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I Bought The Cheapest Road Bike From eBay

bought the cheapest bike i could find on ebay as a present for NIC how shall we test it next?

To be exact with free postage now this channel  has had some quite expensive bikes on recently   what you could get for the cheapest on ebay   first impressions not as heavy as i thought it  was going to be but the mech hanger is bent and i   think there isn’t a mech hanger it’s just a frame  so the derailleur has like gone

Inside the wheel   so i need to straighten it somehow maybe with  brute force i mean the box was only just better   than that when it turned up not sure where it  originated from so this is the cheapest bike   that i could find on ebay the dstat ams 3. it just  says ams on the side i don’t really know what that  

Stands for although it does say amsterdam on the  box it comes pretty much fully assembled i’ll put   the handlebars on and i’m assuming there is some  bar type in this box which just says a on it you   get mud guards disc brakes some sort of gravelly  kind of tire the fox actually says on it road   mountain hybrid so that’s like

Everything in one  you get gears one two three four five branding on   the component tree seems to be l two l t w o o l2  a3 which i’ve never heard of frame set is a medium   with a dinky little stem look at that classic   drop handle bars it’s kind of like shifters on  the tops and then brake levers on the hoods so  

You can’t control your gears from the hoods wheels  uh interesting spoking arrangement feel very solid   but very heavy super smooth feeling hubs though  oh and these are 26 inch so like little mountain   bike wheels basically but you should be able to  wow with a light built in look at that that’s  well good value for money disc

Rotor front   tube pump bar tape quick release skewer   they give you some tools in the uh in the box that  says a on it but they’re not very good tools and   i’ve tried to only use the tools that they’ve  given me in that box after i discovered them   but i can’t get enough purchase on the um the nuts  that holding

That saddle on so the saddle’s moving   around this multi-spanner thing is not ideal and  really hurts your hands so maybe use a better one   thinking this is good value just realized i left   one of the best bits out well i’ve been leaning  it against the wall it’s got a stand so what do   they say officially lightweight and

Durable steel  design 24 speed gears comfort memory foam saddle   seat with integrated rear light they’re not lying  front and rear mechanical disc brakes on 10 spoke   against that bicycle pump included bike is   require professional assembly by a bike mechanic   hmm nick yeah i need you uh i’ve got a present  why are

You laughing i was getting excited  at first at least sal is coming why are you   thank you thanks for buying me a bike that’s  exactly what i wanted did you send right for   james my drummer i mean my dimension yeah it’s all  i didn’t do that on purpose that’s 27.2 though  isn’t it so we could put a bet see a better one  

It um as as it is we’ll get a drop if someone   not me fix i shouldn’t fix anything just ride it   the brakes don’t feel very safe i’m gonna  that’s what true i mean it’s not a proper  test if i like that’s not even tightening so   it is a comfy saddle there yeah it’s memory foam  actually work what you’re talking about it’s

Got   a stand as well nothing plastic on this bike at  all no they’re not it’s just metal the mechs bend   that’s after i bend it back hold it straight there  you go there’s a guard a special guard to stop it   from well except i’ve just broken it or was that  almost got a crash over there yeah we keep riding   imagine

Doing a delivery imagine doing a delivery  shift on this oh that’s the next video in this   the decal’s not even stuck on straight yeah it’s a  hundred pounds can you stop complaining i needed a   road bike i mean i can’t continue just riding  gravel yeah well this is everything did you   there in the car it says road mountain

Gravel  i am the chairman of a road cycling club there   you go i mean that south of bizarrely is actually  mega comfortable it says memory foam but i don’t   think it is actually memory foam what’s the next  challenge i think well let us know in the comments   next i would say gravel ride backyard gravel ride   first

Challenge let’s make it back to the studio  i feel like the the brakes don’t work when  i try and stop but at the same time i think   just and i’m pretty sure the suitcase  is about to snap what was that noise i tried to break the bars just you know mate i had  such high hopes when i was putting it together i   was like this is actually

Solid this could be a  rideable bike we’ve ridden to the park and almost   back i don’t know if we’re gonna make it back it  doesn’t doesn’t work dory don’t tell lauren you’ll   at home with a newborn baby she’s on youtube   all day long there’s no way she’s not going to  find out the bars man look at this it’s perfect  

You can ride as soon as you want to go faster   he’s got more arrow we’re going downhill daniel  this is gonna put james out of business yeah   i mean like the future of bikes pissing i can  change on the go depending on what i want to do so   bike is it it’s exciting hold on it’s that  

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I Bought The Cheapest "Road Bike" From eBay By Francis Cade