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Ice Bear 50 Mojo Magic 3Wheel Trike Scooter Installing New Exhaust Muffler Reno Nevada Shop Talk

Ice Bear 50 Mojo Magic Trike 3Wheel Scooter Installing New Exhaust Muffler Reno Nevada Call 775-856-3398

Hey guys welcome back to the channel scooter a to b sells calm today we’re at the pear service area and adams going to replace the exhaust muffler on the ice bear mojo 50 trike scooter it’s a three wheel scooter 49 cc this gets registered in the state of nevada as a moped so one-time registration there is a helmet law required so you are required to wear a helmet

But there is no insurance requirement so who knows why not but anyways it’s your option whether you want to purchase insurance or not again this is a 49 cci spare trike three wheel moped gas scooter so atom removed the old muffler exhaust and then he’s installing the brand new one this is the newer model mojo magic’ they call it it has the nice custom wheels on

It in the front and also on the back a little bit more narrower than the prior models throw that new gasket in there right yeah does have disc brakes in the front so i was good stopping power and does have this brakes in the back solid rear axle dual shocks in the back with dampeners so you can’t adjust the ride the stiffness of the ride i just think being shocks

You need a spanner to do that so you can do that rather quickly those come with the tow hitch as well so you can tow a trailer small trailer wagon kid carriage whatever does have the standard backup kick-start like most moped gas scooters so mac he’s the owner and he drove this to the snow today to get this done did snow this morning it was snowing all last night

It’s been what about 24 degrees right it’s been cold here super cold here but he’s max an adventurous young fella so he takes these things out and he’s come a kazi out on the road are you are you doing donuts yet on this alright looks like he has this mounted up against the exhaust intake there and then destroying the rest of the brackets on mount this up this

Was the old muffler broke off over here like this no longer good that we have this lift this lift allows us to service and repair the vehicles quite much easier instead of bending over so we can lift these vehicles up to our waist height or above this is the k and l m c 65 v our scissor lift motorcycle lift comes with these side panels to widen the ramp lift for

Atvs as well and small side-by-sides yeah these are super nice you don’t want a traditional scooter this is an option so you don’t have to put your feet down at all once you stop it you have the two rear wheels that keep that vehicle in place all right so i was doing the finishing touches this will be off the lip probably in another 10-15 minutes we also have to

Do a test drive make sure everything’s nice and tight you’re good to go they took a walk through the showroom we do have the 125 ds in stock this particular model is on sell it did arrive with some freight damage little blemishing on it it’s not a big deal but it is a big deal as seen here i’ll put my finger on it this little area right here so we did lower the

Price on this particular one 50 dollars so there’s some savings for those atvs get banged up anyways and dirty for so a lot of folks that won’t matter so they can come by pick this up is the tao kids 110 cc model number 125 d and that’s $50 off the 895 price so there’s some savings over there we’ve got the cheetah in stock as well we’ve got that in red solid black

And then the orange and then we have the apollo blazer 9 in stock in green also in red as well all right so come down and check us out 920 matney lane sweet six number here at seven seven five eight five six three three nine eight seven seven five eight five six three three nine eight or look us up online at scooter atv sales comm make sure you smash that subscribe

Button and give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys soon

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Ice Bear 50 Mojo Magic 3Wheel Trike Scooter Installing New Exhaust Muffler Reno Nevada Shop Talk By Scooter ATV Sales