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I bought the FIRST LEGO Star Wars Set EVER!

To introduce LEGO Star Wars sets in 1999, LEGO invited some folks to Toy Fair with what is the first ever LEGO Star Wars “set”! It’s a small box with the Death Star Final Duel depicted inside. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader. The set has a few small quirks too…

What you see in front of you here is the first ever produced lego star wars item the invite for toy fair in 1999 proclaiming that lego star wars is happening they’re building a new galaxy and on the inside we have luke skywalker darth vader fighting it out and this is a very unique item it’s an item that i nearly bought twice i think for about ten thousand dollars

Maybe nine thousand dollars a substantial amount of money and then i got an email the other day from a viewer named stefan who informed me that this particular item was on the shop goodwill website goodwill instead of putting most their like high-end ish lego items in their stores they tend to post them online and it’s not something i’ve ever bought from but it’s

Always been something i’ve been like fringe aware of like i go on and look maybe once a year but there’s never really anything for me this time it’s different this time i’m gonna try to win the first ever lego star wars item the current bid is at 1500 it’s been going up a few dollars over the last few hours it went from like 1503 to 1506 to 1507 and now it’s at 1

511 now keep in mind i almost spent nine or ten thousand dollars on this so this price makes me very happy and hopefully i can get it for just a fraction of what i nearly paid for it so there’s under six minutes left in the bidding here so i’m gonna make a pretty substantial bid here any second i know that a few people know about this item i haven’t talked about

It publicly obviously and i haven’t seen anyone else talking about it publicly but i’ve now had like i had another person send it to me and say that he got it sent by someone else that i know of and so like it seems like it’s kind of around you know i’m just hoping the people with the big money don’t know so that i can get it cheaper if i get it at all that is

Because someone might way up in me but you know i have a budget in mind so we’ll see i just want to win this thing is so cool it’s literally the first item ever and like obviously as basically one of the biggest lego star wars fans it’s pretty much like the holy grail to me like of lego star wars items i mean there’s a lot of really cool items but it just i mean

This isn’t like the coolest thing i’ve ever seen but it’s the first thing and that’s worth a lot to a lot of people i’m sure so we are officially under three minutes and the price is at 17.51 so i’m gonna go ahead and put in a two thousand dollar bid and just see what happens we’ll press place bid and we will see confirmed bid i’ve already been outbid so this

Means someone already has a pretty high bid on there so i bid 2 000 and it automatically jumped to 2001. let’s try 2500 because at this point or 2600 because at this point it feels like the price is just going to go to whatever it goes to so we’re at 2600 bid received i’m currently the high bidder okay so their bid must have been 2 000 or something and i’m the high

Bidder at two thousand and two dollars where does it say i’m in the lead current high bidder me m and r productions except if you go to the bid history it doesn’t show you who’s the high bidder so someone else tried to bid um looks like there’s actually quite a few people bidding on this item yeah we’re down to literally a minute left i think i’m gonna go for five

Thousand dollars and that’ll be my new high price although i should probably go a little bit over that because someone could do like 5001 you know so i’m currently the high bidder we’re still at two thousand dollars i’m gonna do five thousand five hundred fifty five and that’ll probably be my absolute max why is the page freezing this is bad time to freeze place

Bid let’s see i’m still currently the high bidder and we’re still only at oh man my heart is going oh man the page is freezing up this is bad we’re at 2 200 i’m either gonna get it or i’m not 12 seconds oh my god please oh i know when i refresh it’s gonna be like nine thousand dollars has event 12 seconds left yet oh boy come on five thousand it ended i won no

Way i bought that for like half what i was gonna pay for it oh my goodness and of all the numbers 5 500 and one dollars you can’t make that up wow i was expecting disappointment i was like i told my buddy sans i’m gonna call you back in 10 minutes and i’m either gonna be elated or i’m gonna be really down like after watching the celtics steph curry from downtown

A 15-point lead call sands i want to pretend i didn’t win hello problem or what i didn’t win how did you not win oh uh shop goodwill is asked me if i want to make an additional donation now at least the money goes to a good cops too well they made a good profit tonight so my total cost after tax and everything is 5891 and 2 cents not cheap but man this is like

The coolest thing so i’m gonna press get your item and uh here we go i thought it would be a little more instantaneous of me getting the item now in my possession the very first lego star wars set ever made now it should be said that this isn’t a complete package rarest lego minifigs over on instagram ended up buying the one that i almost bought a year ago and his

Came with the white outer box that says open immediately from lego it’s an invite inside right and so it had an outer box that would have been included and judging from the way mine looks it looks like it would have had like a round piece of tape you know half there and then half on top holding this together obviously i don’t want the tape there but it is something

That would have been originally theirs and there’s one other interesting thing i’ll note about the rarest lego minifigs version of this uh in a moment but uh for three thousand four thousand dollars less than i would have paid otherwise i am very happy with this because it’s essentially the same thing to me um now that being said it is in better condition than i

Expected from shop goodwill when this showed up and i got my first look at it it was super shiny it did not look grimy or anything i was very very pleased with it so on the front it says building a new galaxy in 1999 which is a pretty cool way to introduce lego star wars and on the bottom just had an interesting bit of language this is all star wars elements are

Property of lucasfilm limited and or lucas licensing limited so basically something like that would mean that like a darth vader helmet can’t show up in any other set or a lightsaber hilt can’t show up in any other set side of that text the left top and right sides are completely devoid of anything but some stars and then on the back we have the funniest thing about

This it’s darth vader’s tie fighter right a little preview of one of the sets coming out and then the x-wing another different set there was 30 bucks back in the day except the wings are uh not quite in an orientation i think anyone would view as proper to me it’s a bit of funny foreshadowing for what lego star wars has become today where they’ll make careless errors

For things like like this it is shocking to me that this got made like this for the introduction of what obviously would become their biggest lego theme ever in lego star wars now something i only found out about these recently is that when they originally opened apparently they would play music so you couldn’t possibly know that otherwise but there’s actually a

Couple of small like wires or something that run down here i just thought these were like random like pieces of paper originally or something just you know age but it turns out because someone sold a version of this on ebay that was missing this front panel recently it sold for like four thousand dollars or something so quite a bit of money for an incomplete version

Of this which made me happier with my purchase at the price that i bought it at but with that listing you could see underneath here there’s essentially a small opening and there’s like a battery thing in there and like a little speaker or something that would play the star wars music when you open this to like introduce lego star wars so i think that was something

Even cooler about this i guess when it originally would have been given out to people as far as i’m aware by the way maybe 200 of these exist they’re even harder to get than you would think because they were sent to like toy executives or i don’t know big box i don’t know who they would be sent to right but big box retailer people just not like random lego star wars

Fans like myself would get it you know it just people that wouldn’t be as in touch with the space i guess that’s just the way i had thought about it but the big text at the top says we joined forces to create our most stellar product launch ever very uh very stellar there anyway the rest of the text is basically what this is it’s a invite to toy fair so it tells

You to come to the showroom what they’re going to be introducing come to the showroom that’s the address with the different phone number there so some interesting stuff for sure but obviously the start of the show is going to be the build inside let’s light it up so as we bring it in close here you’ll even be able to see that the top of the box inside is printed

Which is not something i knew you can see more of that death star throne room print inside and there’s a print on the right print on the left and honestly i can’t tell if there’s like a print on the inside wall i would assume not but you know they went to great lengths with a lot of detail and everything else so maybe i’ll just never know because i can’t see it

Maybe if i stuck a mirror in there i don’t know i don’t need to know anyway when it comes to the build itself it’s got a luke skywalker minifigure with his endor outfit it is a weird looking figure it does not look very good to me uh in this particular scene obviously i think he’s wearing black so having gray there is just an odd color choice they did have the

Chrome lightsaber hilts which were obviously staple for lego star wars in the early years looks so much better than what they have now but unfortunately they eventually did away with that then on the right they have the darth vader minifig and even after all these years that cape is looking pristine in there that is a fantastic looking like okay but yeah darth

Vader figure in there as well and you’ll notice luke has the green lightsaber which is proper but in the version that rarest lego minifigs got on instagram he actually has a blue lightsaber and because all the parts inside are like glued in i really don’t want to pull it this too hard but everything’s glued in as far as i’m aware um you can only assume that it

Was a original version like a preliminary version perhaps that had the blue lightsaber for luke instead of the green lightsaber that’s just kind of the theory but i guess we might never know for sure i think i just made a pretty big discovery um there are some pieces that were never released on this oh my we’re gonna dig on down to our 1999 minifig bin here and

We’re just yeah perfect got a green lightsaber and that will perfectly illustrate my point if you look very carefully at the end of darth vader’s lightsaber it would be the same on luke’s lightsaber in there you’ll notice that it’s rounded instead of straight is that not crazy i had never been sitting in a box in my room for a few months at this point but wow that

Is crazy cool and something that i think looks way better for the end of lightsabers way more accurate for the end of lightsaber so it’s very interesting that they originally apparently were gonna go with a rounded end design and ended up not doing that which is interesting because this piece obviously they do use these in other sets but you could have a version

Of it that has the two flat size and a version of it that doesn’t for the star wars lightsabers because i feel like they use them enough in different situations that it would be fine like man that would be nice they should be introducing that now in 2022 2023 that would be nice to see a comeback for it that is a really good looking piece there much better again

Than what we’ve gotten ever since 1999. oh my goodness they put his lightsaber hill upside down you see how it’s got the bottom at the the top where the lightsaber blade goes in see how luke’s is proper darth vader’s isn’t what a shame well this is quite the unique piece of lego star wars history for quite a few reasons as you can tell i’m pretty happy with my

Purchase i know it’s an insane amount of money to spend on anything lego star wars for many people out there but obviously as big of a fan as i am and what i’ve got going on with youtube this was something that i just had to have given the right opportunity and the right opportunity did come along so thanks so much again to stefan who emailed me about this and get

Me in the know on this if you guys ever see anything rare for lego star wars that uh you might think i might want to buy or if you own anything shoot me an email m r prod34 or dm me over on instagram m r productions thank you guys so much for making this type of thing possible now i just got to figure out how do i display this because like i don’t want

It to just rot in a box it’s too much money and too cool to me to do that so we’ll figure that out in the future perhaps foreign

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I bought the FIRST LEGO Star Wars Set EVER! By MandRproductions