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I Tried the NEW 2022 POLARIS Slingshot R… ITS NOT What I Expected

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What is up mother people good morning happy world i’m not even in hawaii no it’s just beautiful ain’t it laguna niguel i know what you’re thinking you might be like joe what are you doing in a hotel room watching a sunrise so romantically with another man derry and co where’s hannah well obviously anytime i involve myself in motorsports or any type of

Adventure activity i gotta bring the homie down because he takes the most beautiful magnificent photos and videos so i had to bring him along for the ride and the dude loves cars bikes and everything etc that goes vroom vroom and yes you guessed it if you click the title i’m super excited because polaris came out with a brand new slingshot and we’re gonna be able

To ride them all day yes all day it’s gonna be a straight driving adventure we’re gonna have a lot of fun and if you click this video it’s probably because you like this kind of content so hit that like button and let’s start the journey i feel like a vip working alongside polaris for this adventure yo check this out they gave me a hat i feel like i could be a

Salesperson there welcome do you want adventure come on down and ride with us okay okay i’m gonna quit stalling let’s go we’re the first ones here look it’s all covered up they’re gonna do a special reveal and all that stuff look look at this look at this oh my god dog come on i think i can see a little peek of it oh shoot oh i’m premature ejaculate i can do it

This i can’t do it this way i have to energize my body for the excitement ooh burrito yes all right guys so i heard that they unveiled it they parked it out ready for us to see oh my god i almost ran into the freaking door let’s go in three two one so oh my god dude don’t they look like little batmobiles all right now slingshot really upgraded themselves his

Eyes are like got the t-top yeah chocolate oh look at that man it’s like back to the future as you can see from the look of my face i’m thoroughly impressed with the upgrades of the new slingshot you see when my eyebrows go like that i’m like saying wow with my eyebrows oh shoot this is exactly like the first one i rolled like three years ago it was convertible

It was manual because before they didn’t come out with automatic yet and it’s all mine has my name on it this is mine i don’t need to lick it but these bad boys are pretty awesome because they have four different models when they first came out they only had manual and nowadays a lot of people can’t ride manual so a lot of people missed out on the fun but here’s

The awesome part like i mentioned before they all come in automatic now isn’t that pretty awesome as you can see here this one is the s version this is the one i got it’s the base model all right highly customizable it’s what i like to call simplicity i’m a simple man a simple tin you might say and i don’t need all the bells and whistles i just want something

That’ll drive fun light and it will go go go okay and i believe these are 176 horsepowers and as we go up the models to the highest one it goes up to 200 something horsepower super duper fast for such a very very light vehicle if you can imagine the next model up we got is the sl as you can see already there is a modern display it has a tablet that’s modern you

Know what else is modern baby right here the beethoven button that one right there it’ll teach you how to make music just kidding so the s and the sl version is 178 horsepower but starting from the slr right here it starts at 203 horsepower baby oh my god that’s overkill it’s too fast now slingshot i know slr probably means something to you but i’m gonna call

It the sexy lady racer because that’s what i think it is it’s a very sexy lady that races but the top of the line obviously you can tell with this amazing paint but this is the r version this is the top of the line oh but it’s not my name i think they spelled my name wrong it’s automatic but the thing is just like with all the newer cars they got the paddle

Shifting baby i don’t know how i feel about paddle shifting i like to feel like i’m involved with the car a little bit more so i’ll stick with the manual but i’m not a hater though you know you could have just as much fun at the end of the day it just goes places like a bicycle or a tricycle or a motorcycle or anything with a cycle it cycles there’s wheels on

The cycle god damn can we just drive already now all this stuff is just bits and pieces of information okay i am not a technical review channel so if you wanna check this out i’m gonna leave a link in the description box below and you can read all the details of everything there’s just so much information with all these four models that you could really dig deep

And take your time looking and enjoying but today it’s about having fun with all this because that’s what we do here we have adventures baby what’s even more awesome is we got these custom helmets by bell the artist here scratch right here he made me this one boom with a skull it’s pretty awesome i told him i have a gold and black bike so he matched that i’m

Pretty excited i’m going to be wearing this later on too i got a cool one right here for darien you want to check out uh scratch his work you can go see him at his shop my shop’s in haltom city texas scratch’s garage and my social media scratches garage everywhere and it’s pinstriping art handmade freestyle all kinds yeah i do that i also do metal fab and build

Cars oh that’s awesome man look at all this awesome custom artwork and he did this real quick too he was just sitting there talking to us it fits perfectly i can’t wait already i’m the only one in the car well there’s someone else there i think we’re the only two impatient ones finally mother people i’ve been waiting i’ve been anxious i’ve been here four hours

Ago just before everybody now it’s time to finally roll are you excited very excited have you ever rode a slingshot before for a short short bit and it was pretty exciting man so we get a whole full day with this so it’s gonna be next level i’m prepared to see how many changes they’ve made in the last several years they say that there’s been a lot i believe it

But let’s just take it to the road and see what’s up whoa let’s go i feel like we’re in a rally race because check this out they gave us a full-on map and we’re gonna go through all of these pretty cool destinations right here here we go this is so fun oh i’m having so much fun doing this i just had this crazy epiphany why don’t i bring one of you guys on a

Slingshot i’ll rent one one of you who are lucky you guys will join me and i’ll take you out on a crazy adventure you guys can be my co-pilot and who knows maybe you can rent your own and we can all go together but i feel like this adventure is so fun especially when you share it and the number one thing that i noticed is like it’s like being in a convertible but

At the same time a motorcycle because when you ride a motorcycle you feel more connected and just more like a part of the road it’s kind of a weird feeling but you look around and you feel open and stuff like that but this sits low to the ground and i have this like aggressive racer feeling to it so i’m hitting those turns i’m going crazy with them and it makes

Me think to myself maybe you guys can enjoy pov but what if you’re actually actually there haven’t really talked to the polaris crew about this yet but who knows maybe it’s something we can do if you want to do this follow my instagram i’m gonna leave the link in the description box below it’s just my name jochitsukawa all of these things where you can like win a

Chance at doing and playing and enjoying some adventure fun with me it’s gonna be through instagram so you gotta make sure to follow me there we have probably been riding since nine in the morning or maybe eight it’s right now around noon time three hours and it doesn’t feel like it’s enough i have to keep going i have to keep riding it’s like i’m playing craps

At the craps table with my friends in vegas i need more so darion uh how you like my driving surprisingly he’s pretty good it was a shocker man so he got me excited because he’s that good so it inspires me to get all these dope shots for him because it’s impressive man i didn’t know he can drive a stand like that this is just the second stop so we have like

Maybe five more stops to go and we have a full day man we have dinner and everything but the whole crew is gonna be excited man i don’t want to let give back the car i really love it i would help you fighting crime at night but um i sleep too early so i get tired if i mean if i wasn’t fighting crime i’d be going to bed early too well you got a job to do i know

Where can they check out your channel at doodle on a motorcycle doodle on a motorcycle bike reviews fun times adventure check it out now i’m doing some musical chairs with the little slingshots here we go now it’s the top of the line r thank you guys very much for the switcheroo take a look at this wow aggressive huh oh even though it’s automatic though it’s

Got paddle shifters so you know what i’m gonna be doing it’s gonna be kind of interesting to see the jump from 178 horsepower all the way up to over 200. this bad boy right here is the top of the line slingshot r that one was mine and check this out that’s an inline four engine have you ever seen that before okay mother people now that was much more faster it

Was much crazier there’s a big jump from 178 to 200 horsepower because of just the size of that thing it’s the same weight i actually thought the r version was heavier but what they told me the way that they designed the front it picks up more air and then it pushes it down in the front so it feels way more sturdy to the ground so when i was taking those turns i

Was like man this thing feels like heavier i’m not sure but overall the r the quality is there it feels much more of an expensive ride like it feels stronger if it’s punchier it’s just way more different but i do have to say i’m still gonna stand by the s the base model maybe i’m biased maybe it’s because i just like stick shift way better i feel more connected

And it’s a more involving ride but maybe i just have to try the r manual i don’t even know if they have that here today hannah if you’re watching this uh which you probably are i’m not trying to attract other women right now i’m just trying to show them how sexy this car is so they could ride with us you know i’m gonna name this guy optimus prime rib because it

Is so prime can you imagine rolling through the streets riding with the top off and then you flash everybody your man titties that’s the way we roll now i’m not saying that i recommend anyone to do this currently but if hypothetically there was a post-apocalyptic situation this would be a great kind of vehicle to survive in because this is open we have a partner

Here that can kind of sit down and they can shoot any bad guys only bad guys though not good guys we could go around and and this could be our survival vehicle you know what i mean as long as there’s roads but you can make this off-road capable because you know what’s awesome last night we saw a custom one made by richard over here it’s freaking crazy so this

Is what your slingshot can look like last but not least i finally found an slr with a manual boom someone was nice enough to switch with me this is actually what richard was riding and now i get to play with it chuck e cheese for my birthday chucking chucky chuck e cheese for my birthday jackie chucky chuck e cheese for my birthday chuck e cheese for my

Birthday birthday chuggy cheese birthday chicken chuckie chuck e cheese for my birthday jackie chucky chuck e cheese for my birthday chuck e cheese for my birthday birthday chug each

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I Tried the NEW 2022 POLARIS Slingshot R… ITS NOT What I Expected By Joe Jitsukawa