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Ice Cold Moto Vlog With the Zero FX

Riding my Zero FX to the store to replace some computer parts. It was below Zero outside and unfortunately one of my heated gloves stopped working.

What are you doing well caterpillar okay so i wasn’t actually planning on doing a vlog today but jasmine’s pc just took a the power supply has something wrong with it so i’m gonna go out to canada computers get a new power supply that’s basically going to take up a lot of my time so i figured i’d just vlog it all so my usb amp dac also took a so i’m gonna see if i

Can find another usb audio interface so i’m gonna go to canada computers right now okay get you your power supply he’s a lot stronger than he looks yet road close to local traffic oh my okay well you okay i don’t know how to get around here mmm road totally closed let’s see can i go through there is that no looks like it’ll work yeah so it’s pretty damn cold

Out i think it’s about zero degrees a lot of people tell me just get a car it’s too cold to ride a motorcycle it really only becomes too cold to ride a motorcycle when it gets like below negative 20 that’s i think when most people literally can’t handle it but i’ve written in negative 35 at one point that was really brutal but as long as you have proper gear

On it’s really not as bad as you might think i have heated gloves to prevent my fingers from freezing and i save a ton of money by not getting a car i don’t have enough money to afford an electric car right now but i can’t afford an electric motorcycle electric bikes are like what a third the price of an electric car and on top of that if i were like compared to

A gas-powered car don’t have to pay for gas obviously and maintenance this bike requires dick all maintenance i have had some like minor minor issues with this bike but they were all fixed within like minutes of me tinkering with it so yeah getting a car just a waste of money yeah people in canada north america they don’t get taught how to use roundabouts so

Nobody ever signals when they’re leaving the roundabouts and you have no idea if they’re gonna actually go all the way around or exit so it’s kind of a little dangerous when it’s busy yeah whenever you go outside of guelph like wealth is just totally surrounded by farmland and there’s like a lot of you know cattle farms i’ve seen some sheeps and goats haven’t seen

Any pigs but there are some chicken farms they’re not as common as the as like cattle you know cows and but they are they are in some places and the cows don’t smell like you know the sheep and goats and whatever you don’t smell them but holy the chickens dear god just the worst most awful foul smell i have ever smelled in my life and i’ve had a dog that got

Sprayed by a skunk that was not as bad as chicken factory farm stink like chicken it’s bad on its own you know it has cholesterol and everything but holy like i wish people would just smell the farms that these animals come from like there’s something bad going on when there’s a smell like that you know the food on its own even if it’s like you know grass-fed

Free-range all that bullcrap it’s bad enough by man there’s it’s next level of awful when they’re raised like that i wish people would actually go to the farms that the food is made like if they smelt that there’s no way they’d want to buy chicken ever again i like the twisties okay yeah there’s a chicken farm around here i can smell it it’s the worst most

Gag-inducing smell ever yeah i think they’re over there on the right-hand side oh god it’s just so awful i don’t know how people live around here it’s insane i can’t even believe it’s illegal i’m not even joking i’m trying to drive as conservatively as possible right now there are a few charge stations around here and i should be able to make it make it to them

Fine the problem is because it’s so cold the battery doesn’t discharge at its normal rate so i can’t maintain very high speeds so i’m just trying to drive conservatively save as much battery as possible just so i don’t run into any issues while i’m getting to the charge station after we go to canada computers and we’re here i’ll just park in backwards so it’s easy

To leave there we are okay so i did manage to find the power supply i wanted it stuffed in my backpack right here it was a hundred is 110 dollars off so that was a good deal now it turns out there is a charging station in this plaza but i’m not sure if i’m going to use it i’ve already gone into canada computers and it doesn’t look like there’s anything else to do

Here so basically down the road there is a mech we’re across the street there’s a charging station i think i’m just gonna go there because then i can just walk around through mecca see if they have any like winter clothing or something to charge like half the problem is finding some just gonna go down the road basically and find a charging station where there’s

Actually something and now we’re off and hopefully we have just enough battery to get to neck issues should be fine got 17 percent and there’s 8.2 kilometers so that’s plenty i really hope i plugged in my gloves properly because right now my hands are freezing especially my right hand because it wasn’t covered it’s plugged in just my hands are freezing you’re

Good oh my god jesus ok well the battery in my bike just decided to die out out of nowhere ok i guess i’m gonna have to push this thing along for almost a kilometer that kind of sucks well let’s see there’s a bike lane i’ll just go real slow put on my emergency blinker blinky’s people know what the i’m doing i guess yeah i’m just gonna go through this i’m on

The bike lane anyway oh man that sucks man i had 18% it must be the cold weather not shitty i hope i can at least get over this hill i don’t like pushing this bike up the hill holy i’m lucky i got so close to it’s really not fun pushing this bike for a long distance i’ve done it before man now i have to cross the intersection which might be a little dangerous

I don’t know if i can okay big u-turn and the charging stations right here okay i got a bit lucky there jesus christ jesus okay ooh that was close oh my hands are cold oh my god ah it’s just my right hand for some reason the thing didn’t heat up my goddamn glove oh such plug this all in this is the amp deck i got it’s a cheapy one but i really just need

It first streaming the analog mixer i have doesn’t work well with google’s hangouts for some reason luckily that’s easy enough to set up without having to take my gloves off i fit in area okay so it’s telling me about an hour and 28 minutes to charge and i think i’ll wait until it’s charged to a full hundred percent just because of the cold weather all right

So basically i just had to wait and mec for an hour and a half until the bike was done charging and if you can see that the bike is 100% charged so i’m just going to unplug all this and then we can hop on the road another thing that really sucks about the winner because it gets dark so early it’s um just after six o’clock 604 and it’s already pitch-black such

Makes you feel like you can’t get anything done in the entire day because it already gets dark so so soon goddamnit this is really bad i think my right hated glove is not working at all i don’t know what the happened but that’s a huge problem because it’s below zero degrees right now and i can already feel my hand going totally numb so that is not pleasant yet i

Miss my turn that is a really weird road this is insane i have to pull over was bad jesus that’s brutal my fingers oh my god okay i’ve just got 40 no 34 minutes left to get home it’s not too bad i’m really hoping in the next little bit there might be a coffee shop or something i could go into i think there might be up ahead oh dear god okay i don’t think

There’s anything yeah i don’t think there’s anything coming up anytime soon i’m just going to pull over to the side of the road up here to warm my hand up a bit more and then hopefully i can make it the rest of the way back without stopping oh god damn it i’m gonna try biting my right hand inside my coat and warming it up with my stomach heat it really sucks it

Hurts when your fingers get super cold and it also hurts like hell when your fingers unthaw okay well try this again i think i know exactly where i am yeah it’s not far from home now and hopefully i can make it before my fingers freeze again and he’s not turning off the sirens and i’m blood okay almost home my hand is just starting to freeze but literally a few

Minutes from home so it’s all good going back home i’ve got some lentils cooking on a pot on the stove and i’m just going to have a bowl of apples and one orange while i wait and here’s my plate of lentils just my normal lentil recipe 200 grams of lentils lots of nutritional yeast and some hot sauce sweet thai chili sauce and i find it funny like i get you know

Horseshit hater comments all the time but when i eat like eat out eat lots of junk food or something or just you know eat some interesting food at a restaurant like tenon so i wouldn’t consider that junk food like you know sushi vegan sushi but um i always get comments like oh you spent so much money on food you eat out all the time all your eating junk food fat

Ass and then when i eat like clean healthy food everybody’s like oh my god your food looks like garbage can’t believe you eat that so we can’t please everybody how’s your power supply good it’s working basically use anything but of a browser okay yeah her old power supply would make her computer shut down so hopefully this fixes it whose dish where’s this little

Guy hey so i hope you all enjoyed the vlog again i didn’t really plan on blogging today but jasmine had her computer breakdown i also was having audio issues for like a week so i really needed to replace my audio interface but uh you know a lot of you say that you really enjoy the motorcycle footage so hope you got some entertainment out of that and as always keep

Making those vegan and electric motorcycle games prada see this is another public service announcement you can believe it or you keep doubting let us begin now with the town the way it gets to your plate and

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Ice Cold Moto Vlog With the Zero FX By Vegan Gains