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I Surprise My Dad With His Dream Motorcycle!

I bought my Dad the 2 Stroke of his dreams and in this video i’m surprising him with the one dirt bike that he’s always wanted but has never been able to own…until now!

I bought my dad the two-stroke of his dreams and in this video which is just in time for christmas i’ve planned an epic reveal to surprise my dad with the one bike that he’s always wanted but has never been able to own until now but before i drop the bombshell on the old man let me introduce you to this very special machine and allow me to tell you why this

Bike means so much to my dad my moto story is a tale almost as old as dirt biking itself and it’ll be a familiar story for thousands of dirt bikers around the world the reason i ride the reason i live and breathe motorbikes even the reason i’m talking to you guys right now is all down to my dad his passion enthusiasm and love for bikes is something that’s been

Passed down from generation to generation my granddad gave it to him and he in turn passed it to my brother and i biking is in our blood and if it wasn’t for the influence of our forefathers before us i know i certainly wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience the joy and the thrill that is riding motorcycles and i think this could be true for the majority

Of bikers around the world it’s something that transcends borders boundaries and language i mean where would we be without our dads and that’s why i was so eager to surprise my dad with the two-stroke of his dreams it’s just a little thank you to him for thrusting me into this life of petrol pre-mix and good times so my dad’s love affair with dirt bikes began

Way back in 1982 when he was about 11 years old he already had a healthy obsession with motorcycles thanks to my grandad but with the likes of evil knievel and eddie kidd becoming childhood icons my dad just couldn’t wait he had to have a dirt bike of his own and so began our family’s journey into the dirt bike world dad’s first bike was a used 1981 suzuki rm80

And then a few years later when racing became a bit more serious they went and bought a new 1983 suzuki rm80 which was dad’s first spanking new race bike eventually dad decided to take a break from ryden to get married and have a family which was very considerate of him but then fast forward to when i was four years old in 1999 dad decided to make his return to

The track and bought himself a used 1998 suzuki rm250 and then a few years later he decided to treat himself and bought a new 2001 suzuki rm250 which was his first spanking new adult bike so with that history it’s safe to say that dad enjoyed his suzukis in fact dad’s very first road bike was also a suzuki back in the 80s you could hit the road on a motorcycle

At 16 years old so long as it was a 50 cc so naturally my dad opted for the dirt bike inspired suzuki ts50x which cost about 600 quid brand new back in the day he modded it to oblivion with a 65cc big ball kit and a full fresco exhaust system he loved that bike living in a quiet country village the ts was his key to freedom a freedom that only a motorcycle could

Provide back then as soon as you turned 17 you could progress onto a full-size bike and dad dreamed of upgrading his ts 50 for the real deal the ts-250 was the big brother of the suzuki range at the time it was a real dirt bike inspired road going two stroke sounds great right it was every dirt biker’s fantasy ride however at 17 years old and working in the local

Petrol station he just couldn’t afford one back in 1987. suzuki eventually stopped making the ts and so that dream of his disappeared off into the ether as i was growing up dad often mentioned that ts50 and the impact it had on his life he also often mentioned the one that got away he’s recently fallen back in love with ryden and his obsession with two strokes

Has only grown over the years so when i spied him searching for ts250s on the net a few months ago a bulb sparked in my brain with the uncertainty in the world right now i knew that dad just wouldn’t have the gonads to pull the trigger himself and the prime example of a ts250 he had found online so i knew i had to do it for him so a few weeks have passed since i

Saw dad looking at that ts250 online and as predicted he hasn’t allowed himself to indulge in fulfilling this childhood fantasy so i’m on the way to do it for him so i’ve been in contact with the seller he’s a um a super nice guy with a passion for bikes just like us we’ve agreed a price so i’m on the way to pick up this specimen right now and here she is this

1987 suzuki ts250x is now under my possession and soon after over three decades of waiting shall finally be in the hands of my old man believe it or not this 34 year old machine has never been restored this is original condition as close to brand new as you’ll ever find she even has the original tyres chain sprocket and tool kit she has only done 2 600 miles in

Her entire life that’s an average of 76 miles per year she truly is an absolute time capsule there aren’t many of these things knocking about these days i mean back in the day they didn’t bring in many to start with and the only other ones i can find online at the moment are japanese imports from what i can see there’s only two of these things registered for the

Road here in the uk and there’s certainly not another one that looks anything like this so this is a 1987 model which was the year that my dad turned 17 and could have legally bought and ridden a ts250 if he had the money and one thing that i discovered whilst going through the paperwork which is actually pretty spooky is that this ts 250 originally came from

The same shop that my dad’s original ts 50 came from back in the day which was andy lee suzuki in cambridge and what makes that even more special is that andy lee also owned a local motocross tractor here elsewhere motor park which we all grew up riding andy was a great friend and mentor to us and so many other riders in the area i legitimately got goosebumps when

I found this out and i know it will just floor my dad when i tell him if the old man would have had a better paid job when he was 17 years old he might well have walked into andy lee’s showroom and bought this very bike that’s insane so i’ve got the bike hidden away from dad at the moment but before i surprise him with it it’s only right and proper that i give

A little test ride right so here i am on board what will be my dad’s 1987 suzuki ts250x this is the bike that he always dreamed of having when he was a kid and now was it 34 nearly 35 years later i found this mint condition 1987 suzuki ts 250x and when i say mint condition she is a mint only 2 634 miles on the clock there i’m gonna had a a sneaky few few on

Today a couple more miles on today in this uh first little joyride slash test ride of the bike picked up from a lovely guy down in london so i’m just giving it a little shake down before take it to the old man and surprise him with the bike of his dreams i’ve never actually had the pleasure of riding a little two smoker on the road i’ve got i’ve got a road by

Myself obviously i’ve got a license i’m on the road right now but i’ve got a harley davidson a big old tractor compared to this and i have to say what fun this is you guys know i love a two-stroke and you know i’m from a dirt bike background so this is actually awesome to be ripping around on the roads here i feel right at home rap so yeah like i say i’ll finish

His little test ride out a few more miles under the clock there’s only 2 600 odds so a couple more won’t hurt and then we’ll surprise the old man with the bike and the two-stroke of his dreams right then so it’s the uh morning of the surprise i set up the bike in the shop ready to surprise dad i’ve uh set some cameras up so we can capture his reactions uh i’ve

Gotten to come over to roland’s and then roland’s going to bring us around here to steve’s and we’ll walk in it and he’ll see the beauty line there at the end of the showroom so that’s a planner exciting let’s do it so i’ve had the bike hidden away for the past couple of days while i’ve been setting up our epic reveal steve lynn motorcycles is a bike shop located

Just across the road from our friend roland’s workshop you might recognize roland from his appearances in the megalodon 700 series anyway i planted the ts in steve’s showroom and then i got roland to ask us to come over to help him film a workshop how to video for those of you that don’t know my dad is typically the guy holding the camera whilst we’re filming any

Of our youtube videos so that would explain why we’d have the cameras there set up and ready to roll when he arrived at roland’s workshop we then find some random excuse to nip over to steve shot where we discover the ts waiting in the showroom let’s do this whoa he’s become distracted are you sure one day well i always wanted the yeah the two didn’t

Think yeah i don’t think you get much fresher than that so what do you reckon then dad you like that do you yes yeah it’s beautiful isn’t it it brings about some memories because um you know when i was 16 hey i can’t look holy crap so it’s the same white he was looking at no way that he don’t got two thousand miles yeah two bloody six max legend had to

Be done didn’t it i’m gonna have to sit on it yeah bring it roll it out here because it brings back so many memories i oh it’s like going back in time honestly i mean the two-stroke is like you know whatever the truth show is you’re going to feel good about it aren’t you but something that’s brings back memories like this it’s just like unbelievable like a

Lot of motorcycle loving petrol heads my old man tends not to wear his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t show too much outward emotion so when i saw the tears welling up in his eyes when he realized that the ts was his to take home well that’s something i’ll never forget i mean i think i’ve only seen him cry twice in my life and one of those times was just watching

The ending to the karate kid and another thing i’ll never forget is the size of the smile on his face after our first morning riding and filming with his long lost love the power band is popped in so i can’t believe what max has done for me it’s just oh i’m lost for words as you can tell from the design the styling and the tyres the suzuki ts250x was

Heavily inspired and influenced by the motocross machines of the time she was born to hit the dirt and the green lanes beckon but then again it would be a crying shame to add a load of hardcore off-road miles that is one-of-a-kind mint condition machine what do you guys think she was born to hit the dirt but should we do it thanks for watching guys i hope

You enjoyed this video i’m going to dedicate this to all the fathers and all the sons and all the moto families out there we’re making a big push for 200 000 subscribers so if you did enjoy this video be sure to give it a like share it with your moto family and uh be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already as always guys my name’s max this is 999 laser and until

Next time i’ll see you at the track you

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