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I bought a motorcycle grom squad

What’s good youtube your boy had copped a mini motorcycle not so many it’s kind of mid but it’s definitely not as big as the regular ones but right here we have a 2021 kawasaki z125 pro it came with these fourth of july sticker decals i’ve never rode a motorcycle before but i did learn this within a really within the day like i was able to ride this from where

I live to west sac to arden and back to downtown like it was just it was dope i was able to pick it up quick and that’s because i knew the basic mechanics of operating a manual vehicle so if you know how to do or drive a mini vehicle you’ll know how to operate a motorcycle fairly quick same concept just different positions but i don’t know too much details on

The bike itself i just do know that it maxes out at 60 miles per hour and then it’s gonna have 80 to 100 all the way up to 110 miles per gallon um so his clutch is definitely a gas state gas saver and i only spend to eight bucks filling up the tank depending on um you know what gas station i go to obviously you’re going to want to put some premium in there make

Sure your motorcycle is rolling smooth um like i said there’s really not much uh details that i know on it but i was going to take y’all for a spin i’m gonna show y’all how excited i am to have this i got to show you on my helmet the helmet matches the bike pretty well i got my gopro mount right there so i’m gonna get some camera footage from there all right y’all

So i’m a post up right here real quick and i’m gonna get my camera set up to my phone so i can record some audio while i’m driving and y’all can hear me i’m also gonna be throwing on my gopro on the back of my tripod stick and i’m going to be putting it in 360 mode and i’m going to show you all the different perspectives that we’re going to get and the different

Camera shots that we’re going to get on this bike this is going to be dope as so stay tuned for this part and bam third person point of view yo this is dope i’m super excited to bring y’all some motorcycle vlogs and really just add this into my content especially with this camera this is so dope getting the third person point of view later on in the video you’ll

See it kind of going to where it looks like just the world from a third person point of view which is dope it’s crazy i was talking to my client the other day he was telling me like yo why don’t you make haircut tutorials bro i i was kind of just telling them like it’s not my favorite thing to do number one it does get the most views on youtube it’s like far as

Far as i’ve seen on my channel um but i was like it’s not the funniest thing for me at least and he was like you should do like day in the life you know kind of just showing the vlog type thing and i was like yo hell yeah man i was like man you know what you really inspired me so that same day i got this gopro and i just kind of wanted to go over my intentions

With youtube y’all like i want to be able to take y’all with me and showing kind of you know what happens throughout the life of roger cuts and putting that in the form of inspiring one another or just just showing how it is to be a barber like this is dope i’m having hella fun and as i’m riding i’m like yo why my camera tilting hella far back and i’m and i

Look in the mirror i think like right then and there and i’m like yo my camera down there from the fall that’s the biggest thing i was scared of yo if you see my backpack right now that thing is all the way open i had to pull over right quick man i was i was spooked i was smashing on that little freaking whatever that road is too so like when i seen that i was

Like bro if anything fell out i’d be super sick but hey man just cruising throughout the day it was playing with the camera angles getting different looks came across this bridge and was like yo this is gonna be dope y’all so i appreciate y’all for tuning in man it’s roger cuts much left i’m out here

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I bought a motorcycle… grom squad 👌 💨 By Rodricutz