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Its NOT just for the TALL | NEW 2022 H-D PAN AMERICA 1250 SPECIAL

Your NEW Bike of the Week, the 2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special. Learn about all the cool features it has to offer and see why its much easier to ride than you might think with its three areas of seat adjustment!

What’s up guys i’m isaac at tobacco road hardwood davidson here in raleigh north carolina with your new bike of the week the 2022 pan america 1250 special now this is a little bit of a different video for you today because this is a pretty different bike the pan america is an entirely different type of motorcycle that we’ve known harley davidson for but this

Motorcycle is quite the head turner and has managed to convert many adv riders to harley fans and many harley fans to adv riders so stick around to see why that is and everything that makes the pan america 1250 special just such an awesome motorcycle and why you should consider one even if you’re a short rider all for your new bike of the week so if you’ve talked

To anybody that’s ridden one of these bikes or anybody that owns one of these bikes they’ve probably either just told you how fun it is or they’ve told me this motorcycle rips because at 150 horsepower and over 40 degrees of lean on either side this is a pretty aggressive motorcycle for both the road and of course off the road the pan america is harley-davidson’s

First steps into creating adventure bikes or adv bikes so the cool thing with these bikes is that they’re designed for both on and off-road use so most adv bikes are going to be pretty easily distinguished by their larger taller stature tires with a little bit more aggressive tread this upright riding position where you can have your feet directly underneath you

Lots of ground clearance underneath and that swept up exhaust now one piece i should point out first is that we actually did some upgrades to this bike already and so we already put a super trap exhaust on this bike just so that way people can go ahead and see some of the options available to really make these bikes come to life those are the key basic features

That are found on most adv bikes but this one is very unlike most adv bikes with everything it’s packed with and all the amazing features this thing has but before we dive into all the fun pieces on this let’s go ahead and go over some specs just to talk numbers the pan america does have a 32 inch seat height 6.9 inches of ground clearance a 5.6 gallon tank this

Motorcycle in running water sits right at 569 pounds it’s producing 94 feet pounds of torque 150 horsepower you’ve got 42 degrees of lean on either side and with all these features together this motorcycle is going to get you an estimated 46 miles per gallon so if you’re still looking for a more fuel economical vehicle but you want one that’s still pretty cool

This could be the one now as far as the parts that make the special stand out the semi-active front and rear suspension with vehicle load control that tire pressure monitoring system a center stand that multi-position rear brake pedal and then of course the brush guards that you see on either side of the radiator so for 20 22 the panamericas are available in three

Different colors you’ve got the gauntlet gray the vivid black and of course the fastback blue with the white sand that we have here for you today all those colors are available with two different styles of rims we’ve got the aluminum cast rims that you see on this bike we have for you today and then there’s also the lace rims you can get as well now the cool thing

With the spoked rims on the pan americas is that the spokes actually go to the outside of the rim so what that allows you to do if you are running this bike in the back country and where to take a hard enough impact that you were to mess up some spokes with the right tools and knowledge it’s possible to actually service that rim without even taking it off the tire

And with the center stand equipped on the pan america 1250 specials you could go ahead rock it up on the center stand and get your weight right off those wheels easy then on the other side this motorcycle is packed with tons of technology to help keep those wheels on the ground some of those rider safety features include abs electronic linked braking traction

Control drag torque slip control hill hold control tire pressure monitoring wheel lift mitigation and then you also have the cornering enhanced versions of that technology as well all those rider safety features as well as the five different ride modes this bike has really helped you fine tune your ride and get the absolute most out of this bike now as far as the

Ride modes go you have five standard ones you have the rain mode the road sport off-road and off-road plus then you have three customizable ride modes as well so let’s go ahead and dive into this bike and show you some of the cool features it has so let’s start with the wheels so this motorcycle does have the aluminum cast rims with the michelin scorcher rubber

And a 80 20. so it’s pretty good for the highway and just enough to go ahead and get you out there to be able to tear up some dirt roads pretty easily so up on the front you do have dual brembos on either side and then you’ve got this very very responsive front suspension there’s actually a steering dampener on the front end as well you’ve got the little guard

That goes underneath the headlight and this is a bright led adaptive daymaker headlight for the pan america not only is this a bright light by itself but you also have the adaptive part up on top so as you’re leaning this bike into a turn it’ll sense how far you’re leaning it and it’ll actually progressively shine more light into that turn and it’s so smooth that

You hardly even notice it getting brighter but you notice that you can just see a whole lot further into those turns than you could before then with the special you’ve got those brush guards on either side of the radiator and then you’ve got the little turn signals here underneath now there is auxiliary lighting available so if you wanted some little square the

Little square pods from harley-davidson to shine even more wide out on the road then you can get those pretty easily as well then coming right on up it is a fixed fairing it is keeping that light pointed straight down way and keeping that adaptive lighting right where you want it then you do have this adjustable front windshield so you can easily adjust it with one

Hand you’ll just reach under and then you can bring it all the way down just like that that way you can kind of kick more wind up over your head a little bit easier but if you want to soak up more of that breeze you can just undo the latch and then bring it right on down just like that and you’ve got this awesome display that we’re going to talk about a little bit

Later that is packed with a ton of features you’ve got nice hand guards helping keep some of the brush and cold wind off of your hands and keep even more cold wind off your hands these bikes are already equipped with heated grips now these hand controls might look a little bit different than what you’re used to with a harley and it might look a little bit daunting

With all the buttons up here but as you start riding it you’ll kind of figure out more and just how easy these buttons are to access so then on the right you’ve got your run off and start buttons you’ve got your mode button to go and select in between the different riding modes your flashers your music controls where you can control the volume skip songs go back

So that way if you want to listen to some music and you have a headset in your helmet you can pair both your headset and your phone to the bike and that way you hardly ever have to touch your phone that way you can control the volume and everything right up here on the bike and just below those controls you have your traction control as well as your voice command

Button then moving over here you’ve got your high beams with the on off and then the flashers easy access to the pointer finger you’ve got your heated grips button the cruise control and then all your other buttons to help navigate that screen as well as your turn signals and your horn there on the bottom so you can already see that you’ve got everything going on

Here you’ve got your speed of course then you’ve got your everything’s digital so you’ve got your speed and then you’ve got your tachometer you’ve got your gear indicator and then you also have uh what riding mode you’re in so you can switch between those with the mode button right here on the right handle bar and switch between off-road rain street and we’ll

Leave it on the street for right now so what that does that’s gonna pretty much adjust your throttle sensitivity how the suspension works how hard your abs and traction control are going to try to work themselves so you also have a lot of indicators such as your temperature your water temperature and your voltage i can tell if your phone’s connected and then also

Tell you the range you have on the bike as well as a trip and trip b you can flip through a lot of other features such as your navigation and all your music controls and a ton of other settings in here as well and then you can dive into your riding mode so you get to fully customize and really get the absolute most you can out of this motorcycle then in the center

Of these bars you’ll actually see the steering dampener that i was talking about earlier and then right on back you’ve got this 5.6 gallon tank so if you’re looking at doing some larger cruising adventures which is exactly what this thing’s for it’s got a 5.6 gallon tank which is just a little bit lower than what you’ll see on the common great american touring

Bikes so you might have to stop just a little bit sooner but 5.6 gallons is still plenty far to get you going that estimated 46 miles per gallon is still going to give you plenty of range with this motorcycle so now back up here in the front this bike does have the aluminum skid plate to the front and then you have your voltage regulator fins right here as well

Now you might be a little bit concerned because these are sticking out just a little bit but the material in these fins have actually been designed and hardened so that way they’re much more prepared for off-road use but if that still concerns you then there is a larger skid plate that goes further up under the bike and covers the fins that you can get for this

Bike as well so now let’s talk about this motor this is the revolution max 1250 motor one of harley davidson’s first and most implemented liquid cooled motors available on their bigger motorcycles ignoring the v-rod of course now the way this motor is actually set up is it’s actually an integral part of the frame of the bike by making it a rigid piece of the frame

Of the bike you’re able to feel the bike a little bit better and shave down on some weight this motor feeds into a two to one exhaust system as well as a six-speed transmission now the 22 models there is a quick shifter available so if you’re not a huge fan of using the clutch and you just want to click through the gears nice and easy then you can slap a quick

Shifter onto your 22 model and go party with that this motor is putting out 150 horsepower and it’s putting that out at 9000 rpm so you can rev this bike up a lot further and it’s got a very wide power band and just incredible power to it so let’s talk rider comfort so you’ve got those pretty aggressive pegs to help keep your feet on the bike a little bit better

And actually those rubber pads can come off pretty easy so if you just want that harder cleat style to put your feet on then you can take the rubber piece out and get a little bit more bite into your shoe and they’re perfectly placed so that way your feet are right up underneath you so if you’re standing while you’re riding which is recommended for a lot of the adv

Techniques then you can do that very easily on this bike but you might not want to get out of the seat as comfy as it is and it’s got the right amount of comfort and grip so it’s going to take care of you out on the road very well and it also has a nice spot right up here for the passenger now since this an adv bike and is a little bit higher that step up here for

The passenger they might find themselves up a little bit high but they’ll be getting plenty of breeze up there now one thing that a lot of people actually don’t know about with the pan america is that there’s actually three different ways you can adjust the bike to best fit your height so while a lot of the pan a lot of people know about the adaptive ride height

Available on the panamera because that only helps you if you’re riding and then you stop but if you want to be able to get your feet on the ground a little bit easier or you’re a lot taller and you want more room then you can actually adjust the seat height itself so what you’ll do is you’ll take the key that it comes with and actually the key for the panamera is

A much smaller key fob so it’s a little bit sleeker drops in your pocket a little bit better but you’ve got the hard key for it as well so what you’ll do is you’ll stick this in the bike turn it to the right and then you’ll grab the back of the seat pull it up and then you can release pull the key out and then what you’ll do is you’ll just pull this little back

Pillion up and then you’ve actually got your little storage locker so if you want to put some drop some stuff in drop your spare keys uh drop your map tools first aid kit that kind of stuff you’ve got that right there so that we don’t have to worry about it falling out of your back pocket but now if you want to adjust the seat height what you can actually do is

What you’ll do is you’ll kind of clear this little back fender of the of the handrails and then once you pull it out you’ve actually got two spots here that you can lock the front of the seat into so that was in the lowest position possible because i’m not the tallest of riders but if you wanted more room between the seat and the legs what you would do is you’d

Lock it into that top piece secure it just like that then make sure i don’t uh lock her keys in the bike now what you’ll do is simply put this right on back so make sure it’s lined up there make sure it’s all lined up at the top and then make sure that back piece is lined up as well and then snap it right in and then you’ll see that it’s more of a flush fit

Right there and you’ve got a mutt and you’ve got a little bit more height in that seat and you’ll see and you’ll see that it’s still very sturdy now the third option you can do is there’s actually different seats you can swap out with this one to help give you a little bit more cushion to bring you up a little bit more or reduce it a little bit to drop you down a

Little bit lower so even though adventure bikes are a lot taller bikes the pan americas are really set up so that way anybody can be able to ride then wrapping things up and coming on back this bike does have the chain for the final drive which is just going to be a little bit of a sturdier option than a rubber belt would be if you’re doing off-road applications

So if you’re doing a lot of off-road type of riding there’s a lot of gravel and rocks involved which is what this motorcycle is designed to be able to take on that chain is going to last a little bit longer and you won’t have to worry about rocks hopping up into the belt and tearing your belt up that that chain will be able to take the abuse a whole lot better

Then lastly coming on back you do have the bright turn signal brake light combinations with the license plate and plenty of reflectors on the back when people think harley davidson they also think customization and being able to make their bike their own well the pan america is a harley davidson so it is no different in this regard the amount of features you have

Available to truly deck these bikes out to best fit your style of riding are plenty if you’re looking for luggage options you can get the luggage rack supports soft or hard bags from harley-davidson as well as options for a top case you’ve got options for extra lighting extra trim more skid plates and of course the quick shifter so there’s really a limitless number

Of things you can do to this bike to really make it your own so that’s your panamerica 1250 special for your new bike of the week i hope this video was able to help show you a little bit more of what you can do with these motorcycles and why they truly are one of the most interesting bikes that have come out of harley davidson here at weightway with the adv market

Already being one of the most competitive markets out there harley davidson knew that if they were going to have a bike to compete well they’d have to they’d have to hit pretty hard and the pan america is certainly a heavy hitter but this was just a video and best option is always going to be to stop by here to back the road harley-davidson in person and see this

Bike for yourself so as always thank you for watching and we hope to see you out here soon you

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Its NOT just for the TALL | NEW 2022 H-D PAN AMERICA 1250 SPECIAL By Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson