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Janus Halcyon Motorcycle Winter Camping

Richard and Janus’s friend Jesse set off on a winter camping trip on a couple of Halcyons but woke up with a surprise the next morning.

All right hello folks uh it’s a getting a little late in the afternoon here but we are getting ready to take a halcyon 450 with jesse hello and a 250 actually number 68 uh all loaded up out on a winter camping extravaganza so uh we’re loading up uh we’re gonna try and not freeze our butts off uh and we are headed where are we headed jesse uh about 20 minutes

South of here we’ve got a friend with some property along the river just gonna have a fire eat some food and yeah try not to freeze sounds good all right so decided the first thing we’re going to do is get warm by letting this fire and then we’ll finish unloading the bikes here and get our tent set up and start getting some food cooking but first this is

A beautiful little campsite down here we are footsteps from the river over here the elkhart river which uh we’re about five miles upstream of goshen and uh this is a great spot i come up here with uh jesse here and sometimes we bring the dogs we can go swimming let the dogs go in the water oh it’s gorgeous though very peaceful there you go you’re going to

Burn your finger there my hands are cold there you go that’s going well that was better than i expected i don’t think we’re gonna have to do anything else no i think it’s uh gonna be a bonfire in like 15 minutes all right all right so which of this soft cushy ground shall i make well we got some hobo dinners down in the coals finally finally got enough

Calls to rake some out for these hobo dinners what you got in the uh how about dinners jesse oh my on a light bed of cabbage we have some russet potatoes uh some celery some oregano uh let’s see what else some sausage uh how else i put onions garlic peppers sounds lovely oh yes no we’ll be eating like things they’re gonna sit there for a while and we might have

To change the coals out but fire is rolling and go a wine opened and living the life down here what do you think the temperature is uh one sign said 29 one sun said 27 on the way here under freezing so probably probably looking at like 23 22 and dropping nicely oh it doesn’t actually feel that cold out by the fire the real test is going to be when we get into

Sleeping bags and uh have to actually settle down yeah right they’re out here hugging the engines yeah right running the bikes well i mean we do have this we got way more fireworks so getting set up here got a thermarest ground pad wool blanket sleeping bag and a polar fleece sleeping bag liner and we’ll see we’ll see how that does nice frozen hard ground

All right my friend you want some two buck check sure dude let me grab my cup here capillary it’s actually five dollars thank you very much all right hobo dinner is i think ready let’s see how this is looking just let that steam out let that steam up here you want to hold this camera here you hold the camera and i’ll use my uh invincible motorcycle gloves there

We go oh those are gold tops these are these and this motorcycle sells those gloves that’s where i bought them surprise surprise yes uh gold tops are also available in kitchen yes kitchen culinary ratings yeah culinary good lord who put this together oh oh my oh my goodness oh look at that oh that’s just how i like it right there there we go where’s my fork

There’s my fork okay oh the first bite let’s see what he says hmm need salt need salt check there you go got a little salt on there mine from a pink mountain somewhere with my fireproof gloves oh my it’s very hot what do you think delicious very hot what’d you call that thing a picayune pick a roon pick a room should have brought the pickaroon well now

We’re talking that’s how richard’s axe was birthday well we are awake packing up some of our gear and uh the interesting news is that we have snow good morning good morning look at those bikes my helmet is over there with the help oh oh no there was no snow last night there’s my helmet got a little fire sort of started up again the motorcycles are completely

Snowed under and the uh there actually slept pretty well last night uh i ended up putting some hot hands down at the bottom of my sleeping bag my toes are getting cold and that worked incredibly well um so i slept pretty well woke up a couple of times but uh didn’t notice it was snowing so there’s my tent jessie’s a little bitty and uh here’s the fire check

Out these bikes a wintry scene so got some uh frozen bacon is it frozen well actually it’s a little mushy it was in the tent last night i wasn’t cuddling up with it or nothing but summer oh do something for now yeah it’s a snowy and cold winter camping trip on motorcycles let’s take a look at these bikes it’ll melt off it’ll melt off just

Fine well we are all packed up and uh getting ready to go we’re gonna see how these roads are we definitely did not look at the weather forecast so uh it’s gonna be a snowy ride back but luckily it isn’t too far got the fire going jesse’s got the 450 started up i warmed up the 250 took a little bit to get it to idle just because it’s so cold blooded but uh

Saying goodbye here to our little campsite we’ll walk down to the water absolutely gorgeous this morning all right you ready foreign you

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Janus Halcyon Motorcycle Winter Camping By Janus Motorcycles