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Warning sometimes listening to the music is the best way to avoid angry drivers over there right keep in mind that this biker had no prior contact with this driver and out of nowhere this truck driver tried to run motorcycle off the freeway so this biker got brake checked by the driver in front for no reason he managed to keep his bike up but his front took a

Lot of damage definitely one of the scariest close calls luckily biker managed to save it check out next part of this clip this doesn’t happen often it wasn’t my fault yeah yeah it’s okay bro i have i got the same problem yeah with the car no problem yeah really uh you are nice right yeah you’re not okay just enjoy the day yeah thank you sorry nothing happened

Thank you uh sorry nice day bro foreign this clip comes from poland and this biker was riding this project spin bike on which he had a turbo unfortunately due to the high pressure of turbo this fuel tank started leaking gas and unfortunately it caught on fire guys if you like to see more of his projects go on his channel and show him some love tip all

Right rock paper scissors one game you win i’ll give you a gift card all right you ready one two three shoot one two three shoot uh one all right best two out of three one two three you got me now this is the tie breaker one two three oh you won you beat me paper wrapped rock here you go man go get you something to eat bro hey appreciate it bro thanks for

Playing hmm oh i’m still on the farm wow oh somebody broke down are you broke down do you want me to push you into the gas station um yeah put it in neutral and put your foot on the brake we’re gonna go park our bikes over at the gas station then we’ll come back over and push you okay okay no problem let’s push her back and then turn it thank you yeah

Absolutely this is what you don’t see about motorcyclists they’re good absolutely have safe night that was nice i got my good deed out of the way the was that i’m going to be camped very kindness yeah i’m following you you don’t even go stop say sorry i literally just want to apology she don’t even stop i’m just going to keep following you it’s better

Enough to pull her to take a spot she’s not going to i just wanted idea i bet she goes left now i just wanted an apology i just wanted an apology that’s all jesus woman and that’s all for today if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe leave a like and follow us on other platforms links are in the description if you want to support us visit lunatik

Store and get yourself something nice see you in the next one right say you

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