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Invoxia vs Apple AirTag: The Best GPS Tracker for my Onewheel, Escooter & Ebike

Looking for a GPS tracker for your Onewheel, escooter, or ebike? We tested the Apple Airtag and the Invoxia tracker and share our findings. We use the Invoxia Cellular GPS tracker to see if this GPS tracker will work for the Onewheel and our other PEVs.

Today we’re going to be talking about the invoxia cellular gps tracker we’re going to talk about why this is better than the apple air tag and why this is something that one wheel riders e-scooter riders e-bike riders will want to look into someone in our local group they had their one wheel stolen right out of their garage the garage was locked but the the thieves

Were able to bypass the the garage get into their storage unit and walk away with two one wheels fully caught on security cameras so they had security cameras we know what these people look like we know they stole these one wheels but the chances of getting these wheels back very low unfortunately so today we’re going to be talking about this cellular tracker by

Invoxia which we can use to follow and potentially recover our stolen goods to be clear this is not a theft prevention device it’s not going to deter them because hopefully this will be hidden within your device and we’re going to show you how we can hide this in in these devices but this is for theft recovery so the the apple air tag which is actually the first

Device that i went and purchased to try on these on these devices very small very discreet easy to hide in you know in something like this the problem is it’s designed by apple to help you find something that you’ve lost it’s not designed for you to recover something that’s been stolen and because of that apple has put in and made changes over time to make it so

That it’s not used for something like stocking they don’t want the air tag since it’s so small to be something that i could slip into andrew’s pocket and then follow him wherever he goes and use it as like a stalking device so if i had an air tag hidden in here and someone were to steal my one wheel i have about one day before that thief would be notified by the

Air tag that they’re being followed so that is a huge limitation with the air tag the other problem with the air tag is it doesn’t tell you where your device has been over time it just shows you where it is at that current moment when you’re checking shout out to the folks over at invoxia for sending us these trackers to test and to try out very simple very clean

Looking it does have a light here a light that turns on there’s a little dimple or indentation here that is a button that you can press a little opening for it to be charged so this is rechargeable and then you have this little leather strap this little tether on the end there’s only one place that you can put it within your device so finding the right place to put

This invoxia gps tracker has been a challenge we opened up this compartment here i thought i’d be able to slip it into this open space where the wiring is but it’s just too tight and so i’ve been searching and i found a little empty space behind this rail here i clipped off the cable or the little leather strap that it comes with to give it a smaller footprint

And check this out fits perfect like a glove now i’ll just make sure it’s in a plastic bag and i think i’ll just secure it with some zip ties some cable ties to make sure it doesn’t fall out so pretty clean looking very discreet i mean no one’s going to know that that’s there if they’re not looking for it the metal rails do not interrupt the cellular signal which

When we put it into some of the bite frames or the scooter frames that complete metal compartment interrupts the cellular signal we don’t have that problem here very easy to do and we’re going to do that with andrew’s wheel and the only reason why it works on this one rail on this side is because every other rail has some type of wiring in there we’ve cut off

The strap here um i would not install it in my one wheel without putting in a bag just because this the device is not water resistant and it’s not waterproof and you can shove it right in here so it’s going to be a tight fit yeah as you can see it’s very snug we’ve tried different areas we’ve tried different compartments in the one wheel no success there you go

You got it got it can you see that a couple advantages to why we would want to use this it uses a 4g type network it’s a newer net type of 4g that is uses less energy when i first installed it with the full charge i put the device in my backpack and i went to hawaii went to different islands went to california for a little bit then came back to colorado and that

That drained it down to 69 i changed the settings on there so that would be more energy efficient i disabled the the movement detection i set up a geo fencing or a safe zone around my house so that i wouldn’t get alerts while it was in my home area and after that the the battery use drainage has been super low um so in the last seven days it’s gone from 69 down

To around 66 so pretty impressive the battery life i anticipate this is going to last a few months with the way i have it set up they say you can get long battery life up to four months that’s pretty impressive that’s probably when it’s in a standby mode also the the movement detection i’ve seen varying reports online but for me it actually worked pretty quick

If i have movement detection on or tilt detection it’s it’s like within a minute if someone touches this or picks this up i get notified on my phone and i can go check out what’s going on the app is very clean very well done i’m very impressed with the app easy to use setup just took a few minutes and once i had it set up i was ready to go you do need to know

Though because it is using a cellular network it does require a yearly fee ours came with one year of data plan included a couple of the cool features we’ve already touched on is the kind of zoning or geo fencing you can do that around your home you can do that around your friend’s home now let’s say someone takes your one wheel from your garage you track where

It’s been you get close to that location but you’re still not quite sure and because it’s using a cellular gps network it can get you about within 60 feet of where the device is at that point what you’ll use is a proximity radar so this is my one wheel i can turn on proximity radar and it gives you this little radar thing to kind of show you where how far you

Are from your wheel how far you are from the device once you get close if the device is concealed or hidden from view you can use this feature it’s a ringing feature it gives you peace of mind that you’re going to know where your wheel is or where your e-bike is or where your e-scooter is the biggest problem that i see is finding a place to hide it and we found

A good location here within the one wheel xr okay with the brand new onewheel pint x in the invoxia it’s not going to be as straightforward if you take off the fender there is one spot here in this rear rail where there are no cables all the other corners have cables running they come from down below and then pop it in there it actually fits slides in pretty

Easily the problem is there’s a piece of plastic down there that keeps it from tucking in nicely but when you put on the fender delete or the fender itself it doesn’t have to be here it doesn’t quite snap flush like um because it’s pushing on the invoxia right here if you were to just shave that down a little bit and if you zoom in here you can see where it’s

Pushing it’s pushing right there where it’s kind of indented the plastic but it’s going to take a little diy but if you were to shave down this piece of plastic here when you snap your fender on it’ll fit nicer another option is to just have this velcro up onto the front of course if you’re the velcro in the front you wouldn’t be able to really put it into a bag

So i’d recommend getting a little plug something to close that opening and then the other option i found is velcroing it right here right just right there these are all places that are fairly discreet most criminals wouldn’t be smart enough to know that this is a tracking device you let me know of any other places that you can think of on the one wolf x or one

Will pint to put this tracker on with the scooters with the e-bikes because they’re bigger there’s just more places to to attach it to we’re gonna take it out of your device and try it on some of these other devices that we have behind us so if you need a charge whoa it’s as simple as cutting off some zip ties and then just pulling the bag out is that your phone

Notifying you that it’s moving i think is it let me see here movement detected is what it said we’ve got a bunch of bikes we’ve got a bunch of scooters sometimes just hiding it in plain sight might be your best option we have the battery compartment right here and basically if we just took some velcro the advantage to this is it i mean it kind of blends right in

Right and when you need to you’d be able to just plug it into your battery here to charge a lot of these e-devices come with usb ports to charge peripherals another place you can put it on an e-bike is you can tuck it up and under in the seat here there’s different areas to try to hide it up and under the seat right this is a more water uh protective position

You’re the scooter expert andrew tell us where you’d put it on a scooter so they suggest not putting it in a full metal container pretty much every single scooter deck is made out of metal and has typically a metal top one of the things you have to think about though is the the harder it is to put it somewhere the harder it is to it’s going to take to get it out

And to charge it exactly 100 there this one has a usb charger right here on the side also has a usb charger inside of this throttle display so if you can find some way that’s close to here you could also get it inside of a scooter bag and put it in there you could strap it right to the very bottom of this deck right here it blends in with the deck so it looks like

It’s almost part of the deck just play around with it and be creative right the nice thing is this thing isn’t too big and so you can you know attach it here you could try to attach it here cable wrap right here and just get some additional cable wrap to wrap it around with yeah and make it look like a really thick cable and you’re so close that you’d be able to

Plug that in and charge um charge while you ride so you could even use this charger right here charge it up when you ride oh yeah it’s on the lights on there you go it’s charging right now perfect the invoxia was actually designed for the motorcycle user but i think the application to e-devices it’s very applicable the euc doesn’t have a lot of nooks and crannies

To hide it into but i would say just velcroing it right there read more about it on our website which one thanks for watching and remember when you guys ride wear your safety gear

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Invoxia vs Apple AirTag: The Best GPS Tracker for my Onewheel, Escooter & Ebike By Freshly Charged