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Huge news as Ebays Gumtree agrees to acquire Carsguide and Autotrader

Carzaam News Episode 7

Hello everyone it’s chilly here with the latest car zone news and today we have ebay cadillac and a joint venture between mercedes and bmw enjoy we start with the biggest automotive news story of the day with ebay subsidiary gumtree confirming it had agreed terms to acquire cars guide and auto trader in an effort to boost its local automotive presence and take on

Market leader car sales terms of the deal were not disclosed however sources suggest the amount was close to 80 million dollars the acquisition is in line with a global strategy ebay has been implementing over the past 12 months and follows the acquisition of british car classified business motor skoda uk another subsidiary of cox automotive last year cars guide and

Auto trader are 70% owned by cox automotive and 30% owned by a group of major australian car dealers under a company called dealer motive the deal creates the clear number-2 automotive classifieds provider in the australian market that will be interesting to see if it can make a dent in car sales market leading position in other news cadillac is set to unleash the

Largest screen ever seen in a car from a major manufacturer in this new 2021 escalade suv while the model won’t be unveiled until february 4th 2020 an early teaser has confirmed the suv will be available with a 38 inch curved oled display screen that stretches halfway across the dashboard cadillac claims this will be the first use of a curved oled screen in the

Automotive industry and that the escalade screen will have twice the pixel density of a 4k television in an escalation of the automotive screen wars that tesla kicked off with the 17 inch screen that dominates the dashboard of the model s and model x finally today we have some news from bmw and mercedes being euro bet on the urban mobility market now earlier this

Year bmw and mercedes bet a billion euro on a portfolio of five urban mobility solution providers and the results are starting to trickle in the companies have now revealed that their urban mobility solutions cater to about 90 million customers in 1,300 cities worldwide with ride-hailing platform free now said to be heading for record earnings and annual sales of

Two billion euros and performing 300 million troops in 2020 they’ll start to offer additional mobility services such as a scooters electric bikes car sharing and public transport alongside ascore ryan hailing offerings to create an end-to-end advanced mobility as a service platform in a bid to counteract sluggish global vehicle sales now that’s all for cars and

Auto news today make sure you hit me up on the socials and don’t forget to ask alexa for your daily cars and briefing see you next time

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Huge news as Ebay's Gumtree agrees to acquire Carsguide and Autotrader By Carzaam Car Subscriptions