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Hunting down a vintage barn find race boat!

Alex follows a lead which takes him out to a lake community where a long languishing wooden race boat is uncovered!

Yesterday i had a very nice lady come in the shop and she let me know that her great-uncle has lectured an old racing boat he built it back in the 20s and 30s blacks ran at the 50s when you hear that there’s an old racing going around you really got to go check that out so we’re going to head down the highway i’ve got my son jason with me today and we are on our

Way down the highway right now and even though alberta is landlocked there are many lakes around and yes they were boat races as well starting back even the team but we’re singh was a massive hobby and still into this date we’re going to go look at a piece of history and any luck like i said we’ll get it all we’ve just arrived in see the beach it is a pretty

Nice community if a lot of lakes just in front of me i’ll show you here just over that way is welcome in lake or we go to pretty often the kids or the other side of the sun so we’re do visit folks and have a look to them morphet hey please steps that are see-through like that she always feels like she’s going to fall through she wouldn’t like this very much

I think we have to try to figure out how to get to his house did it apply where our car is that there was no gate there so this is part of their property here let’s see if we can find the gate so this vote has been sitting here for 35 to 40 years it was built in the 20 to 30 mm the most recent motor it has on it is miss johnson seahorse 35 which is actually a

Pretty good motor and as we check and feel it had good compression during another so it’s not very long it’s probably those 10 people it was a pretty fast at 35 horsepower motors although both with this i love little barrel back so we’re taking up this boat we’re also getting the little what looks like a little down light both top stairs feel climb that one for

More wood solo dual quatre jason do you remember we had one like this the next step is going to be bringing this beauty back in and a life and getting it all home look at the dashing sternum elements untouched for so many years it’s going to take a bit of cleaning but i bet it’s really a fantastic built window so we got the boats there’s the one hanging in the

Rafters and then the old racing boat which we’re going to bring home next sunday if you want to find an old boat when you live in the prairie it really has to go to the lake communities like this you know that’s where the clustering the boats are not easy to find a full business boat around here we’re a pretty landlocked but something like that would have been

Used and bracing on lake back to the 30 in the 40s really cool piece i’m excited to get it how to come back so thanks for tuning in if you like these videos you can check us out online in curiosity episode ca thanks for tuning in and look the united states bye for now

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Hunting down a vintage barn find race boat! By Curiosity Incorporated