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I Used Apple Air Tags to CHEAT at Hide & Seek!! DIDNT GET CAUGHT

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What’s up team right today we’re playing hide and seek using cars we are here at the new team our house and we have a bunch of crazy vehicles we got a lambo we got a golf cart a dune buggy a hummer h1 atvs dirt bikes and a bunch of other crazy stuff the rules are simple everyone’s going to pick a crazy car you gotta stick with it the entire time the last person to

Get caught is gonna win ten thousand dollars let’s introduce the contestants up first we got liz what car are you gonna pick up go for it i got the coolest car you never let me drive it so this is perfect next we got vic in the game and kaelin which one should we take this one is better we’re ready let’s do this up next we’ve got hoverboard hunter i’m obviously

Picking the atv this thing can travel anywhere on the property no problem at all let’s go up next we got andrew let’s go all right which vehicle should i pick i think uh this one wait what andrew what is this thing it’s only got one wheel yep it’s my one wheel man it’s electric all right whatever floats your boat everyone has picked their vehicle they will now

Have 30 minutes to go hide contestants start your vehicles ready let’s do this whoa okay ready here we go everyone’s ready 30 minute timer starts in three two one let’s go and they are off going to hide and one thing that i didn’t tell anyone is that there is a tracking device in every single vehicle here so that’s gonna help me cheat and find everyone even

Faster i’m gonna lock myself in this closet for the next 30 minutes we’re going this way we’re going to take a little detour it might get a little bumpy can this thing go off road i hope all right guys it’s a beautiful day outside look i’m riding my one wheel my favorite vehicle of all time and the coolest thing about it is even though it’s got one wheel it

Can go off-road baby unlike hunter’s vehicle and the lambo this thing is dead silent and it’s tiny it can hide anywhere so i think i’m absolutely going to win this challenge i am a hide and seek expert let’s go find our first spot on second thought this car is so loud and so big i’m not really gonna be able to hide it anywhere so i’m gonna need to try to find

A plan b it actually looks like there’s a lot of vehicles in here oh this is perfect i could just hop into this tiny lambo and hide anywhere i want because it’s so little all right i’m ready to hide guys this thing is so tiny i just need to move quickly so i can hide somewhere maybe i’ll hide in the house i don’t think he’ll ever suspect that i’ll be hiding in

The house the best way is to hide in the most obvious spots because he’s never going to look there how about we go in that barn over there let’s go they don’t stand a chance against us watch out around the door oh asleep oh my god holy oh my god bro literally my biggest fear is snakes oh dude are we gonna stay here dude we gotta think this through we gotta get

Out of here soon but watch carter’s probably scared of snakes so this is probably the best way that we can hide there’s a gate in the way get out of here this is our spot what what what are you guys doing there move this is our spot go that’s a terrible parking spot you’re in a red golf cart all right i’m out of here this is awesome these guys are never going to

Be able to find me out here this is sick i just had the best idea i have a bunch of these smoke effects right and i’m gonna use them to reveal people’s locations so i’m gonna head back over to the electric golf cart i know exactly where these guys are if i throw this smoke effect down it’s gonna reveal to carter and he’s gonna be able to find them and therefore i

Will win this ten thousand dollars let’s go can don’t cost us 10k please don’t do that oh that’s the way bro i’m trying oh my god all right there they are guys they have no idea what’s coming it’s honey yo you found a pretty sweet hiding spot over there hunter we’re not friends bro can you pick it up no we’re gonna stay here we’re gonna stay here because if

Hunter thought it was a really good spot we’re gonna stay here he can fly i’m gonna go see if i can find andrew next see if i can spoil his hiding spot i have no idea where he could be though this place is massive all right guys look here’s the monster truck maybe we can hide underneath the monster truck look i can just whoop okay oh i squeezed okay so i’m still

On my board the issue is i think he’s gonna see me i mean it’s pretty obvious um all right not a good spot in my opinion to the house slowly but surely we’ll make it there okay this thing is really slow for okay did you just break on me i need help okay i’m gonna have to call some back up and i’m gonna call andrew hey andrew hi can you help me we can split the

Money i just broke down in my lambo i’ll come and help you real quick okay see you soon please said that she would split the money with me and i just haven’t found a good spot so i guess i’ll give her help real quick liz i’m broken down what what happened to your lambo it got so small i know i shrunk it with my shrinkage oh my gosh liz this is like the worst

Vehicle ever but it’s so tiny i can hide anywhere can you just like drive me into the house what am i supposed to do look at me i’m on this little thing how am i supposed to help you uh all right let’s try it let’s see all right i don’t know this will work oh yeah actually i got an idea i’ll be right back so actually i bought this little wagon a little while ago

Check this out this thing is sweet i think this thing could probably totally they could probably tell anything let’s give it a try all right liz now get in this is so sketchy all right make sure you put the parking brake down i’m ready all right let’s see if this works oh yeah this is perfect as long as i don’t fall off i’m still in the winning one oh my

Gosh you’re still in it you’re still in your car oh my god oh my gosh you’re right i’m okay okay andrew just a little mod okay hold on here we go i don’t want to fall off again let’s roll see the house hopefully we don’t fall out anymore sweet all right now we’re back on the nice smooth driveway it looks great i don’t even have to drive i just can’t be back heavy

Again otherwise oh my oh liz are you okay i didn’t mean to okay well we’re basically to the house so this technically counts please don’t bring this with me don’t tell anyone cheating but i can’t tell anybody in the house and now i just need to find a hiding spot so i think i’m gonna draw a slide the 30 minute timer is up let’s go find some people my name

Is carter which is probably why i love cars so much and the car that i’m to be using today believe it or not is one of my favorites and that is the joy pop guys this thing is crazy fun let’s go ready or not here i come joy pop i’m gonna go out and find a new hiding spot let’s go off to the woods guys oh my gosh wait i gotta duck guys there’s carter i see the joint

Pop and i know he’s in it i gotta stay low i’m like literally crouching my first strategy is to just do a perimeter check and just see what i can see and see if i can find anyone just in plain sight maybe they didn’t find a spot yet i don’t know so we’re cruising along i’m just gonna be doing this perimeter check i’m gonna be just looking everywhere and seeing if

I can’t find someone we’re looping around the bottom side of the lake we’re going through the enchanted forest out to the warehouse district because if i was trying to hide a car i probably would park it inside the warehouses because you can literally drive the car inside shut the doors so let’s go look inside the warehouse aha the garage door is open just like

I was thinking it might be i bet someone is hiding here let’s go get them come out come out wherever you are oh hold up we found our first person let’s go get her if i remember correctly liz is inside here and you’re the first to be found liz she’s not in here that’s weird because the rules are you have to stay with the car so i’m not sure where she went well

There’s other people to find let’s keep pushing on out of the garage and on to the next spot i have an idea of where to look next and we’re gonna go across the lake okay i’m just gonna set this right behind the couch because no one’s gonna suspect that i have my car in the house time to sit back and relax and watch everyone get eliminated one by one i don’t think

Anyone can think out of the box like me and i guarantee you i’m gonna be the last one to be found today because this idea is genius i’m here through the woods and i found this little side trail right here i don’t remember where this one goes but it’s probably fine to ride down let’s go a lot of balancing i need to do to keep up right on this thing it’s tough dude

I don’t think carter’s ever going to come back here okay getting soft starting to get really tough to ride on this stuff man it’s a it’s a little bit muddy though gotta be careful oh okay i didn’t fall guys i’m legit getting stuck in here oh no oh no oh look at that oh no guys i think i’m really getting stuck uh oh my board completely just died honestly i can’t

Do anything i’m literally just standing here on my board i can’t get off it so i’m just absolutely stuck here i don’t know what i’m gonna do i’m like literally out in the open guess we’re just stuck here until carter finds me i see some tire tracks so it’s possible someone was here relatively recent i don’t know let’s see it’s quarter room right there the only way

We’re gonna make this position work is if they go over the bridge if they don’t go over the bridge we’re done one of the best parts about this little minivan is that it can actually squeeze across this walking bridge even though it’s a street legal car which makes it the perfect seeking vehicle because we can drive it anywhere and we can probably find anyone i don’t

See anyone okay it’s all clear where did everyone go everyone took a car and they hit it on the property and i can’t seem to find even a single car this is crazy oh we got so lucky again but we’re getting too lucky i think somebody’s coming i really hope right now it’s not car i’m about to get caught and here i am just standing here stuck in the mud whoa whoa

Whoa wait a second is that andrew up there i think he’s stuck in the mud oh wait a minute it’s hunter what are you doing my board got buried in the mud here i can’t get it to move completely stuck look oh man i knew that was a terrible vehicle it is what it is but hey i got an idea hunter what if we split the prize money and you pulled me out okay uh i guess so it

Increases my odds technically oh my gosh that’s scary all right good luck good luck let’s keep going guys now we got dry ground we’re almost out of the trail that was not a good hiding spot let’s keep riding i’m sure we can find a better spot we just gotta stay clear of carter make sure it doesn’t see us oh my gosh guys i just came out the woods and i think i see

Carter over there we gotta run we gotta go this way quick back in business carter’s going the other way which means we’re clear to keep riding this way i think this is the time where i pull out my phone i activate the tracking devices and we start to cheat a little bit or you know kind of help us out because anything goes in a game of good old hide and seek and uh

I think liz is cheating because she’s not in a lambo so let’s activate her tracking device and see where she is so it’s loading and uh interesting it says that she’s right near us how could she be in the house could she drive a car that’s so confusing okay i’m looking for her i don’t see her anywhere maybe the tracking device is glitched out they don’t have that

Great of accuracy so it’s possible we’re doing this for nothing but let’s do anyways here we go car inside the house again yes wait what are you doing in here i got you found what are you doing i can see you liz i can see you look at me i don’t want to look at you what are you doing in here you cheated what do you mean did i win liz you literally cheated you left

Your car the lambo was in the garage i found it carter i’m still in a lambo anyone with eyeballs okay whatever you were literally the first one found on to the next one down three to go the tracking device worked like a charm good news bro they found liz let’s go okay so that means one step closer to ten thousand dollars i think the coast is clear let’s go dude

Let’s go over there oh my god oh nick nick i’m almost following you i got you bro i think we’re going to get this done bro i think we got a chance man we might honestly we might all right let’s rinse this thing off see that’s what i’m talking about this thing can literally go anywhere no problem wait a second i’m gonna jump on the jet ski actually technically

These are both boats this can go in the water that can go in the water same exact thing so i’m gonna jump on that oh yeah see they’re totally both boats this is great oh yeah all right let’s go find a better hiding spot so i’m here by the channel waiting out uh i couldn’t really find a good spot but i think i’m pretty well hidden back here it’s kind of nice and

Serene and check this out i got both feet on my one wheel and i can sit back on this part right there then i can just uh chill back here and enjoy the view oh my gosh wait somebody’s on a jet ski what the whoa oh my dude he is flying i don’t know how he considers that like a good hiding place but he’s bringing a lot of attention this way maybe i should go and

Keep looking for a spot to hide real quick we gotta find somewhere guys this is getting tough this is so much fun this is for ten thousand dollars so i gotta go find a better hiding spot is someone in the water wait zoom in who’s that on the jet ski someone’s on the jet ski right now someone is definitely on the jet ski let’s go to the other side of the lake and

Figure out who it is if we can just see who it is then it counts as a fountain so let’s see if we can go find that was a close call wait a second actually that’s probably the perfect place to hide i’m gonna go jump inside one of these floaties hold up hang on we found another vehicle and that is definitely hunter wherever he’s hiding this is actually a decent

Spot guys i think we found our next target hang on hey i see the jet ski hunter what are you doing you can’t leave the vehicle wait did i win nah i got you second you lost wait second second place what what a second prize game second prize gets funny your guess is floating away grab it hunter grab it oh crap no i think you had to jump in to get it you’re going to

Lose hide and seek and lose your jet ski if you stuck out in the sun hold on you got it go go go go it’s getting away oh my gosh hunter this is a disaster this was the worst hiding spot ever you should have stayed on your atv not the jet ski another one down and it was hunter wins i’m still gonna win buddy all right seems like they might have worked out a deal

But back in the car so we can find the last person and see who is going to win this thing and win the ten thousand dollars guys i can feel right now that my one wheels battery is getting low it’s like really going slow here it’s hardly making it shoot what do i do i just saw a carter go by a second ago i bet you this tree right here i could probably make it up in

There without getting off my board and get off the board but i just can’t touch the ground so i’m gonna get up in that tree and hide and carter won’t see me at all if you haven’t commented on this video now is your time and vote who is going to win is vic going to win or is andrew going to win and go rebuff it this is unbelievable i cannot believe that i climbed

All the way up here oh my gosh this is sick tracking device is tracking and our next subject is around here somewhere i don’t see anything yet but we are closing in we’re getting closer oh my gosh wait he’s literally right there hold up i think it might be andrew we have his one wheel right here but he is nowhere to be found he stopped right there he stopped right

There he doesn’t see me though i got a good idea i can hide on top of this van i climb down there i can go across and hide on top okay i gotta be real quiet this is kind of weird i do see his board but uh the tracking device also says that he is here somewhere but i can’t imagine where he would be and i don’t know why he ditched his board so maybe he’s on foot i

Don’t know i’m about to give up and go look for someone else oh my gosh i can’t believe i’m up here i am on top of the van let’s see if i can see him the device is just not reading correctly on to the next sometimes these things don’t read correctly but uh we have another signal up this way and it looks like the other one is actually moving and it looks like it

Might be following us i don’t know if it’s just glitching out or i don’t know i don’t see anyone anywhere so we’re gonna just go find the other one i think that one tracking device is just not reading correctly so let’s keep running we got a great lead guys we are definitely pulling up on the next one hang on i actually think i see someone this is gonna be amazing

All right let me slow her down i definitely see someone oh what is that noise whoa whoa andrew andrew what the heck what are you doing on the roof wait i definitely saw someone right there i can’t believe you guys found me up here i thought you’d never find me on the how did you get on the room i literally was just about to discover is this vic over here yo guys

Did we win i think you guys might have won let’s go bro we are pro hide and go seek people the winner gets ten thousand dollars and i did see your golf cart first but i saw andrew’s face first so we’re gonna battle it out one round rock paper scissors to see who wins you guys ready ready you’re going down all right let’s go let’s go go subscribe to this channel vic in the game you

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I Used Apple Air Tags to CHEAT at Hide & Seek!! (DIDN'T GET CAUGHT) By Carter Sharer