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in this video I show you how to wrap your motorcycle headlight, or any other headlight, yellow using a yellow film. Whether you have a cafe racer or a sporty saloon, you’ll ll be able to confidently do it after watching this video. Please enjoy! Would you go with a yellow wrapped headlight/s on your vehicle??

What is going on everybody it is fitz miller and the bike back here with another video today i’m going to be showing you how to wrap your motorcycle headlights in my case i’m going to start with just one i like the one in one look so we’re going to go with that before we begin if you want to go ahead and go down leave a like be sure to subscribe for more content

Just like this without further ado let’s get right into today’s video here’s a before without the film and the brights now fat bobs with the two headlight models have a bracket that are holding our headlights in we’re gonna go ahead and take this off so you guys can see right down here on the back of the headlight there is actually a 10 millimeter torx bolt and

That’s what we’re going to use to pop the cover off there is one of these on each side of the bulbs i’m going to start by taking this one out here we are at the other side of the bike we’re going to take the same 10 millimeter torx bolt out from behind the headlight you are going to want to hold the front cover on the front of these bulbs and the bulbs themselves

Might want to fall out and then once this little screw is out you can go ahead and pop off the front cover carefully holding this front piece going to tilt the bottom forward and get this cover off of these tabs on top of the headlight once that’s out now we can go ahead and set this to the side and now that we have our cover off we have plenty of room to go ahead

And wrap our headlights we’re going to start by wiping them down with a dawn and water solution followed by alcohol to make sure this is really clean ensuring that our vinyl film will stay over our headlights we are going to want to be careful to not spray any of this water near our electrical connections once these are wet go ahead and wipe them down get into

That bugs grease dirt anything we can off of these followed by some isopropyl alcohol to really ensure that there’s no left on these things now we’re just gonna let these air dry and get out our wrap here’s the wrap i got i got this off of amazon this is definitely not the color that was pictured at least i don’t think so thought it was going to be a lot darker

Yellow when i ordered the same kind of universal yellow wrap off of amazon for my first car it did indeed come a darker yellow we’re still going to send it on my right headlight for this video and who knows neon yellow might look cool as you guys can see there is plenty of wrap to be used i’m going to cut out a square to put over our headlight we’re also going to

Be needing a heat gun and a razor taking the square piece of vinyl we cut out we are going to lay it over the headlight and this vinyl is always always going to have or at least it should a sticky side and a non-sticky side what we’re going to do is start by laying the sticky side down flat as we can on the headlight we’re going to try to lay this as flat and as

Centered as possible i missed just a little bit to that right side but i think i think this piece should cover it so what we’re going to do now is take the heat gun very very lightly heat this and stretch out any of the wrinkles now what this does the shrinks it as well as makes it more malleable to the headlight again very very little heat when you’re doing this

Little as possible now the cool part about this vinyl is even though we missed this right side here what i’m going to do is heat it up and stretch it and hopefully you guys can see stretch just past the edge of this headlight i’m working all of the excess vinyl around over the edge so that we can get a nice clean cut now that we have it is about as close we’re gonna

Get it we’re gonna go ahead and carefully carefully trim around the edge of the headlight now while my trimming skills aren’t superior i’m really hoping this cover will cover up any of our mishaps here now that the vinyl is on the headlight what we have to do now is just reverse the process pop the headlights back in we’re gonna pop our cover back on ensuring that

The allen key bolt holes are at the bottom starting with the bottom and then working our way to the top that carefully set in there we can go ahead and put our two 10 millimeter torch bolts back in and see how this thing looks honestly on camera it doesn’t look that bad it’s definitely a little bit brighter in person but i’m going to turn the headlights on so you

Guys can see what we’re working with i personally think they’re just going to be the same white like this side okay all right that one definitely lights up yellow but as far as what is actually projected on the ground or the wall or anything it’s most definitely white but i am probably gonna go ahead and wipe down these headlights all the chrome and stuff gets

Very fingerprinty and also heat this up work out any of the remaining bubbles once again make sure you guys are liking make sure you guys subscribing if you guys enjoyed today’s video go down leave a comment would you run the one in one would you run both would you run a headlight tint at all so thank you guys very much for watching this has been fitz miller and

I will see you guys in the next one you

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