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Installing the SHAD Tmax Seat

Installing my new Shad Tmax Seat.

Well we’re going to start off this change over the seat from the oem to the new shad see i got here comes a nice big heavy-duty box in the plenty of protection so let me go ahead and get the old omc off for a long time now i’ve been riding with my custom backrest here which i really like i’m going to try the shad without this and i’ve been using this the seat here

For my pad is an old prototype canoe seat it’s made by the therm arrest people and i used it on a trip i did filming the the upper section of the missouri river in the wild in the scenic part in montana they have tell you this is a real comfort to set on i don’t know how i’m going to i’ll go without no i’m getting some sun sun faith in the seat okay that could be

Just dirt – let me go ahead and change this off but i really like this backrest it gives me a lot of support i may have to either put this on the shad seat or make a new one new pretty one see if i get shed to cover it for me go back we will take this old seat off i don’t want to check something – i’ve got my long level up on the seat here about where your butt

Would be and see what this is get the level level here looks like the om c is o is 32 and a half inches from here to floor sitting on the kickstand or in the center stand right now let’s see what the shad is when we get done okay we got four nuts back in here take off something just ten million here try to take my backrest off and i’ve got a one of my nut inserts

On the right hand side spinning in my back rest still got the e of the two locking hatches on the front to take off but i’ll do that with a seat off back here there you go there here’s a little bit of side by side the t max is over here and it a little different foam to yellow foam that almost looks like the the shad seat has a foam that may be even denser there

The holes look like it may be smaller and then the team x has some foaming around or some foam around here i don’t know if that’s to probably protect the finish when it comes down on top of the tank but basically they look pretty much exactly well you would expect them to be the same it’s like they took a mold of the shed took a mold of the yamaha seat their staple

Work seems to be actually by the looks of its a higher grade so let me go ahead and change over the we got to get these guys off here by and tribes trying to order a set of those a double set for the shad seat when i ordered all the parts for the belt and them for the last 16 thousand mile checkup but they were backordered parentally so i just gave up on it inside

I’ll just switch them over this is our 10 millimeter i’m i don’t carry the tool case up in here anymore so i’m going to leave this little plate in here in place i don’t think i’ll transfer it over to have mainly because i can’t get this one bolt out and they have to destroy my my fancy seat the shad seat looks like a really different kind of material the yamaha

Is like a they made it out of chinese and naugahyde giant naga basically this is really just a 10-minute operation the shed seat on its backrest comes with the three multiple positions like the oem cc does ome english they go ahead and give my torque optimal tightness down the one thing i was kind of concerned on was this thing how much change it was from the the

Oem seat and i don’t it i mean it’s you can’t really you wiggle it around there really isn’t any movement in there so i’m that was the only concern i had was whether or not the latches would hold tighter but once i got it closed i’d never be able to get it open again and they have a little bit different type of actually as it looks like a better rubber bump baby

Bug buggy bumper here on the then the oem seat does okay om excuse me i kept on talking about outboards here om drop this puppy in first oh i wish there was a switch to that that like that doesn’t mean interesting i think the i’m gonna have to get some washes i think the bolts are longer let me go measure one of those well i guess i’m wrong the little caps up here

On the end have some extra room and they went down cool like i said before i got to get the torque wrench up and see what they are blue back well it seems to be a standard 7 newton meter and get these guys up here in okay seem like us more spring-loaded it could be the curvature that’s way to sing axis go away i had a new teammate and the only worse one direction

There we go okay yeah okay nice nice stitching nice leather piece here you got some rough leather down here i guess you just need something to grip pretty nice very nice it’s a little you almost say it they think it’s it’s bigger than what it is let me go get my tape measure and measure across maybe we’ll do the level thing again – on the oem seat the widest part

Is right in here but this one this seats shaped differently its widest point is about 20 inches and it seems to be farther back huh here i got the oem setting on top and the tails are even but it’s wider a back here then the oem is up here but the oem is wider here where this one is is narrower it looks like maybe some of the okay well let’s not latch down fletch

It okay it sets a little higher up along this edge here but it’s what you’re going to have more stand-up room yeah that’s interesting you got a shad back here in this rougher leather yeah it’s pretty nice thing hey it’s nice and we got the t max in here okay let’s go back and measure the height see if we get a bonus here yeah looks like we still got our 32 and

A half so they didn’t through here but this seems a lot a lot narrower let me go ahead and do some other measuring on this well i’ve got it on the on the floor and i’m sitting flat-footed on my street shoes i think i i don’t know whether it’s because the it’s a little narrow or in through here back in here or because now the i have a different seat cushioning it

Seems a little firmer than the the other one of course i’ve had the pad on there too so interesting i’ll go out and ride and check this out now but seem to have a little more touchy-feely with my feet well you got it on you certainly tell us a tmax and it’s interesting as i was writing it out of the barn this being narrow in here makes a big difference i’ll tell

You that wide spot moving back to here instead of up here seems to help whether or not i’m going to like that the backrest here or not i don’t know i’ve written so long with that tall straight one forcing my but you know in a more upright position to keep my spine in line i don’t we’ll see i may have to make something and see if i can get shed to cover it for me

That’d be nice okay well that’ll do it for putting the shed seat on rosie here you can see in the background it’s finally got good weather in seattle always waits until the fourth of july or sometimes a v if v is going to be a long week or the fourth is going to be in a long weekend but it was a wednesday this year so it came out the sun came out on wednesday on

The fourth and might even get up to 70 degrees today so we’ll go out riding and they’ll let you know on the forum how how i feel about this this this new seat whether or not it was a good investment i mean it looks if it really looks nice so if you’re into looks that and you have one of the other colors they had the like guy hit on the new guy deformed with they

Get the black tmax the black with the the red trim this is the black with the gray striping they’ve got another one that would look good on the blue ones that has more colors in the leather i think there’s some like light patches of grey which would match the the banana panels on the sides on those blue ones real nice so yeah just go online and and check out and

See what colors that they’ve got it fits no problem on that everything fit we’ll come back later i don’t know what it’s gonna be a while before i have to do any maintenance again so till something comes up we’ll see you later you

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Installing the SHAD Tmax Seat By bigwheelsturning