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Is Beta better? The Customer Experience Story

We shadowed the Midcoast Moto Beta dealership for a day to find out what makes the Beta customer experience so unique.

Uh well if you’re into dirt bikes into riding dirt bikes you don’t need a second invitation to come here to cross harbour on the new south wales mid-north coast you know six hours north north sydney about three hours south of goldie three minutes away from some of the finest riding country on the planet which is a lot to do with why we you know brought

The transmoto eight hour out here to a place called yulon which is about sort of 30 kilometers inland from there where we met jake gardner and the boys from midcoast motor new be the dealership uh here in kos harbour and we keep hearing great stories about how their uh you know some of the customers actually get the opportunity to go ride with jake and the boys

In the country right behind here so let’s go hook up with the boys uh take us back jake so um you moved from uh sydney up here to cross harbour on the mid down southwest coast when you’re six years old yep i’m a sea’s mechanic for ten years but the whole time you’re you know you’re a devout motocross guy really into it tell us about you know how the dealership

Came out of that is it melding those sort of two passions in your life right moto and mechanical work got a job straight out of school um as a mercedes technician which was pretty cool um but always wanted to do something with bikes but was a little bit um didn’t want to get burnt out you know you know but 10 years in found still bikes were my passion you know

Um and then myself and my business partner sort of thought there was maybe a little gap in the market and um wanted to do what we were passionate about so i think i asked you a little earlier on you said you know my white vader and beater beater where you’re from but um the fact that you this this is just such a you know like in euro riding paradise there’s so

Many euro guys around here you can ride literally out of the shop um it’s almost like a you know like a perfect perfect brand to have in this you know in this country in this part of the world yeah yeah we found it was a it was a good fit um that was one of the big reasons you know the coffs is such a a good region for for enduro riding is just we’re spoiled you

Know there’s there’s so much good stuff so much variety and it’s so close we can ride straight out of the shop just three k’s and we’re in the bush you know so it’s it’s pretty unreal and um we thought you know had to be a enduro brand i saw the beaters and just love the way they look i think they look look amazing and the the model range is so diverse that we

Thought it fit fit really well here and we’re stoked stoked that to be working with them and talking to customers where are you seeing those people come from you know people disillusioned with the japanese brands who are not you know updating their enduro bike for years on end uh people who like wanna you know what is it that drives them do you think you come in

And grab a beta usually it’s trying a thing right riding one of their motorbikes um i think most of it you know is a lot of people just want to change um price points part of it as well the they’re very well priced and a lot of a lot of people are in in love with the carburetor you know they still want to carby so we sell a lot of two strokes you know based off

That and just the fact that how they ride and you know off the back of demo rides a lot um people jump on them and just yeah fall in love with the things a lot of the time yeah a lot of guys i know on datas and they you know i think they’ve said it’s it’s refreshing in that the customer service is like they’re like you know they’ll tell you that story over and

Over again um is it because of the scale it’s not you know you see it’s not a boutique brand’s been around for 115 years from italy but it’s you know not one of these big anything you get much more personalized service and i know that’s something that you know the guys larry australia pride themselves on that sort of customer service is that also something that’s

You know really a real focus um as a dealer as well yeah for sure for sure we um we pride ourselves on that as well you know after sales service and you know just being personable and then you know guys you can just relate to and talk to um it’s good you know we can just pick up the phone and speak to someone on the other end it’s not not quite so corporate it’s

It’s easy to deal with and yeah the support is is great you know the the parts availability has been been on point you know it’s it’s really good especially through these tough times with covert and that you know it’s been good but probably the big thing it stands out in you know i guess as part of that customer service is actually engaging your customer i know

That you know i saw you brought some of your staff and um you know a couple customers up to the transformatory hour we’ve got 30 k’s uh west of here i’ve been up at yulon but also being having access to the you know such an incredible variety of terrain and being able to actually go out i know you commit you know a bunch of demo bikes here that’s not not every

Dealer particularly one of the cbd can do that right yeah yeah for sure we we try and keep um four demo bikes in in rotation at any one time and we love it you know we’re the same as you know the average consumer you know we we love love riding we love racing and we’re just blessed that coffs has you know got the terrain that we can go and enjoy it you know whether

It’s racing or trail riding we’re out there most weekends so who’s the uh who’s the trail boss mate do you leave the boys so man the uh you’re always the guy right or do you rotate a little bit with some of your stuff uh mostly it’s me yeah i’d say um the boys come out and you know help me out for sure but i try and you know plan things out to the best of my

Ability to make a good ride and you get look you’ve got a huge range even you know i said the four strokes you’ve got 353 94 or 3480 they’re stepping on each other’s toes but they’ve all got quite different character and i think you said before one of the beauties of having the ability to go demo riding with these guys you get the right kind of right bike so

Somebody might have in his head that’s the model for me but actually when he goes for a ride he’s buying the right bike right so he’s not flogging him because it doesn’t you know he’s 50 kilos ringing weapons on at 480. yeah exactly we’re we’re big believers in that getting the right person on the right bike because there’s no sense having someone yeah struggling

You know they’re not going to come back you know we want more satisfied customers and best way to do that is to to demo ride you know and try and compare as many models as you can and get get the right person on the right bike it’s it’s very important to us leaders were pretty they weren’t around much not in cross harbor like i think there was one person we knew

That had a beta an older one and i like looked at i said it’s a sexy one all right and yeah i was talking blaze about the shirt he’s not just hold off yeah and yeah we did demo day at my house around the motocross track and i fell in love with that mode of the 250 just the ease of it locking the power so fun it was just the fun factor like even after that day like

I just raved and she’s like you want one down it is it is a family mcm like um i’ve met probably another a dozen people that ride bikes because of having a beater there’s a couple young fellas on 200’s and costs now and they’re up and coming and they um like we put up mcm tech at the motocross or one of the sprint series and there is everyone comes together like

You’re meeting new people you’ve got the same passion so it’s been really good yeah yeah so it’s my first ever two-stroke and i just wouldn’t look back never never changed it’s just perfect what i do now out in the state for us technical stuff just how light it is how responsive it is um just love the 250 so it’s just well built and when i turned up pick up the

Bike like you know new bike feeling it’s always you know you can’t there’s nothing compared to a new bike feeling the bike’s sitting there it’s all prepped up ready to go shiny as you know jake had everything put on it straight away um if everyone needed anything to ring them up real bad for leaving things to last minute bring up jade or any other boys in there

And they just got on the shelf come get it we’ll stay back or whatever nothing’s ever a hassle um even getting parts that you know i wanted a hgs exhaust system on it which you know it’s not readily available especially with cove and whatnot we’re now that way to get it so it’s just real handy just have someone there that’s just gonna you know look after you look

After your needs and you know understand so yeah real helpful haven’t that especially in town you get an invite to come along it’s fantastic you know i’ve got a new dealer like jake he’s 30 years old so excited customer service focus which you know fits in with our philosophy with the brand that’s what we want you know we want happy customers we want people to be

Part of the family and you know you can see it here you know jake and his friends and his customers it’s fantastic you know so something that we do pride ourselves on and try really hard to do is have 100 spare parts back up you know the brand is not certainly not new at 104 years old but relatively in australia you know we’ve got some brand awareness issues so

The first thing we need to do is make sure that every single customer that we’ve been on the board can get what they need and get it quickly and not have any hold-ups trying to find people that you know really give good customer service have sound workshops and you know get the customers yeah yeah no we’re very lucky it’s good we’ve definitely made the most of

It being able to ride straight out the shop and into the bush and hit the trails so yeah we’re very thankful

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Is Beta better? The Customer Experience Story By Transmoto