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Install Chain Adjuster Blocks on your off-road motorcycle

Company VP & avid motocrosser Dave Nichols shares the new 2010 line of billet aluminum off-road products from Bolt Motorcycle Hardware: Chain Adjuster Blocks, Works Tank Bolt & Works Tank Washers. Dave demonstrates how to install Bolt’s Chain Adjuster Blocks on a Kawasaki KX450 motorcycle and also installs the new Works Tank Bolt. Available at your local dealer or

This is dave nichols from bolt motorcycle hardware here at headquarters in atascadero california most people know us for our fastener kits which we feel are the best fastener kits available for your motorcycle we have a fully functional machine shop that’s how we produce those kits and we’ve come up with some products out of our machine shop that we’d like to share

With you today one of these products is our chain adjuster blocks these are made out of 6061 billet aluminum on our mill here in the shop they’re anodized and laser etched with all the markings what’s unique about these blocks is the the fit and function on the motorcycle they come in this clamshell included in the package is to chain adjuster blocks they’re made

In the usa 6061 billet aluminum on our cnc mill laser etched markings they come with the chain adjuster included ready to install on the motorcycle pre prepped with an ics as well as a replacement nut for this kawasaki kx 450 it comes with a castle nut and a cotter pin this is a fuji lock nut which replaces that cotter pin and castle nut making it much simpler

More like a honda or suzuki nut when you open the label it includes two stickers and when you fold it out full instructions on how to install these i’m going to demonstrate an installation on this kx 450 and i think you’ll agree with me that these are a must-have when your motocross bike the first step to installing this product is to take off the stock axle nut

That comes on this kawasaki as i mentioned it has a castle nut and a cotter pin which really doesn’t belong on a racing motorcycle we replace that with our fuji style lock nut we’ll keep that handy while we pop out the stock axle let the wheel dangle by the chain remove the stock axle blocks from the axle side and the nut side the next step will be to remove the

Stock chain adjuster screws so we want the screw all the way out of the swing arm with the axle removed on both sides now that you have all the stock hardware out of the swing arm we can install our new chain adjuster blocks remove the cap exposing the anti-seize thread prep on the new chain adjuster screw insert it into the channel of the new chain adjuster block

Notice that the axle side of the blocks this is the side that the axle will key into is on the sprocket side of the motorcycle this is always the correct way to install an axle if you previously had your axle head on the brake side of the motorcycle switch it back to the sprocket side and then while holding the chain adjuster screw in the block insert it into the

Swing arm and start the threads with your fingers you’ll notice that as i thread this into the swing arm because of the way the bolt interacts with the chain adjuster block it becomes one piece part of the swing arm can’t move forward or backward this nut as i mentioned before is locked in place on this screw so this will become the adjusting hex in the future when

You adjust your chain so spin this in by hand and you may need to at some points use your 12 millimeter open end wrench to get this close to the adjustment you had it when you remove your axle ok now i’ve installed my axle blocks on the axle and the nut side of the motorcycle and keyed them in to their adjusting bolts i got it close to my last adjustment and now

They’re ready to install the axle you’ll notice our lining marks we keep very simple we have a front and a back aligning mark which count which locate the axle to the ruler markings on the kawasaki swing arm only one line is in age at a time so rather than having to count lines on your axle block you know you’re only referencing the front of the back line when

The back line exits the ruler markings on the swingarm the front line will engage making sighting in your place on the axle very simple and easy to do another benefit to these blocks now is when the axles out as it is now they’re in the swing arm you don’t lose your adjustment you don’t have the parts lane on the ground waiting for the axle be reinstalled this

Is now part of your swing arm connected by the adjuster bolt let’s throw this axle back in the motorcycle which is just like you did before look on the nut side to make sure you’re aligning with that hole and key the head of the axle into the new chain adjuster block now remember we’re going to replace that cumbersome castle nut and cotter pin with our new fuji

Style lock nut remember to reinstall your stock washer i’m going to spin this nut on not going to tighten it just spin it and now as you can see you can adjust this chain with one wrench 112 millimeter wrench in or out on this fixed nut on the chain adjuster screw also previously you would have to jam the wheel forward by either putting a rag or a wrench in the

Sprocket to hold the wheel forward when you were tightening the axle now this wheel is locked in place before the axles tight so there’s no more need to do that simply tighten your axle when you find your adjustment and you’re ready to ride some more products we have for 2010 are these aluminum works washers you ever walk around the factory pits and notice all the

Cool drilled out washers on the factory bikes well now you can have them in this kit these hold on front fenders radiators gas tanks rear fenders this is a really trick and low price point product i can dress up your bike real nice we also are offering our works tank washer this is the same washers just anodized colors we have them in yellow green red and blue this

Is simply replaces your tank washer that’s stock and dresses it up just like you’d see on wyndham spike or anybody else in the factory pits our works tank bolt is a complete bolt made out of 6061 billet aluminum the collar washer and hex are all one piece and it’s got steel threaded inserts for reliability these threads won’t wear out like an aluminum fastener i’m

Going to install this product right now and show you how it looks on the bike the worx tank bolt is easy to install simply take out the stock bolt and washer with your t-handle wrench when the bolts off use the bolt once again to remove the collar that comes on the kawasaki collars out remember your works tankful includes a collar along integrated into the washer

Will install the works works tank bolt after you get the threads started get the t-handle on there as you’re tightening it you may notice the rubber grommets spinning as the shoulder is a fairly tight fit this is okay because the bolt bottoms out on the shoulder before it crushes the rubber grommet there it is that’s just a few of our new products for 2010 keep an

Eye out for our fastener kits as well they get better every year and we’re always doing r&d to make those the best kits you can buy these products are available at our website www-where comm and they’re also available in dealerships all around the world

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Install Chain Adjuster Blocks on your off-road motorcycle By Bolt2Moto