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J&P Cycles is here in Michigan

Going to Taylor, MI to check out the new J&P Cycle shop. Fight the urge to buy the whole store.

These are cool he’s got a leg hanging out the back that’s awesome that’s awesome what’s up everybody welcome back to the fury zero channel again thank you for being here i appreciate your patronage even though you don’t give me any money that’s okay though i still love you guys i’m doing something today that i probably shouldn’t actually do i found out they

Opened up a new motorcycle shop about a half hour from here i think it is something like that but it is an actual it’s a it’s an actual perch shop we don’t have one of them around here we got dealerships where you can buy parts but no actual purse shop they found out they opened up a jmp cycle in taylor so i don’t i wanted to go out there today the day that

They opened but i either didn’t have time or i was just too lazy i really don’t remember which it was one of those two most likely definitely perhaps but we’re going out there today to check it out man because i want to see what they have for a fury man i got a couple aftermarket things on here just a few but i want to see what they might have that i haven’t

Thought of or something maybe for the fj car that needs to be replaced and they might have it on hand i’m waiting for the uh the windshield mount on the fjr i ordered like two months ago and uh first i said i’d be like oh yeah i’d be here in like two weeks i went to a month then two months now three months so it should be here sometime in september it says i

Already paid for it but i still don’t have the part which i’m not a very big fan of i pay for something i want the fart so that’s another reason why i’m going there because if i’m if if it’s a good shop i’ll be going back there again i don’t plan on buying anything today my plans never work out though so in all fairness i’ll probably end up buying something

See where this thing takes me i don’t know if i’m a gps so to avoid highways no i’m not turning right onto the sleep road freaking gps i don’t want to take 75 should have just stayed on telegraph i should have known that you were taking me that way oh well it’ll get me there quicker i guess yeah yeah gps lady i’m turning and this thing does not have the same

Lean angle that the ftr does because i just scrape my pipes again and two more time i cannot ride this like i do the fjr that is for sure but hey that’s cool it’s not meant to be if i had this in here man you all can see how the fury does on the highway elise and she ain’t no slouch she’s limited not a slug limited not a suck i don’t want to put the work into

Taking the limiter off this bike especially now since i have one that can already fly like a freaking missile it is a nice day out though i was thinking about maybe i just go home and uh relax like you know it’s a beautiful day out man i want to ride because we’re not going to have too many more days like this alone here michigan do we got about maybe maybe

Two months more hopefully it’s a late winter man everyone’s already celebrating fall and all that crap dude no no no no no no no no no no no no no i like fall don’t get me wrong but it’s a prelude okay to what comes next which i hate i hate it with the burning passion of a thousand gingers okay that might be a little bit strong but it’s pretty freaking close i

Guess i get to see how this records on the highway too because i can hear myself just fine but since i changed my mic setup again i don’t know how this one does i decided to get rid of the purple panda mic just because if i’m talking to someone i can i think i can record them with the sun up like the way i got it set up i’m not 100 sure i gotta find someone else

With the bluetooth in their helmet to do it with which will more likely either be swampy or casper i just won’t have their camera angle like i did with torque which sucks but it’s less editing i gotta do man it’s a lot of work editing about editing editing two different angles like that man from two different bikes and this helmet isn’t bad i really like this

Helmet especially the setup i got for recording with it i’m gonna have to do a review video between my setup i got for this helmet and the senna helmet because i need to find a happy medium between the two i just have to have firehouse again because while firehouse is awesome even though it’s expensive oh man so good and i’m so full right now so i’m doing my

Exercises to get the uh calories back down counted stuff motorcycle riding is healthy damn it it is healthy i won’t take anything else for an answer look it up seriously though look it up they actually have studies on it depending on the type of riding the bike you’re riding uh the wind you’re going against the speed you’re going all that man it does actually

Burn calories just not a lot but it’s as failed excuses any other i have so we’re gonna use it yeah i’m doing 85 and they just flew by me they’re at least doing 95 or 100. for the record speed let me hear 70. i’m already doing 15 over and they just blew by me like i was standing still look at that see michigan drivers man you gotta love them everybody’s in a

Hurry to get where they’re going and where they’re going is more important than where you need to go but luckily for me i really don’t care because i just i want to go here well i need to go here but i i just wanna go i need and i want dammit and i just need to know how to get there because like i said it’s a new shop but never been there and i’m not in taylor

A whole lot like i used to be and more since we discovered a car scene there but still not a lot you know like maybe twice a month this is why i stick to side roads i’m running on the freeway like it’s a freaking race track and i don’t have the right bike to be showing them that it’s not but that’s okay i don’t care i’m just enjoying a beautiful day out riding

I’m just enjoying a beautiful day that’s it now this part gets a little tricky i had a feeling it had me turning right i really have no idea which way this freaking gps has me going there’s pardee that don’t have me turning left here actually i’ll say it now oh god that was a big bump no let’s return left here apart i don’t know man i’m horrible directions i

Literally spent like two hours yesterday going in a big freaking circle and i have no idea how the hell i did a big freaking circle so how dang is it like right here and that’s new all right a lot of that’s new i haven’t been in that mall in a long time oh it’s right here are you son of a seriously dude dude an idiot it’s a bike shop but there’s like no

Freaking bikes here man what the hell i’m gonna park down here cause i’m special at the end spot i should see if they got some uh dude where’s the handlebars how’s it going we’re looking at handlebars for the vulcan on uh online man and we weren’t finding them that cheap and those are pretty close yeah i’ve got awesome wow i need phone calls because

I need a new one for the fiery i already got tires man oh dude they got some cool half helmets man i want a good half helmet oh damn dude maybe we got some sick moments here i got the air flights over there i’m definitely checking out the airplanes that’s for sure because i want one i really really do i’m not sure how i’m gonna not to go pro to it but i

Want one ain’t really got much helmets damn man bell got some good looking ones now oh gosh yeah dude i’d love it but i can’t not that much i definitely can’t do that much oh damn that’s a nice icon not quite my style but still that’s really cool that ain’t a bad idea man i don’t have no bags that’ll work for that expired all right save everyone

Be visible from ten miles away sixty dollars jesus do need to get some nice leather gloves on my because i do want to take my bike to the track at least once but you gotta have money there’s something it’s more like a pair of that guy i’ll go over here and look at somebody yeah i had a pair like that didn’t really care for them yeah i wonder how much they want

For a kit like this i always say that my switchblade little pigs i want but uh i can’t even really get them on my bike i want one of these i’m sorry these 80 bucks but i know where i can get them now these things are cool i want to get one something like this for mine it’s a module that you put in though and it’s called the back off module i believe and

It gives you a break a nice little luminescence to light up i want no no i got i got my back the license plate so i don’t need one it’s too big for my bike though it’s too big for the fjr oh they do oh jesus okay kick back and relax let’s just as much as i want to uh just uh see what you guys got here i found a bunch of stuff i want just can’t afford

Yeah it’s probably better when i come here with no money because then i can’t spend it yeah exactly i think that’s all i wanted to check out for now oh wait do they have actual backpack once this looks like i can do that for the fjr thank you all right so that was uh jp cycles here in taylor michigan and i completely forgot to unlock my steering like

A noob but that’s okay because i’m an idiot so it’s allowed that’s better yeah that was cool to check out i don’t know if that’s going to be the end of this video or if i’m just going to continue it into what i’m doing next but just in case so i hope you guys liked it come check this place out dude it’s a neat it’s an awesome store i need to set a day aside

To come look for jackets so i actually have one as you can see right now i don’t okay which way am i going google holy sh nike that’s a big incline come on stupid flex 1000 feet turn right that was really loud i forgot to switch it over to my helmet all right i’m not sure which way it’s got me going now oh i can’t go left here anyways so i hope you all

Enjoyed a little trip to the new motorcycle apparel shop i thought i’d have more motorcycle stuff to it and it’s really just more apparel but that’s okay because need that stuff too don’t forget like comment subscribe hit the gremlin belt up in the corner and see y’all next time zero out

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J&P Cycles is here in Michigan By Fury 0