you what not to do when riding really do this you don’t want chasing it out you see the way i’m chasing it don’t

Want to do that that’s no bueno no bueno so basically when you’re first learning how to clutch up wheelies you might think that you know it’s cool because you’re doing a longer wheelie but really you’re not in control at all and the bike can be really unpredictable when you do power wheelies and chase out there wheelies so you don’t want to do that just because

It’s not safe you’ll end up hitting somebody there’s a thousand different things that could go wrong and the bike can also be very unpredictable especially if you’re a newer rider i’ve seen oh so many people wreck you know it’s so unnecessary you also want to be smooth on the throttle at least as smooth as possible no one’s gonna you know be an expert you know

Their first time doing something but at the same time you want to try and practice you know the right things to do there you can see again lumberjack in the out of bottle and that is what you should not do there you see me chasing out one of my wheelies and a pallet really when basically it’s all in the clutch out if chase out your wee leagues like this this

Is how you write if you don’t punch it up right not do that do not do that that’s how you run into the back of somebody just don’t do it everyone does it but don’t it’s not smart not good no bueno space i’m gonna show you what to do though that’s what you want to do is that practice clutching it up and hitting the rear play this is the right way so it’s in

Your head you want this in your head this in your head it’s got to get locked in and i’m about to run out of gas this uh gives me time to explain another very important thing when you’re low on gas do not do wheelies if you run out of gas while you’re in a wheelie you will do what’s called a mousetrap it is not fun it’s when you fly over the bars i’m a professional

Though so i’m gonna get these shots before it gets dark you don’t want to be choppy that’s it no no no no no no no yes no no no bueno no not your gandhi the beach capisce i am a cool fool is we don’t want to do sit down sit down so harder they feel more comfortable but they’re really not easy yeah it’s a trick got as much control it’s a trick you want to do

It’s gonna feel like they’re easier but really they’re not you can see my gas the bike wants to go side to side it’s harder to clutch it up the balance down and it’s just way harder to ride them they’re gonna feel like they’re easier but you want to do staggered so it’s just locked in your mind if you go back too far to hit the brake watch it let it down watch

It set it down i did not so as you can see here is a good shot of me using the rear brake with my foot and this is me riding out a little bit longer really and gives you an idea of you know what you want to work towards another thing i can say is if you liked this video you know support the streets rock stars calm or even just throw us a donation you know i’m

Not one to beg though but if we helped you out i mean tip your bartender your waiter so you know throw us a tip if you can afford it and i know a lot of some riders are broke so if you’re broke you know i’m not trying to make you go hungry or anything but if you can it’s much appreciated in this video is kind of random and kind of all over the place so we’re

Gonna be doing a lot more videos like this in the future so if you’re not following don’t worry we got you we’ll go into detail on how to do this as you can see right there just popping the club idle at about 3,000 to 4,000 rpm pop it up baby and then just set it back down so that’s locked in your freaking brain that’s all you got to do simple when you got a you

Know someone like me that’s been around the block three times teaching you can make real simple i have a lot of really good people that taught me you know shout out josh clem shout out brian smith he was really the first one that really put me up on game back when i was riding the crf 50 when i was like shoutout to brian smith and definitely yas plan that do to

Someone it’s like hitting will learn how to stop jump on the back of my bike i’ll do a stoppie and then you can learn what it feels like i think that with my fingers right there to be using the footbrake some more just clutching it up and then setting it down on the foot brake and the reason you do that is so if you go back too far it’s automatically in your head

I hit the rear brake to bring it back down and that’s the way you’re going to balance it is just with the throttle and the rear brake it’s like you know walking the tightrope set to about three three and a half if you want to we’re gonna roll we’re gonna pull on the clutch rev it up and just jump it and you can take this hand set it down so practice these things

That i’m telling you and this will help you out a lot another thing you can do is it’s gonna make this way easier watch it set it down is gearing chase out your wee leagues like this let’s put this clip in there like three times but it is important wow okay so anyway you can gear your bike so if you don’t have very much money go with like a two down sprocket in

The front or a three down sprocket if you go one tooth down in the front that’s like going three up in the back you go two down in the front that’s like going six up in the back you go three down in the front that’s like going nine up in the back you know night up in the back you’re gonna notice a big difference and honestly they’re gonna notice a big difference

With just two down in the front and it’s gonna make ship way easier the ideal gearing if you’re just learning depends on what you’re trying to do if you’re trying to still wide streets tan up is about perfect anywhere from like 10 to 15 max you’re trying to ride lots 20 20 tooth is about perfect but really i mean you can do all the stuff on stock hearing but

It’s just gonna make it way harder learn ya buddy like i said the honda f4i 2001 to 2003 because it’s got the split seat practice and persistence the two peas it’s just like anything that’s all this is is just practice just practices all this is that’s all you got to do practice practice practice and you’ll catch on to the so fast it’ll make your your

Eyes blink and then just getting back up when you wreck you’re gonna wreck if you ride like this shit’s gonna happen so you just got to be ready to get back on your bike if you can walk you can ride so yeah that’s what a lot of it is a crash cage again help you out of time and also just get a stunt bike some people have like a brand new bike they bought at

The dealership just you know how many people i’ve seen wreck their brand-new bike it’s not not pretty so it’s worth it to spend extra you know two grand or to get some street fighter or a ref def for i and you know put it back together you got any more questions let me know in the comment section below i’ll try and make any videos that you guys the quest and

Until next time i’m outie five thousand because i got to get to tijuana mexico to go kill some mexico streets so peace out i’m gonna miss my goddamn flight i’m on a render this video and then i’m gonna have my chick upload it so thanks again for watching please do subscribe subscribe subscribe and tell me all the that uh that i said that was wrong in this

Video if anything i’m pretty sure that i know what the i’m talking about though peace

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How To WHEELIE Motorcycle WHEELIES 101 Clutch Up Balance Point Pop A WHEELIE Beginner Tutorial Video By BLOX STARZ TV