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Icon TiMax Long and Short Leather Motorcycle Gloves Review

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Hey everyone i’m matt from chaperon motorsports and today we are going to take a look at the icon time acts long love and the short glove let’s have a look here are the time acts gloves from icon they have been reborn and brought back these things are pretty serious and you’re really gonna have to like these considering the cost these are coming in at three hundred

And forty dollars at full retail and the short cuff gloves are coming in right at 225 but if you’re into this sort of thing they’re worth every penny because there’s really nothing else like it out there so let’s go ahead and take a look at these mad max and inspired gloves now first off of course you see the unique styling with the titanium plating all throughout

You’re gonna have that in the knuckles and it has these rivets all across it you have the titanium knuckle protectors on the fingers also all around the gauntlets surrounding every side you know what’s nice about this is that these fingers are actually articulated much like the scales on a dragon’s back so you see how they flare open like that you also have a large

Gusset at the top of the hand that has a large accordion style stretch panel behind that so you’re really gonna get a lot of flex out of these so you’re also gonna see that on the side of the thumb as well as on the inside portion of the gauntlet now as far as fitment goes these do fit a little bit on the big side much like their jackets this is a size large it’s a

Little too big i would want my glove a little tighter so i would actually step down to the medium and it would fit phenomenally you also have out seam stitching in the finger so it’s very comfortable you don’t feel where those seams come together and the chassis of this glove is made with genuine cowhide leather as well as goat skin in the palm so that right there

Is gonna be a little bit more nimble it’s gonna be a little bit more low profile that’s still giving you the abrasion resistance that you’re looking for out of a glove such as this another thing to note with these gloves is that it’s backed with a heat protective layer so this is really gonna protect you against abrasion and the heat buildup which is great there’s

A lot of padding all throughout as well you’re gonna see some d3o in here you do have a nice flap at the top in that gusset area as well this is also backed by a 3d mesh so it’s going to be breathable it’s going to protect you and now we can also see that you have perforated zones on the top of and to add a little bit of breathability now let’s take a look at the

Inner portion here you have two straps going from left to right you do have a wrist strap as well backed by some elastic so that’s really gonna give you a nice closure at the wrist and you have a flap covering that as well now on the inside here you have a gusset with 3d mesh so again it’s breathable more comfortable it’s going to allow you to get your leathers

In there and then to get geared up you simply close the right side first and then the left side there it is so that is the all-new tie max glove from icon again at the top of the price scale three hundred and forty dollars for the long-loved 225 for the short cuff the short cuff has the exact same features it differs just a little bit in the cuff you can see here

That you have a large elastic loop that goes around your wrist you also have some other titanium details to really pull it all together other than that it’s exactly the same so there they are quick look at the all-new 2017 ikon tie max leather gloves for more info you can head to our site shop manga comm don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube thank you so much

For watching i’m matt and we’ll see you next time

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Icon TiMax Long and Short Leather Motorcycle Gloves Review By Chaparral Motorsports