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John Wick: Hilarious Bloopers and Behind-the-Scenes Funny Moments | OSSA Movies

You certainly remember John Wick, as well as its sequels John Wick Chapter 2 and John Wick Chapter 3, as the movies full of fights. But on the set, they were also full of laughter! So if you’ve never seen any John Wick funny moments, this video showing you John Wick bloopers will surprise you!

John wick is tough and unkind i get it but it doesn’t mean that he can’t be funny at least behind the scenes this is fun it’s fun yeah so are you ready to see a lighter side of john wick then let’s start it’s combat scenes could literally have all the behaviors leaning and hitting each other sure on the set these sequences look a bit different to what we see in

The movies because obviously the actors aren’t really punching shooting and choking each other and i must say some of the scenes would look pretty weird if we watch them without the special effects and sounds they add in post-production they’re shooting each other but there’s no sound so it makes the sequence look really funny am i right and overall most of the

Epic scenes look very different if you watch the footage before the cgi team do their thing like this weird-looking helicopter that follows jon and his pursuers in chapter 3. or this carriage that films him running on the street in the pouring rain or this scene where keanu rides a horse with giant suspenders attached to his body and he had to do it over and

Over again for multiple takes yeah i get it this is how it’s done in most epic movies but when you watch it on the big screen you never think about it right and do you recognize this behind the scenes shot with mark dicosco’s from chapter three it looked cool in the movie but was pretty funny on the set ah keanu it’s impossible not to like you on the set of john

Wick this guy demonstrated his professionalism on multiple occasions reeves trained for months to get in shape and do everything john wick had to do in the film and by training i don’t mean that he hit the gym for an hour a day or did push-ups in the morning five days a week eight hours a day reeves did gun training martial arts training driving training and many

Other kinds of training you rarely see an actor who does that much on set keanu was always the first man to arrive and the last man to leave that’s how committed he was he’s always there he’s always been incredibly involved he’s a real professional by the way did you know that while filming the sequence of the nightclub in the first film keanu had 104 degree fever

And he still did most of his stunts by himself like it was no big deal fever schmiever what an amazing actor he is right but it doesn’t mean that he always gets everything right in the first shot he can be so relatable who doesn’t love him but we’ll get to praising keanu’s humbleness and kindness a bit later right now back to the fights of course reeves wasn’t the

Only actor on the set who underwent extensive training for his part adrianne pilicki who played miss perkins in the first film also trained a lot to match her co-star gets the choreography really quick and she’s tough and doesn’t complain so she fit in well with the wick formula you might remember that their fight scene was pretty intense breaking furniture just

A lot of breaking going on here but all their efforts paid off because the sequence looked just perfect and of course although it was extremely hard they still had time to share a laugh yeah these guys were having a lot of fun fast forward to chapter 3 parabellum we also have to admit that halle berry turned out to be one tough cookie when it came to training for

Her role when hallie said she wanted to do that chad said here you go and halle said thank you sir can i please have some more when she was offered a pardon john wick she didn’t hesitate for a second when chad reached out to me and asked me about the third one i went running over there she didn’t even want to read a script or anything she just said yes right away

That’s how much she wanted to be a part of the john wick universe but of course the training process wasn’t easy for her probably the hardest six seven months i think i’ve experienced in my professional life but despite all the challenges she didn’t even think of quitting because our hallie is a real fighter and when you think about it she didn’t really have much

Choice she knew that she had to fight alongside keanu and look good next to him given how committed he is hallie knew that her training had to be vigorous also a lot of fun and i have a great team of people that are teaching me and training me and a large part of her training included working with two huge dogs who look like real assassins on the big screen just

Looking and they’re doing some amazing stuff but they’re also really sweet how cute is that to make this fantastic fight scene with the dogs hallie had to spend four days a week two to three hours a day training with them she was supposed to learn to command them just the way their trainer would it was a real relationship that was built although all the sequences

Were rehearsed perfectly something happened on the set that no one in the john wick crew expected there were so many cats wandering around in the streets that when the dogs saw them they forgot that they were in a movie not like they even cared about it in the first place right and they’d immediately start chasing them so then we would be doing a scene and then

Cat cat cat luckily they still managed to film these epic scenes so yeah hallie definitely had quite a few amazing moments on the set of john wick but while she was training with her dogs keanu didn’t want to just sit back and relax instead he offered to film a scene where jon is riding a horse and since he’s john wick he’s not looking where he’s shooting uh

Because it’s john wick it obviously wasn’t just riding keanu had to get off the saddle while in motion go sideways and keep on riding holding on to the horse’s neck and at the same moment he also had to shoot somebody again because he’s john wick but back to our canine friends when you think about dogs and john wick you probably recall sophia’s frenzied pets

Right away but in fact these noble animals were an integral part of the entire franchise after all it all started with a dog’s sad fate speaking of which you probably have no idea that jon’s cute beagle puppy almost survived in the film when the movie distributors read the script they told the director that if the dog was killed off right at the beginning of the

Film they’d alienate the audience and no one would watch it but they were oh so wrong because it is this exact tragedy that made jon so relatable oh and here’s one more fun fact about this puppy you probably remember this cute scene but do you know how the movie crew made the puppy lick keanu’s face i mean because you can’t always just tell a dog to do something

And expect expected to do it right they spread bacon grease on the actor’s cheeks that’s why the puppy licked him so enthusiastically it was just having breakfast needless to say keanu enjoyed his scenes with the dogs after all if there’s one thing keanu reeves and john wick have in common it’s definitely their love for doggos isn’t he cute if you want to know

More about how all the fight sequences were filmed watch our other video that details how john wick’s special effects team made it all possible and now it’s high time to pay respect to the lead actor of the film keanu reeves aka the nicest man in hollywood after all there aren’t many keanus in the world and we should appreciate him right which reminds me once

Reeves was asked if he knows someone else who shares his name because it’s so unique have you ever met another keanu yes oh yeah i have a cousin it’s actually so unique that at the beginning of his career the actor’s agent asked him if he would change his name and keanu thought about it for a while and came up with chuck spadina luckily his agent didn’t like it

Chuck spadina isn’t that kind of a direction you want thank god he didn’t change his name but whatever you call him keanu has always been known for his kind-heartedness he knows how to entertain kids oh she’s so cute look at that and he always has good relationships with his co-stars especially with sandra bullock who co-starred with him in speed and excuse us

For a moment now let’s get back to keanu’s time in john wick naturally his co-stars were asked to recall when gianna was especially nice to them on the set some of them couldn’t name one because there were so many instances for example lance reddick who played the concierge at the continental hotel recalled how he asked keanu a simple question and keanu replied

In a very kind and gentle manner ian mcshane’s reaction to this story was hilarious sorry mark de caskos in his turn said that absolutely everything keanu did was extra nice he’s so kind and humble and collaborative and welcoming and according to asia kate dillon who played the adjudicator reeves never behaved as if he was above anyone else he is so immediately

Clearly humble kind gracious but of course that doesn’t mean that he can’t do anything wrong when keanu came to the ellen show he admitted that he did hurt someone on the set at least once all right i didn’t smell i’d kick someone in the balls of course he didn’t do it intentionally i could only imagine how much he apologized to that man and while everyone reeves

Has ever worked with can’t stop gushing over how nice a human being he is he’s still very humble all he does is praise the people around him there’s such a wonderful people and really patient and the instruction i got was first rate indeed this is a guy who would never say that he’s better than anyone he is always so modest once a fan asked keanu how he manages

To stay so down to earth and his answer was everything well i mean gravity he has unbeatable logic right but we’re sorry keanu because even though you’re so humble we can’t help but say something do it say it you are breathtaking you’re breathtaking you’re all breathtaking do you love keanu as much as we at awesome movies do and which behind the scenes fact from

John wick surprised you the most share in the comments below don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and stay awesome thanks for watching you

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John Wick: Hilarious Bloopers and Behind-the-Scenes Funny Moments | OSSA Movies By OSSA Movies