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I Caught CREEPY Online Daters As A TANK… Brookhaven RP

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to another video and in today’s video, I Caught CREEPY Online Daters As A TANK…

Oh my gosh guys it’s dark foxy uh 1054’s car i’m gonna just robbed this real quick you know oh okay never mind you just really had to lock your car like that huh yeah i’m not really sure how it’s pronounced bella johnny boy that was a good movie yo what’s going on over here wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i know right don’t blow my cover i’m just chilling in

These bushes you know the action in it was really cool let’s get in my car oh god oh wait are they gonna see me i don’t know i’ve been trying to find some online haters and i think i might have found some or some i cannot speak i’ll invite you to my house okay and oh here’s the person that was driving the uh the car i don’t know oh my god okay i don’t think they

Saw me oh well they just went way down here somewhere oh yeah they’re over there what are they doing what are they going so far away all right let me just get in my uh my tank cycle guys you know now you ever just become a tank cycle yeah make sure to drop a like if tank cycle i’ve been trying to find them i can’t seem to find them i don’t know like where they

Actually are i should have just like instantly followed them because i i really don’t know where they are oh wait i’m like slipping down the mountain i see them walking into the house okay here how do i approach this house without like uh what is this person doing i have a weird suspicion these people are like online dating or going because there’s a boy and a

Girl watching a movie like together like going to the movies together i think that’s a little just a little off sorry we don’t need a bodyguard i think that’s what this person just said wait hold on they just left their door unlocked make some food for us oh she said i’ll go make some food for us okay i was gonna say why are you being so controlling bro here i’m

Looking at the chat ah it is hi oh that’s the person that’s that one girl can i be your bodyguard oh that’s what that that one girl that i saw was doing at the house over here mmm pizza here i’m gonna jump up here and see if i can get a better angle on them because like i can’t like see them oh there we go okay okay i can see them better now if they come up here

I just gotta like jump down or something my favorite oh wow he got dark quick dang yeah 7 pm and it’s dark spooky dark you wanna sleep in my house then bro that sounds so creepy yeah i’m gonna just like click on the knocking thing at their door and they’re gonna be so confused probably i’m gonna continue to knock uh hello god question mark i probably should have

Not done that i’m probably scaring them right now the devil who was that i don’t know let’s go back inside okay i guess oh my god what is going on here i’m gonna knock one more time why okay i’m gonna actually stop operating scaring these little kids right now you should head to bed i’ll clean up okay all right you know what i need to go uh i probably need to go

Over here before they come upstairs because um oh wait i’ll be able to see them freaking show off he just scared me oh my god she’s in like the kitchen area i can’t really go anywhere that’s the problem oh my god she’s cleaning something in there i’m washing her hands i’m not sure bro i feel like such a creep doing this ah i’m just gonna look away she might be

Doing something something in there guys wait where’s the guy at though i gotta be so careful right here though because they could just like come out of nowhere oh wait i see the guy right there okay this guy’s sleeping i’m not gonna go across this thing because he’s he’s so gonna see me there’s no way there’s no way he doesn’t see me bro imagine just chilling like

Sleeping at night time then seeing a tank on the roof of your house just like spying on you that would be kind of terrifying wow he went to sleep fast that’s the house wait what’s the guy doing is he oh he’s sleepwalking look at this guy he’s literally just sleepwalking oh wait he’s about that girl’s bed he’s just getting bed with the girl wait do you guys think

I can just like sneak over here without them seeing me oh you know what wait can you get on this thing right oh actually i i they’ll be able to see my like uh my shooting thing i’m just gonna book it i’m just gonna like completely run they see me yawns wait i saw oh no no you didn’t no you didn’t no you didn’t yeah guys i don’t know what this girl’s talking about

She didn’t see anything she totally didn’t see just a random tank hanging on the side of her house all right guys i have become one with the pumpkin oh my god oh dude i feel like such a creep right now i’m just spying on these kids dude she’s literally walking outside right by me what the freak what the frick who did i see hello anyone there okay this is the time

Where i get back on the roof and uh wait i should just start like knocking at the door again wait bro who is knocking at my door this is late in the night now bro it’s only 3 30 in the morning on wednesday i need my beauty sleep then go sleep and turn off your lights and lock the doors wait are the doors even locked oh she’s right there no way oh she got in this

Bed okay why did the guy just get up he’s sleepwalking again he’s literally just sleep walking outside i just don’t even know what to say anymore like i genuinely don’t know what to say about this anymore this is the most confusing thing that i’ve seen in quite a while like guys sleepwalking and getting in this person’s bed i feel like i’m playing with like two

Ais right now they’re in bed together and one of them just said sniff sniff i don’t know how i feel about that i smell something burning wait i see something on fire over there is that the is that the grill that’s on fire oh my gosh she’s outside and it’s morning now question mark question mark question mark hashtag want food dad the grill yes jesse abc for a

Dad good morning good whoa whoa yo yo i mean good morning nothing else ah dot dot dot okay i’ll make some breakfast okay this guy just said this is just like the most average brookhaven cup when i’m just spying on them right now oh you know what if you guys have been watching my channel for a while you would remember the almighty lawnmower yeah don’t mind a tank

Just uh just a moment your lawn yo why you sad hi come there dude okay why do i hear a lawnmower i want food oh my god wait this girl’s gonna see me this guy’s gonna see me no no no wait where did she just go this girl’s just like teleported away it appears your free uh mind-lowing uh whatever you call it yeah i’m just gonna be just cutting the grass yeah yeah

I’m cutting this grass real good man oh my god yes hey hi hi yo why are you putting a gun in a tank bro like you in a fight bro why are you here good question i i i’m still questioning that myself stop mommy where did he go i am literally watching like three-year-olds date over here in role play where did hugo the tank hank you know what never mind let’s go get

Some ice cream oh okay and who is this random guy uh i hope she didn’t just see me and who was this guy swimming right here there’s some very questionable things going on in the server and oh this person’s just driving away did the guy get in i don’t even see the guy get in oh okay apparently apparently he got in well it’s okay guys i’m just gonna get on my tank

Cycle and just stalk them even more you know this is my tank cycle noises oh they actually are at the ice cream shop what should i get lawnmower what’s up miss bacon girl hi hi how are you today hi hi i’m just gonna rob your motorcycle now yeah thank you thank you um oh wait this was mine my brain is not working let’s just say all right okay tank cycle just the

Mobing mowing the uh the tire right now bro it’s like so stupid what is it why is um what is going on here hon it’s okay yeah i know and he’s like a little kid too and they have some weird music playing but i work in army oh oh oh oh look at the maps bro there’s people in this blue car right there wait is that the person or the people that were oh yeah that was the

People in the ice cream shop they just finished but then they come in a different blue car i swear didn’t come in that one or did they sneak all the way to like the car dealership and just like rob a car and what’s going on over here um i thought that part of this one oh wait that’s that that’s them i thought they were gonna like run over all those people and this

Guy’s shooting for some reason what is going on in this um oh oh oh oh god i’m sorry man that he stole your boyfriend i um all right uh i i think this isn’t enough of being over here dad come the diner oh they’re at the diner those people that i was like spying on okay they’re in the diner oh they’re eating together how cute so i have something i want to confess

Oh wait is this guy gonna confess his feelings okay go on tyler will you be hashtag my oh yeah he’s asking girlfriend oh i’m sorry oh i just met you but you do look like my type oh lord so i will say yes oh my god well these people are dating i’m just gonna just ruin oh i can’t even turn their car away i was gonna ruin their moment and just drive their car away um

You don’t see anything man i probably didn’t get in your car just almost like try to like rob your car i know they clearly see me i guess they just don’t care hello because i know that girl remembers me and there’s something in fire in there your boy chills the tank he’s just going like in circles or oh wait why is this girl wait whoa why does this girl economy

It’s the tank hey get off from my lawn this is not bro this is like the lobby this is the lobby are you stupid no mine all right guys uh if you’re wondering this person owns this part this part of land over here okay everywhere is mine well you know what then i honestly think i i just think he’s belong in the pool you know no no no no no no no no no no get back

In get back in where are you going where are you going oh you almost just fell in the pool better refined us through your little boyfriend then fine fine dot dot dot come back here nah it’s okay i’m only gonna just like drown your little boyfriend real quick don’t worry it’s okay he’ll sleep well down there meanwhile you’re floating how dare you well you want to

Join him you want to join him then you want to join them okay good luck

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I Caught CREEPY Online Daters As A TANK… (Brookhaven RP) By Chillz Brookhaven