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The insane downhill MTB drift tricycle is back for some kicker ramp sends and drifting at full speed! I love riding this crazy 3 wheeled bike and with new plastics covering the wheels it drifts better than ever, would you ride this!?

Oh it’s insanely sick hello everyone today is going to be epic because he’s all about the tricycle that is now back in action after all after a heavy last session where the back wheels got folded to smithereens i got some new wheels fitted some fresh continental race king tyres and is back in business what i’ve got here is an old-school mtv hopper ramp this is

Actually one of the original ones the reason i’ve got this is because it’s a little bit wider than the newer ones which means the tricycle should fit on it so i’m going to build this ramp here and then we can hit it hard and just see how good the tricycle works on the hopper because i’ve actually never done that before so here we go let’s do a little bit of magic

My friend and see this thing appear harry potter style here we go whoa look at that i know it’s the original bad boy but this thing’s still gonna work fine and i’m really excited about it i need one thing though let me go and get it spray paint because look how much space we don’t have with the tricycle obviously super wide you’ve got about two inches each

Side so i just need to do a little bit of spray paint down the middle so i can follow that so i don’t die basically follow that little line and i can have a good time dropping wow i can’t get the speed that well what i’m going to do so i’m not blind it blinded by the lights it’s come down here no it’s the streets is that song but blended no don’t know right

Move this over here there’s a more direct run up yeah that is actually a good landing as well here we go send it sure oh yeah that’s sick that was proper air time i think the frame’s fine so strong this thing awesome all right let’s get like a bit of steez arch on there yeah hit that lip really quick spin it round with my lyrical sound oh um yeah that tapes

As well cool i’m going to um rev it revving right uh no if it can then never been done nbd never been done potentially world’s first on a tricycle oh that was a no-footer now the nfc oh there we go a world’s first no foot can on an extreme mtb tricycle that was so fun but in slo-mo you can see the wheels bending quite drastically and is on it to be destroyed

Just yet so we’re now going to move on find some more extreme mdb tricycle hits to hit after the excitement of world’s first on the tricycle it’s now started raining we are fully in winter mode now in the uk so that’s pretty annoying we’re gonna go back home and then decide what to do so whatever you see next is what we decided on after a solid day of rain it has

Finally cleared up and we decided to come to the uni once again because well believe it or not there’s actually a stair set that we haven’t hit here and it’s just there and the tricycle is going to get dropped in so ferociously that i just can’t even breathe get down there lubes this is the lazy ascend ever straight out the van and then you just sort of drop

And oh it is so good actually on stairs i completely forgot how dreams it is wow let’s get out of here and find something else to do because there’s just so much going on my brain i want to drift but i also want to just send it to as well so see it else we can find lubes oh my god look what i have found this is the ultimate zone to drift in i was gonna find

Some other setting ditcher but i just can’t resist a drift dropping oh look at that you can lean off i did that again that’s so good ah no let’s do it in slow-mo actually it’s gonna fire so hard oh that’s so fun it’s just not sliding enough though if you’ve got the continental tyres on it’s getting the grip so hard that it’s hard to slide so we’re gonna put the

Plastic stuff on the tyres and get into some real drift action drop some classical uh that is more like it look i found some new plastic to put around the tires and it’s so perfectly sized it actually doesn’t move so we should be able to get our shreddy on till the break adorn yo let’s go and shred this thing hard first test of the new plastics round

Is tight turn all my dreams sick it works perfect i actually can’t believe i’m not i don’t think i’ve drifted in here before and it’s literally made for drifting as well i’ve found a spot that is actually going to blow mind but i can start from like real far up that hill wide open then get a bit of a proximity to this corner here and then slide off around

That corner smiling so much that it hurts my face here we go big drift here we go let’s get some speed up for this drift still clear oh yeah whoa that’s sick oh my god full-on 180 out that was sickness did you witness the sickness let’s show this car how to drift look ah this works insanely good they’re not moving now like they used to it’s actually a pure

Pure drift machine okay this spot’s kind of sketch because like you could head on hard let’s find a new one for louis to hit come up to the top of this hill now and i’m going to do some fishtail action all the way down testing out the new drifty bits oh my god laughing hats have a go oh it’s insanely sick whoa dreams wow that’s the best that’s proper perfect

Drift conditions oh that was fun i might have to have a little action reaps oh it’s insanely sick whoa look at this perfect mound of leaf to smash oh no i missed it annoying cool here we go get a smash on oh yes fire fire in the balls oh that’s so fun maybe like dramatic slow-mo could be cool that trick is known as a strutty in the world of extreme mtv

Tricycling because it’s a street cutty yeah sick okay we’ve come across the sickest spot ever for the finale i’m gonna start up there get a run run-up bomb that mini stairs fly down here then if you look behind there there’s another mini stairs that you can jump to flat into a turn where that guy is we can hopefully get so so sideways that’s going to be the finale

Of this epic day on the drift tricycle so let’s get into it here we go then the finale dropping oh insane man today’s the dream see ya whoa whoa sorry mate oh my god did you see that wow what an epic session it has been on this beast these new plastics worked way better because it was a smaller piping it seemed to fit perfectly and when you bent it round it

Was like really clamped on hard so that is definitely what is going to be staying on the nails they didn’t even fly off it’s well good um unfortunately though on that bombshell that is the end of the video i hope you guys enjoyed it that’d be awesome if you leave some comments and be sick you subscribe see in the next one you

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