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Hyosung Gv125 Ride Test And Sale Video

Rev Bomb – Hyosung Gv125 Ride Test And Sale Video

So hello and welcome along to eclipse motorcycles just check this out what we’re riding today hyasung aguila one two five otherwise known as the gv125 absolutely lovely little bike let’s just check out all that chrome work on this and it is that deep candy red and one thing i do like about this good old-fashioned bold lights no leds on this puppy so i’m going to

Take this one out give it a run around now it’s got a suicide stand on it which is even better which is what i like you haven’t got to worry about your side stand being down all the time so we’re going to get this one out give it a little bit of a road test and show you what it’s like obviously feet forward cruiser style and the seat on this is absolutely soft

As a sofa as i would say this handles oh so well for a little one two five and it’s just one 144 miles on the clock since noon so it’s done hardly any mileage it’s not even been running correctly yet so if you are into a little cruiser bike and obviously you’ve looked at others and nothing appeals to you this would now when these first came out the hyacinth

Brand was very very well known now these are korean and they make some lovely bikes they have the gv125 and then they have the gv six of 15. now the 650 is on one of my old ride videos but this thing absolutely perfect and it’s got that five-speed box on it you’ve got that nice display in front of you so you’ve got your mileage to the left rev counter to the

Right and a clock and a fuel counter to the center very very easy to see all these functions down here so you’ve got indicators neutral light and main beam that is all you need and just coming in on that front brake just look how good this thing stops pulls up on a sixpence on that nice disc brake and the mirrors on this nice and wide chromed mirrors as well

I do like a lot of chrome on a cruiser bike it just sets it off perhaps it’s a sports bike rider i have started to swing towards cruiser riding i am starting to get tempted obviously since we rode the harley but this is such a lovely 125 season 17 i think it’s something that you want to uh have a first bike you’re not going to go far wrong with one of these

These things are absolutely bomb proof they go on and on and on hence why you don’t see many of these on autotrader or on any of the advertising sites due to the fact that the owners know what they’re sitting on they are sitting on a gold mine with one of these so if you want one in really really good condition for the year and this is obviously a five-year-old

Bike this is in very very good order for the year absolute fine this one was and it just handles really really comfortably you could go for hours on this compared to sort of an hour or so on a sports bike before you’ve got the aching wrist very very upright riding style but it steers oh so lovely and just look how crisp once again pull that down on that front

Brake no issues whatsoever it pulls up on a sixpence and obviously on the rear brake it’s just as good but just leaning it through just look how good that just pulls and leans through the corners so if you are into a gv125 or you want to obviously see what the guys eclipse motorcycles have got then give them a call 01908 64360 the website is down the bottom

Right hand side here eclipse motorcycles mk dot co dot uk telephone number again at the bottom one 908 643 603 give the bike sales team a call and if this is still here you could be the lucky owner of this one but for a cruiser style bike it is just so comfortable knees tucked in nicely to the side of the tank foot forward position and the pegs are just lovely

Position on those and not too high not too low but just nicely forward just to bring your legs up so they did work this out absolutely perfectly when they built the design of this bike so signing off on the hyacin aquila gv125 once again give them team a call and from myself it’s a big goodbye from me you

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Hyosung Gv125 Ride Test And Sale Video By Rev Bomb