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Jet Powered Motorcycles? – But Why & How?!

Hey there my valuable viewers! I’m back with another video.

Have you ever wondered down what would happen if motorcycles were powered by jet engines a little bit like this well right now we still have these kind of bikes which they still have the creepy ear scratching noise coming out of their exhaust but what if it was real a motorcycles could drown with jet engines simple answer every single street must be an airfield say

It again welcome to another video let’s see how many jet engine powered motorcycles exist all around the world and especially who created them and probably you’re asking yourself dude what the heck is this what kind of topic you choose for the video a channel called dark industry recently gave me a comment on one of my videos that make a video about jet powered

Motorcycles so here we are starting with number one and that’s jet pulse powered bicycle first jet powered bicycle was made in hands of this man if you don’t know who he is here’s the column first a british inventor who creates crazy crazy stuff on his workshop don’t forget to check his channel open button up there he has tons of videos a lot of things he created

Such as hulkbuster longest bicycle ever and even he created the mini bike with a sport bikes engine on it and it delivered it to bbc’s program top gear alright anyway back to topic he created a lot of jet powered things after this but since it’s the first he made pulse jet and mounted it on a bicycle he made lots of trial and errors until he could create this machine

And it can do between 35 and 45 miles per hour okay let’s see what’s going on with the second motorcycle thanks colin for coming by see you later this is the second bike which is mwty2k turbo motorcycle made in 2000’s as you can find out mtt which stands for marine turbine technology is creator of this unusual thing now of course if you want there’s a link in the

Description for their websites for more information okay let’s see what’s this bike made from this motorbike is world’s fastest street legal and also fastest jet engine profit motorcycle it puts over 320 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque which is far more beyond whatever was built so far mtt say that the first generation were powered by a rolls-royce allison

Gas turbine engine this insane motorcycle can climb over 270 miles per hour or 370 kilometers but still it’s not as fast as ninja h2r the y2k holds the guinness world record for being the most expensive production motorcycle ever to go on sale even if it’s not as fast as some competitors but still it’s more expensive imagine that you can buy g-class mercedes-benz

Or even a range rover yes that sounds expensive and the price tag on this motorcycle is 185 000 a lot for a motorcycle and of course if you want to buy a regular sport bike you can buy suzuki hayabusa 2022 for nineteen thousand dollars or even the kawasaki ninja h2r for 56 000 and still you have some change left and finally number three bike and the last one the

Mtt is 428br this motorbike actually jetspike is improved version of the previous bike every single fairing is made of carbon fiber engine is probably the same but it can put slightly more horsepower than torque cover source can make over 420 horsepower and an insane number of 52 000 rpm and 500 pound-feet of torque at 2000 rpm correction that was not slightly more

This was more like double and of course it cracks the record in this list with 273 miles per hour as top speed and of course it’s a multi-field motorcycle it can either consume diesel or kerosene so far three motorcycles or bicycles and all of them were some kind of genius productions and imagine what would have happened if they were mass produced in companies and

Sold them on markets just does have a simple answer you can just hear a jet engine sound like an aircraft on highways or streets like there’s a fighter aircraft passing inside you and you’re just thinking that there’s an aircraft coming but that’s a motorcycle that’s just genius but on the other hand so silly why should someone put a jet engine on a bicycle or even

A motorcycle as the jeremy clarkson said the internal combustion engine the speed and power is key to everything you can just rely on them anytime you want so far this was the video if you like it give it a thumbs up for that and if you want to see more videos like this one just simply check out the power panel up there or the section down below in the video you

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Jet Powered Motorcycles? – But Why & How?! By Mr.Manned