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Install 12V LED Light Bar on Motorcycle DIY

Install this inexpensive LED Light Bar with a switch on your dirt bike. Easy todo and works great.

Here’s an easy way to install this cheap led light bar a headlight on your dirt bike with a switch mounted on the handlebar here’s how to do it but before we even get started let’s see what those results look like man that is bright first step is to remove the number plate so now at the number plate removed we’re gonna drill a hole right underneath the mounting

Hole for the number plate but that’s a piece of green tape on here just so my pencil mark shows up well center it just under that mounting hole a 5/16 drill bit is the perfect size for the mounting screw for the bracket so after we test fit our bracket inside the hole we just drilled we’re gonna make a small mark right next to it for the hole for the wire to this

Go through this wire 1/4 inch drill bit will fit that wire perfectly so after removing the tape we have the larger hole for our mounting screw in our bracket we have the smaller hole for the wire to go through so we’ll feed them both through now and then we put on our mounting screws from the light to the bracket getting these tiny little bracket screws and the

Bracket and the light can be a little challenging there we go so the next step is to mount our switch we’re gonna mount this on the handlebars right next to our kill switch on our left grip so we’re going to mount it right there and then we’re going to run the wire along where the factory the kill switch wire is down here behind their number plate just need to

Clip on some of these connectors so if we need to remove the number plate at any time we can so i just popped the tank off real quick and ran these two wires along the frame here and then down here to my battery box oops so i can do my last connection i already got the positive hooked up i’m just making the final negative connection right here all right that’s

The final connection so if you’re curious how this is wired up it’s it’s pretty simple from the light we have the negative and the positive coming out you can run the negative directly to the battery and that’s what we did by running it down the frame to the battery and then you can run the positive to the switch which is what we did we did that earlier so coming

From this switch we hooked up hooked to the positive of the d’lite and then the other wire coming off the switch goes down and completes the circuit to the battery of the positive so that’s exactly what we did you hook up the second wire coming from the switch down the frame into the battery well let’s see if it works and it works let’s put the bike back together

And try their night lookup right this thing is this thing really lights up the night so this project turned out really well i mean i got two of these lights for $14 on amazon and the switch was another six or seven bucks i mean you can’t beat that it was easy to do i did it in just a couple hours and one evening and it looks pretty good too lights up the night very well good luck

Transcribed from video
Install 12V LED Light Bar on Motorcycle DIY By mattadata2