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JACK or JOKE?! Amazon vs Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Review VivoHome Pittsburgh Comparison PART 2


So so when we compare this here like this is a clip as opposed to something like this look how fat this nut is this is a serious nut and this is a serious bolt they also look like they are better quality bolts overall um i know that there are some people who think harbor freight has this cheap aspect quality to its tools but if that is the case this thing here is

Even worse because i understand people don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive tools for the average weekend warrior who just who just needs something cheap and easy this looks far superior to this considering that this thing costs twice as much uh here is another example so if we look at these bolts this one here just looks like a cheap um hardware store

Kind of bolts whereas here you have something that is uh better it’s a hex bolt it’s stainless steel it looks like it’s a better quality so and it gives it like a nicer look and touch as opposed to what we have here it’s just kind of like a construction type bolt that you would usually use on wood building and stuff so i think this thing would snap very easily

If you tighten it a little bit more than it can take so so that is that there is also this like the handles that you use let’s compare these two handles so this is what you get from harbor freight this is what you get from amazon this thing here is really short and it’s not going to give you enough leverage this thing here has a dual handle and it’s going to give

You a lot of control especially if you need to move the bike around or push the lift back and forth or something like that this thing here i think the only function that it does is it kind of like pumps the jack up but it wouldn’t allow you to move anything so like you have to decide beforehand which spot you want to be in this is far better i’m truly surprised

That this is what they sell for twice the price plus it’s super short and it doesn’t have any handle like i said i don’t usually care about these details but to me this is this indicates cost cutting measures people trying to save money this is what this is what this tells me so um and i think it tries to save money and stuff that is seriously not it’s ridiculous

To try to save money on things like that but this is what it indicates to me so it is this um also if we look at these components here these stabilizers this is the one you get from amazon this is the one you get from harbor freight so this is this one is already longer has a better handle and it probably will give you like better stability when you like try to

Lift the jack so there is this aspect to it another aspect of this that i think is worth mentioning the paint quality this paint here looks slightly more vibrant that’s good but it also seems to be like of a lower quality because i already see it shipped in several spots like here and i haven’t used it yet so you can see it’s chipped there it’s chipped here uh

So you can see the chipping in here um yeah so i haven’t looked at the entire item but you can see like some welding leftovers here uh i don’t know what kind of quality this does have but the paint at least doesn’t seem to be terrific yeah so um but again i’ll just go i’ll do like a quick go over the nuts and bolts just so people can see so like you see here

Here look at the size of this look at the size of this and the quality like of the steel as opposed to this it looks a lot smaller i try to cushion them side by side so um yeah and so there is that uh just to compare the two uh cylinders that are going to support the bike i think the harbor freight one is slightly taller um so i’ll put it here i’ll get the

Other one too so yeah so this one is slightly taller than this one which probably indicates more capacity in the oil cylinders so let’s put them here there’s nothing in the background so you can see them clearly so this is what they look like so that is that um the harbor freight has like a little unit in the front not sure what the purpose of it is but it is

Here it’s not here so also if you look at these pedals that allow you to these pedals that allow you to uh lower the bike the finish on the amazon one looks bad not very well it looks like it’s chipped and stuff it has like sharp edges but as the one from harbor freight it looks better so this one looks like nicely finished i don’t know that this stuff matters

Much but it also indicates the speed at which the job was executed granted these specific units might be different like this one may be like one of the better units of harbor freight and this may be a bad unit of amazon but i just do what i see in front of me right here i can’t i don’t have quality control process by which i go to the factory and see how to do

It but i’m looking at the end product and this thing here again is already like losing paint so the paint quality is a little bit not great here so i think that’s probably all it is well there may be other stuff to it like the so like the paint quality here is not great either so but generally speaking all tense being equal uh all things being equal i think

This should be at least at least the same price if not the amazon one should be cheaper or the harbor freight should be more expensive however you want to look at it i just think that these two units cannot be the same price or that the amazon unit is more expensive they’re just not logical uh there are so many aspects about this that makes you wonder how they

Do their pricing this in here looks cheap smaller and as you can tell just from the image here it’s less stable than the than the harbor freight one so i hope this video helped anybody who’s trying to decide my point of the video is that the price is all is not always the determining factor and the quality keep that in mind there are many factors that come into

Play like who specializes in specific products as opposed to someone who makes different products from different industries like this brand here it’s called vivo home i don’t know if it belongs to amazon or what but they make series of stuff so i understand why a company like harbor freight would have a more advanced product in the industry of tools because that’s

All they do as opposed to a company that does everything from couches to sunglasses to everything in between so price is not determinative buy local if you can help stores they create jobs they have people work and buy the good products not the expensive products do your homework before you make a purchase and good luck you

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JACK or JOKE?! Amazon vs Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Review VivoHome Pittsburgh Comparison PART 2 By The RevYou Channel