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Improving a 125 Motorcycle Ep3. Fuel system and Spark Plug

In the episode, the fuel tank and carburetor is drained and cleaned. I also replace the spark plug for an iridium one and check the alternator.

Okay folks episode 3 do goes well as a plan to tread start the bet this morning to do a little demonstration with the vault later but i find his fuel problem is a bit more than we expected so we’re saying here the fuel tank i might even have to take the carburetor to bits so that’s what will be happening this episode we are going to deal with that was the engine

With dealt with the exhaust but still some crazy paint’s coming off have to give it a recode i’ll do it at some point anyway so as you know from muskogee crews around that happened about a month ago i don’t have a fuel problem and black fuel or whatever it was obviously one of things is cleaning this fuel tank and a fuel tank now you look inside i don’t think

There’s any rest to worry about so well so i would have to then do that process and stuff but for a sage i don’t think there’s anything to worry about from some of the forums he’s put in a more way to clean it out this to obviously fresh a fuel line i’m gonna try something called a red x i’ll put that in the tank flush it around then drain the fuel out obviously

This is supposed to be put into a class at this for the whole fuel system but i don’t think that’s a good idea so there’s two shots so i’ll follow that will concentrate nice is only a two pound bottle from tesco’s do two loads of fuel and then the old fuel i’ll stick into the car because don’t work slightly differently with the here the petcock will feel literate

Down at the bottom then through the petcock gravitational into the carburetor whereas the car has a fuel pump in the top and then sucks it ups all the dirt will sink to the bottom so i’m not too worried about that so not gonna pull this fuel and stuff to waste i’m sure some of you much screws in it but they’ll just have to drain the careful tanks if it happens

But anyway so that’s that i have also got down here a fuel filter here it’s been on ff for some time i probably actually put it on i forgot the back so it’s probably time to replace that it’s not a bad idea so we’ll do that battery this is the original battery it’s a 6 amp hour battery and just pull it here a bit 6 amp hour battery if you put the voltmeter on

2 dc volts 20 can see it just took it across the prongs it reads nine point seven volts it should be more than twelve point for this battery the reason i’ve been kick-starting the motorboat that’s because of this battery so this 6 amp hour battery is gone for the order of new battery could become different sizes it ended up reporter so for empire battery so

How to use block of wood but it’s nicer so i might actually lay the two and then at the end there because you can also consider sort of like reducing the weight in a few places i was going to start it and then she had testament an item it was battery if i can get a positive and a negative yeah it is good twelve point four four volts if it will sit there for

You guys previous it smelt it twelve point four four horse which is good good sort of fosters for battery and one way you can actually test the charging system is to do the same trick with the engine running at should written like fourteen point six this is fourteen point two seven to eight not fluctuate much and if you riff the engine won’t flush rate much

So it’s good now the whole automated system is working at unlike a car the also notice system and a motorbike no just one unit powered by belt on the crankshaft in it motorbike you gotta stay sir in here and a magnetic flow well okay why is the plug from here and into a regulator rectifier so you because it comes up as a see you need to commit it to dc sunni to

What’s called a bridge rectifier i’ve slept for diets that converts from ac to dc and you need a rate regulator that’s usually one unit or few units know what these things do but they’re really good refresher unit for the indicators and stuff they know so regulator rectifier which is current here and it stops the voltage from going too high or too low which were

Then burn out the battery and that’s what keeps all charged up we replace the spark plug man the original spark plug this is a regular ngk and because this engines similar to to under cg one to five i was reading on a webpage that sort of showed you how to change the talk about sort of different things you can do and so one of the best spark plugs it’s good for

Slightly cooler spot plug which works up a higher rpm and at lower rpm you’ll stay the warmest spot book to burn the heat off what i’ve done i said one of the best things you can do is go for an iridium spark plug at the higher setting the colder setting look at the end there that little point just a very fine point so it lower rpm it should burn off the muck

Of deposits so i’m going to put this in and i will do a little bit of a review on it so anybody who’s got a copy engine of the honda cg 1 2 5 this i just show you the the number on the box that’s what i’m putting in and the other thing i’d like to do let’s get this cover off and have a little because i try to do it ignition timing right but that same way you used

To look at the turning marks when is the engine running it was spewing out oil okay let’s get on with it right guy so everything’s done now gotta pipe running so i’m gonna show you actually how to check the alternator which i wasn’t able to do in the beginning i find a negative amount of positive very that that’s the

Voltmeter give the bucket where this should be yep very little change which should tell us that the alternator regulator rectifier is working okay so reading 13.7 volts which is all good and so with it it should be very little change you can’t see the the voltmeter from here that’s oh yeah so let me direct should be working hopefully numbers so we’re reading

Between 13 and 14 maybe still there yeah so it’s not going to high it’s not burning the battery out switch this off and it’s settling down to get all 12 point yeah says i’m gonna say everyone should be working okay okay so that is that now yep so what i did is i drained the fuel tank i did a lot of actually had to sort of her we as if there was a lot of dirt in

There so that full course a lot of the problems i’ve also changed the fuel filter clean the car about to change the spark plug for the mgk one or the iridium one should we say and that that’s been running okay that’s been running good also i didn’t take the cover off like i said i was going to and have a look because already on haynes manual i’ve got time for the

General chinese and korean and taiwanese quantifies as i said for this type of engine to remove this you’d have to drain it all out which means there it’s all in there so that’s that’s that done but don’t which basically means there’s no oil leak in there it’s supposed to be suing the oil so i’m not able to check the ignition system so that’s something i’m not

Able to do what else i’m also going to do a thing called color tune which is this show basically there’s a little kit here with off will do in two hands or i’ll show you what it consists of but it can consist of a glass spark plug and you just basically look inside the ignition and basically you can tune in the carburetor or just a few things very useful piece

Of kit my father bought this one a few years ago and bought an adapter for the motorway so there’s maybe doing that but that’s going to be a separate video disease a one to five improvement things i got spring off so ever videos i can do so i’m not going to do a killer tune in this series there and the other thing i could have done was also cleaned this out the

Air box and replace the air filter but i haven’t and i will be getting around to doing that what else do i need to do yeah this carburetor i’m not too happy with you’ve probably noticed me actually turning the fuel off when i stopped them the master that’s because it does does leak i’ve played down the carburetor several times so i might even change but if i do

I’ll do a little video on it and basically how to take care of car breath seem to be taken to the carburetor to bits and so forth so that’s another video for the future not not for now so thanks for watching i will carry on with other stuff i’m gonna have to do things like doing the chain and i might even bleed the brakes and other bits and pieces so thanks for

Watching and i’ll see you in the next video thanks guys

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Improving a 125 Motorcycle Ep3. Fuel system and Spark Plug By Nut Job