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happy halloween! today i just decided to judge homes and go trick or treating in bloxburg since I have no other plans!! actually proper trick or treating time too, we don’t count my last one earlier this month. also… tomorrow is november, you know what that means.

Did someone say candy oh someone say candy i’m peter pan um let me put my regular face on one moment let me do that again hey everyone welcome back channel today we’re back neverland why is peter pan always flying he never lands it’s so terrible that’s terrible that’s the oldest joke happy halloween today we’re going to be trick-or-treating properly this time

I did go trick-or-treating earlier this month and today is perfect time now uh i’m not doing anything in real life so i thought i’d go trick-or-treating in the game yes apparently there is a train station too so maybe you can check that out i’m gonna spawn in my abandoned house and i did actually leave some candy out in case anybody like stumbled upon this place

But let’s take let’s take our no i don’t like that one let’s take this noob noob bucket oh gosh wait i don’t have a vehicle how am i supposed to trick or treat without a vehicle oh oh i don’t want to buy a vehicle okay i will we’ll make it green because i’m peter pan today i think i’ve dressed up as peter pan before i don’t remember we get to also judge houses we

Also get to judge houses and steal candy this is the only day we get free candy careful if you guys are going trick-or-treating today be careful stay safe um okay there’s nothing on this side wow what a great start who’s this person with that train station earth worm are they still here they’re gone i won the train station just to open we now have a train going

To newtown located on blocky acres i got my halloween bag behind me i got a halloween pail right here on my leg and i’m holding a bucket myself so i got three sources of candy inventory candy inventory and of course um you got people who are stinky stinky on their mopeds check that off your bingo card stinky purse arriving at delivery moped okay you know what this

First server seems a little quiet it’s a little sad um there’s two people building at the moment oh what’s that place oh that looks kind of cool oh wait what is that it looks so cool oh is it like a halloween cafe or halloween store oh it’s just a witch’s brew looks like a little cafe wow too bad we can’t trick or treat here let’s see let’s go over here you got

Your candy out okay let’s see oh please take one yes i’m not following the rules i’m taking three because you got three different cauldrons i’m taking a bun did you ever realize that um you’re actually spending money taking people’s candy yeah yeah you’re not getting anything for free unless they give it to you themselves but other than that you’re spending money

You’re losing money on halloween sorry not sorry okay you know what we’re done that’s as far as our trick-or-treating goes we’re just going to it’s this is it this was this was basically it there was nothing else that’s all we got some candy though you know we got some candy wanna eat it all can i eat it all ah you can’t hold and eat it all i wish you could just eat

It look at it this looks scary gosh i should have left my buckets out i should have left my buckets outside i have to go inside every time i’m gonna use the blue ghost one no oh oh oh oh this is not trick or treat trick or treat trick or treat oh fun fact look at that it says trick-or-treat when you when you knock on the door how do i live here whose house is this

Who’s responsible for this home that’s my house well you’re not home okay how dare you just just leave your candy out like like this person right here look at that that’s cute i don’t have to bother them or anything i just grab the candy and go and spend my money spend me money good thing these are all like one dollar though that’s great it’s practically free but

All right we got candy look at that the halloween spirit right there we love that oh i like your outfit oh let me let me turn this way let’s oh let’s get some screenies i mean some candy this is from naruto right both of them from naruto i think oh this guy’s in a suit a problem did you get your screeny this person right here you’re like a vampire and anime vampire

Oh gosh you’re not wearing any clothes hi tell me your biggest fan tell me your biggest fan i’m gonna go trick-or-treating bye as i eat my candy as i eat my candy ah you crazy you’re crazy don’t hit me okay you know what i feel like oh that’s that looks like a nice house over there let’s go trick-or-treating do they give full-sized candy bars i hope you know i’m

Not trick-or-treating at night the only thing missing from this is it’s not night time yeah i’m trick-or-treating in the broad daylight right now this is not it i wish it was like dark and spooky and eerie that would have been the perfect ambiance perfect atmosphere for trick-or-treating one of these servers that i jump into i hope it’s just complete darkness okay

I hope it’s dark oh that is a really oh never mind they’re building that’s a nice house and i want a trick-or-treat there but they’re not available oh that’s another one ooh yes hello hello trick or treat i take candy take a candy i’m taking money candies very nice is that your house i don’t know um i don’t think it’s their house what if it’s not inc can i explore

I’m explorer don’t kick me out i’m gonna i’m gonna sue wait i think i seen this before i feel like i’ve been through this before wow ooh i like the direction of this house they royalty feeling very very fancy it’s not done yet but yeah wow i love it so regal you know is that the right word regal very regal very royal giving rich and expensive oh my gosh it’s a

Full-on town let’s do this let’s go into the town are there any candy buckets around i would like yeah i’m not a good builder so you know i guess it’s nice it’s coming from me i don’t know oh hello trick or treat i like the city me five i love of the city technically they count as two different houses so i’m taking it from all three of them three different houses

I’m gonna take all of them oh yeah let’s take a photo right here i guess sit right in front of this person trick or treat trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat if you don’t oh my gosh it’s a naked person again that’s cursed that face the winning smile is that what’s called the winning smile is scary i’m eating all the candy by the time we’re

Done with this photo okay you better get this photo you better get that photo you better come over and get one of these it’s the chicken salad superior it’s the chicken salad you better come over here and get one of these it’s a chicken salad i forgot the rest of it 21st avenue something i don’t know ah thanks don’t cry before i run over your toes oh wait there’s

Six houses oh my gosh let me get more candy okay i have some candy you want some candy i give you my bucket here you deserve it there you go take that bucket right now okay we’re in our third server let’s hope there are some good rich houses for us today um with a bunch of candy looking forward to it yes it’s night time this is perfect look at my abandoned house

At night time i’m getting rid of this by the way after halloween’s over i’m gonna delete it okay wait hold on wait why did i just grab a piece of candy i’m gonna use the white bat bucket now i’m leaving the gates open because people could go trick-or-treating here if they wanted to all right let’s go trick-or-treating round server three round three i don’t know

Round three round three yes they left the candy bucket i’ll see easy people can just grab the candy and go they don’t have to talk to you or anything unless they really want to just knock on your door even though there’s a bucket of candy out there does this person have candy out i would i would still trick-or-treat at this place even though it’s not done guys

Wait stop please listen i’m amazing this guy is okay they’re like um wow i love my abandoned house at night i really do it’s so good especially when it’s far away that’s when it looks better not when it’s up close i’m just kidding i actually like that build it definitely was abandoned you know it’s you can definitely guess it’s an abandoned house and that’s good

Wow and i love looking at the city at night like the town blogberg town tonight is also really nice with the halloween stuff sort of car was a little faster but you know it’s it’s a kid’s car it’s not supposed to be super fast realistically speaking if it was realistically fast that would be really bad it would be really bad but it’s a game you know they should

Bend the rules for the game this should be like a normal vehicle okay let’s see do they got candy out they don’t have candy you know that’s when you know people aren’t actually like giving out candy is when the lights are all off outside and stuff and no candy bowl or anything yeah oh wait what wait is that it is that candy is that candy no those are pumpkin those

Are pumpkins that’s not candy okay look it was far away and i just saw like orange you know orange and like yellowish um i just saw orange all right i thought it was like a candy bucket or something oh a cafe a cafe do you have a trick or treat got any candy look at my oh oh there we go oh that’s not candy that’s bubbles i do not want bubbles i think i know you at

Least you’re honest in saying you think you know me instead of saying you know me and then you’re like there are those people who pretend like they know you as a youtuber but some actually don’t they just they’re just saying it and they want photo hey you have no candy this is disappointing try another server this one’s rainy oh gosh oh man oh it was a dark stormy

Night peter pan peter pan went out to trick or treat yep he’s doing it he’s trick-or-treating this is the fourth server i think fourth or fifth i forgot i already lose count too many too many houses perfect the house right size red balloons that’s not creepy at all okay let me grab this okay i’m gonna grab this and go i don’t know i’ve been i’ve been filling up a

Bunch of empty buckets okay very modern i love it i’ll give this say oh let’s rate houses let’s uh that’s a seven out of ten perfect seven out of ten house very festive i’m not going to the house i’m not going i don’t think they have candy either so we’ll just say that’s the house that’s not celebrating halloween oh my gosh i’m getting soaked in the rain this is

Not good i should have brought an umbrella but you can’t hold more than one item so it’s either the bucket or the umbrella and i’m holding the bucket i have waterproof shampoo okay oh look at this house oh no roof oh can only imagine the flood that might happen in here um we’ll give it a five out of ten it’s good colors though i like the colors of it but it’s

Not done so it’s half complete no trick-or-treating either oh my gosh this is the biggest challenge if you ever want to trick between blogberg public servers you have to be ready rewrite for those houses that aren’t actually prepared oh this one has to have candy yes it’s so fun it’s so fun can i hold that can i take that no i can’t thank you this house isn’t done

Either um so i will not give it a rating okay you know i think that’s pretty much it for the server i think that’s it there’s no there’s nowhere else to explore everyone’s building that was a quick one that was the quickest server ever oh this person also has candy but they’re decorating oh i have a lot of gable roofs right there oh give it a rating let’s give it

A six out of ten yep at least you have a roof okay i’m gonna use the pumpkin bucket this time i have used all four of my buckets so we have put them to great all right let’s see it’s not night time here it is like literally morning it just became morning there’s not nothing there’s nothing on the side okay let’s let’s leave i am driving down the road like a maniac

Maniac maniac well you have a really cute house but since you don’t have a bucket of candy outside well actually i should knock this is okay you know what just for leaving four out of ten four out of ten like that just like that how dare they oh is this home alone i love home alone oh my gosh home alone house i’m skinny it’s probably not home alone probably just

Like you know very additional home very very traditional but they have no candy okay this server no i’m disappointed the server disappoint me ah thanks this person’s so nice my mob isn’t working bro very shout out to you so nice but too bad the server is disappoint okay you’re welcome you’re welcome you’re welcome yeah it’s okay calm calm down you’re welcome yeah

Oh my god we didn’t get any candy at all did we you know what i’m gonna grab some pumpkin spice hot chocolate yep i’m gonna grab this instead oh wait that’s not pumpkin what okay you’re crazy oh yeah i should just change my color code i forgot to change my color code for today oops let’s just do orange because it’s halloween you know it’s the last day of october

As well oh my god gonna be november tomorrow you know what that means i was choke saying that you know what that means thanksgiving thanksgiving duh i wasn’t going to say christmas no no no no we we appreciate thanksgiving we are thankful for thanksgiving but um you guys know what’s gonna happen anyways for christmas is it whoa two starter houses right across

From each other they must be new people anyway guys that pretty much wraps up today’s vlogberg episode you know i had fun trick-or-treating again for the second time of the month it was great yeah if you guys did enjoy this episode make sure to give it a big old thumbs up and make sure you hit the subscribe button too because it is completely free and i will see

You guys in the next video thanks for watching happy halloween stay safe have a great day goodbye make sure you brush your teeth if you’re eating candy today okay make sure you brush your teeth really good tonight no cavities you don’t want cavities no

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